Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dixie stampede!

Good afternoon! How has the back to school schedule been working for everyone? We are getting busy here and time is just slipping by! I thought when the girls went to school I'd be watching the clock for their return, but I have to admit I've been quite busy! :-) Wanted to take a few posts to wrap up our vacation adventures from Tennessee.

We went to see the Dixie Stampede which is a dinner and a live show. It was absolutely spectacular! You couldn't take pictures during the show, but we were able to get some before and after with the cast members.

This was some pre show entertainment. They were really good and you couldn't help but tap your toes and move to the music!

Getting ready for dinner....the catch? No utensils! You use your hands to eat and believe me you don't leave hungry! ;-)

This cast member traded hats with Hayley for the picture. Of course she absolutely loved the sparkly costumes they had.

We purchased flags for the girls so they were able to get signatures from everyone. The guy in the orange hat was absolutely hysterical through the whole show!

The stunts and all they performed were truly wonderful, and there was parts that had us laughing so hard our eyes were watering!

The horses were of course a bit part of the show!

The girls and I just loved the dresses all the ladies were wearing who worked there.

We bought the girl's their own cowgirl hats and they were quite excited about them and wore them everywhere after that. :-)

By the time we got back to the hotel that evening it was pretty late. Kathleen loved her hat so much she wanted to sleep in it, lol. All she kept saying was how much she enjoyed the show and wanted to go again. I was hoping they would sell videos of it as a keepsake, but they don't. Guess it's one of the big attractions that helps draw people to Tennessee to vacation. We sure had a grand time!

Next post will be about our visit to Dollywood!



McVal said...

Too fun! We went to a Chuck wagon dinner in the Black Hills a few years ago and it seems kind of like this show only no horses!
Then in Ireland, went to a dinner at Bunratty castle where it was served by young ladies all dressed in the part and you had no eating utinsels for that either.
Looks like you guys had a fabulous time! I'm so jealous! Maybe next year we'll do something like that before all the kids start to leave home...

Aunt B said...

That looks like a fun evening out Jill, and the last picture is precious. Thanks for sharing your adventure. :)

Eileen said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. No wonder the girls were excited about telling us about the show when they got home.

Beloved's Bride said...

This show is always a favorite for our family as well, Jill. Glad you had a good time!