Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ocean City wrap-up

Hello! Today is a great day to find time to blog a nice long post as a thunderstorm brews outside. :-) You may want to get comfy with a cup of coffee or tea and put your feet up because there's quite a few photos in this post. I can't imagine how long my posts would be if I included every picture I take on vacations and in daily life. ;-)

We had a very big event happen on vacation!

Kathleen really wanted to get her ears pierced and we were going to wait till she was at least 8 years old like Hayley was....but she's very persuasive and cute to boot! LOL So we went back to the awesome ladies at
Glitter and Gold (where Hayley got hers done as well) and she took the plunge!

Here the lady was explaining what she would be doing and asking what earrings she wanted to put in. She got that little smirk and said "Dad, diamonds!!!" But we convinced her to start with gold studs :-)

She was super excited and loved the attention she was getting from everyone being in the center of the room!

So serious! We thought there may be a tear or two, but nope she's one tough cookie!

Here she is seeing the final result and just as pleased as can be! Now I guess we'll be shopping for earrings!

Then we had to take a picture of her in this tire from Ripley's believe it or not. How tiny she looks!

Then as Hayley was buying sunglasses (I believe she has a pair for just about every outfit! Kathleen was like "just take my picture in these" Then she put them back, lol.

Gotta love the fashion statement of the price tag hanging down ;-)

We had an awesome lunch at the Dough Roller restaurant. Kathleen did end up finding sunglasses with a bow to wear, so she used them to hold back her hair so I could get a picture of her earrings again.

We did spend a large part of the day letting them ride all the rides.

Hayley has no fear, she conquered them all!

She's on the bottom cart... ugh be still my

It was so incredibly hot while we were there....

Hayley was practicing for her driver's license in a few years on the bumper cars!

 Scary thought.... Just love their expressions!

Of course we had to spend quality time at the beach, relaxing, swimming, playing in the sand.....

Look at me Hayley!!! I'm surfing!!!!!

Just look at that smile, says it all!

So Hayley of course was like I am so doing this on my own!

Independence and a sense of accomplishment is a good thing! ;-)

Look out....I'm coming through!

Another place we love to visit is Asateague Island.

So neat seeing the horses hanging out everywhere, taking over people's campgrounds, lol.

So beautiful and peaceful here.

Home to so many forms of wild life....

Until next time beautiful ponies!! :-)

On the way back we took a brief detour through the town of Berlin. The movies Tuck Everlasting and Runaway Bride were filmed here. A quaint little Victorian town. I loved the old homes and architecture we saw. Since it was over 100 degrees that day we just rode through and I took a few photos of homes and the town. You can find out more about this historic town here.

Those of you following for awhile know I really want to restore an old Victorian home one day :-)

And last but not least....

Whew, if your still here that's impressive! LOL. This was just a bit of all we crammed into one week! Looking forward to our last vacation of the summer starting August 18th :-) So busy prepping for that one.
My college classes will be wrapping up on my birthday and last day of vacation (26th) :-) Very eager to see my final grades. Been a tough course load with 5 classes in 12 weeks at one time! Another reason I truly need these vacations :-)

Would like to say welcome and thanks to my new followers here and on Facebook. Sometimes I get comments from new people and have no way to respond back, so I just want to say I appreciate you stopping by. Enjoy the day and stay cool!!!



Eileen said...

great pictures! Looks like you all had a fun time enjoying the sand and surf. And Kathleen's growing up with pierced ears! How exciting.

Aunt B said...

Nice post. I feel I've traveled along with you. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos.

Simone said...

Jill, the girls are growing up so fast! I love seeing the adventures that your family goes on. You are making so cool memories that will last a lifetime.

I have been out of the loop so I'm not sure what classes you are taking. What is your major? Congrats for hanging in there with a tough course load.

Sonya Ann said...

Seems like a wonderful time was had by all! I'm glad that you had a good time!
I can't believe how much your girls have grown since I started reading your blog!

Wendi said...

OC is such a fun place! I hope to get back there again some time. Congrats to K on getting her ears pierced. Cute!

Heather said...

Ha we were both at the beach!! Great pictures looks like a wonderful time. Oh Kathleen is so cute and looks so pretty with her new earrings such a brave girl!! I cried for a day when my were done lol!! Hayley looks so pretty in her new shades on the bumper car!! Uh don't mention License Noah my oldest turns 16 in a few weeks can you believe it!! Good luck with school and your final grades ~and Enjoy the rest of your summer Love Heather

The Momma said...

What a great vacation!! Love all of the pictures!! What a big girl with the ear piercing!! :)

Kris said...

Oh what fun! Love the pics of Kathleen getting her earrings! And the ones of both of the girls in the bumper cars, and also body surfing!!! So cute! Looked like a great vacation!!!
: ) Kris

McVal said...

Awesome! Love the Minnie Pearl look!
And yikes! a drivers license in a few year??
and I LOVED the Misty books! SO jealous you visited there!

Kerri said...

Great vacation pictures! It's so neat to recognize those places...that doesn't happen very often when I read blogs! We love walking around those cute little shops in Berlin.
Have a great weekend Jill!

Annie said...

I had never heard of Assateague Island, so I Googled it. It sounds amazing!

Kat is talking about getting her ears pierced. I'll have to show her these pics of Kathleen being so brave!

Tara said...

What a fun trip you had... I'll have to put it on my list of places to visit! The horses... my girls would go crazy to be that close to them.... wow! And Hayley on the upside ride... talk about no fear! Glad you were able to get away from the regular routine and enjoy some good ol family time! Happy August Jill!

KERRY said...

Beautiful pictures Jill!! Looks like a great time was had away :) Your daughter is so very brave, I still remember the pain of having my ears pierced, probably the worst I have ever felt!!!
Have a great day today :)

~ Noelle said...

what beautiful pictures..
looks like yall had a great time...
and the beach.. oh how i wish we could go back....