Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cooking and Hayley's first school dance

Some perks of having a birthday is receiving some extra money to spend on yourself that perhaps you may not normally have. So I was saving some of mine and decided to buy Ree Drummond's newer cookbook I've been wanting for awhile.

One of the reasons I enjoy her cookbook is the pictures she includes and of course all the yummy meals.
The other night I decided to try this yummy recipe:

Oh my, it was absolutely delicious!

I don't know about you but i just love the smell of onions and garlic cooking in butter :-)

All mixed up and ready to enjoy! Jerry told me it's definitely one he wants me to make again :-)

I also found these delicious dark covered chocolate almonds at Target the other day. So yummy and a healthy snack in moderation of course. ;-)

The candy underneath I always keep in the candy dish for company this time of year.

In our pond we have a beautiful flower blooming that my Dad gave to us.

We still have to keep the netting over it though to deter the Blue Heron.

In the reflection you can see the trees just beginning to change colors.... I just love this time of year.

This past weekend we went to a skating party and Kathleen was giving it her all on those skates. I was so proud of her! Hayley was socializing away! LOl

That night Hayley went to her first 6th grade dance held at our local YMCA. It's for 5th and 6th graders and they have it monthly. She was super excited to go and hang out with her friends. :-)

Of course the whole time she was getting ready I was taking random pictures. By now my girl's are used to flashes going off in their face pretty regularly, lol.

My beautiful "little" girl is just growing up too quickly....

This closeup is one of my favorites....so young, happy and carefree!

She of course had a wonderful time hanging out with all her friends and is looking forward to the next dance :-)

Been busy reorganizing and rearranging things in our home. Also always working on my coursework for college. Trying to juggle a million things sometimes it seems. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Keeping busy is just one of many ways of actively enjoying life. Will be sharing some great yard sale finds and more in upcoming posts.

I captured this picture the other night that just completely melted my heart. Elvis our cat all curled up sleeping next to Kathleen and her cat "Kitty" that looks just like Elvis.

These moments I treasure and embrace each and every one. These two girls are my heart, my soul and my joy and I love every single moment I get to share with them.



Eileen said...

These pictures are great! Love the one of Hayley by the purple flowers. And Kathleen skating and sleeping with Kitty and Elvis.
Can't believe our baby went to her first dance aleady.
Always busy and enjoying life. This is what motherhood is all about. Oh, yes,,,,and nanahood! :-)

Sweet Tea said...

Sweet photos of sweet times.
You're wise to enjoy and value these moments. Nothing with children is ordinary, it's all special!

Kris said...

Oh my...a dance!!! Say it isn't so!!! They grow so fast!!! She looks so pretty and grown up. I loved seeing Kathleen on her roller skates, with her Daddy holding her hand! And of course, I loved the last sweet photo of her snuggled up with her two kitties!!!
XO Kris

Heather said...

That is such a sweet picture of Kathleen and Elvis...and Hayley looked so pretty love those pictures of her those need to go in a scrap book for sure! It seems like such a busy time in our house as well! Love the cookbook you picked out it looks like a good one! And with the Holidays coming I bet there will be lots of opportunities to try new stuff out! ~love Heather

Annie at Haphazard Homestead said...

My first dance was in 7th grade, and I remember it better than any of the dances that followed, even Prom. There's so much fun to be had at that age!

Nicolle said...

Your girls are so pretty. How fun about the dance! LOVE dark chocolate and almonds, and your PW meal looks delicious. You are speaking my love language there. :)

Hope your day is wonderful.

Sheila said...

Hayley is lovely. What a cute picture of Kathleen and Elvis--too cute! Your food looks yummy. I love cookbooks with pictures--they inspire me to cook different things! Love the flower and the pond and I wish we had one. Love the purple flowers in the picture with Hayley. Take care.

McVal said...

nmmmmmmm!! Those food pics are making me hungry! and I'm on a kind of diet right now...
The skating looks like so much fun!

Annmarie Pipa said...

beautiful photos!

Tara said...

Hayley, you look so pretty all ready for your dance!

Simone said...

I am so blessed to have found your blog. The joy of watching the innocence of your girls growing up is so beautiful. You and Jerry are such great parents. I only wish that I could've had the same creativity to share with my girls.

Camille said...

I always enjoy getting a new cookbook too. :) The photos of your girls are lovely. And, that last one...precious!

Have a wonderful week!