Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm back! Ocean City memories

Back from Ocean City and trying to catch up! We had issues with our van so it is currently in the shop having the wheel bearings replaced. I am thankful we made it home safely with as bad as it sounded. Since I only had my phone on vacation and no other access to the Internet I stayed in touch on my Facebook page. :-) If you'd like to follow me there you can click on the picture of the girls in my upper right hand corner of the blog.

We rent a trailer for the week from friends whom we consider family and it's minutes from the Ocean. The girls were chillin and playing barbies as we unpacked the van and got set up for the week.

This flamingo has quite the history, it sings and dances! Hayley loved it when she was little and now it's a favorite of Kathleen's!
The seagulls came out of no where when they sensed the girl's had food. LOL
Lots of advertising in Ocean City by plane and by boat, etc!
Three of my favorite people :-)
We did have a storm roll through, luckily only one day we were there.
Hayley making a mad dash from the van ;-)
Jerry was enjoying his Maryland crabs :-)
Hayley of course loves all kinds of hats and had this one made when she was also getting her t-shirt done.
We had a great week, hope to share more tomorrow. Getting things done and caught up this week. :-) Another vacation will start soon. :-)



Kris said...

Looks like a great time! Can't wait for more!
: ) Kris

KERRY said...

Hi Jill!
So glad you and your family had a lovely time at the beach, even if it did rain for a little :)
Some of those seagulls are really interesting looking with the darker heads. I like them even though some consider them a nusance!
Hope you have a great week settling back into home xo

Nicolle said...

Great pictures! I love that one of Hayley making a mad dash from the car in the pouring rain. Great shot. Looks like a really fun vacation. :)

Eileen said...

Great that you all had fun. You needed the time to get away and relax! Loved all the pictures. :-)

The Momma said...

Love it!! I grew up going to Ocean City until I was in my early 20's, love love love it there! Looks great!

Mark said...

I'm glad you had a great time. So much better than my few days down there. Love that photo of Hayley making a fast dash for safety.
Speaking of, she's becoming quite the fashion plate these days! I'm afraid your girl might be growing up. Sorry about that!

Annie said...

Looks like a great vacation. I love the picture of the storm clouds.