Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vacation and birthday wrap up

Wrapping up from vacation and my birthday :-) Been so busy falling into the new Fall schedules.

While in Tennessee we stayed at a lovely resort with beautiful views.

The girl's enjoyed the amenities we had access too and even learned to play shuffle board.

One day we even caught a glimpse of "Santa" in the hot tub! ;-)

We were able to go to another show called the Comedy Barn. The girl's posed by the cow out front, lol.

The girl's once again had a chance to go on stage. This time we had Hayley go up with Kathleen but she wasn't overly thrilled about it. ;-) Funny how they grow up and these things become more embarrassing than fun. :-)

It was a wonderful show and had us laughing so hard. Highly recommend it if you're ever in Tennessee!

On a totally random note, Jerry started saving these pennies when he worked at 84. For several years he filled this jar and the other day finally cashed it in.

He ended up with about $160.00 and put it towards a cover for the bed of his truck, so he was quite happy :-)

For my birthday we celebrated with cake....

And flowers...

Jerry and the girls got me antique tea pots, which I just love!

 Yup, that's real gold :-)

I also found this one while we were in Tennessee that caught my eye, although not as old.

Also while on vacation I found some new pottery pieces for my kitchen....

And of course we couldn't visit Tennessee without visiting the Lodge factory store. We left with a few cast iron pieces. In upcoming posts I will be sharing recipes and more!

                                                                Have a great week!


Kris said...

Hi Jill. I am here to catch up with you and your family. I visited Dollywood too. I remember how awfully hot and humid it was. I believe we were there in May. Such a beautiful state!!
Happy Birthday to you!!! Looked like a yummy cake, and I loved all of your new tea pots.
I have a couple of Lodge pieces too, and they are great! I have he grill pan that I use so much!!!
Hope you are all well!
XO Kris

Nicolle said...

Tennessee looks like it was fun for you guys! Love your birthday cake and pretty flowers, and I WANT that beautiful pottery that you brought home. So pretty. We have some of that same cast iron as well, and it's so nice to cook in. Now you've got me wanting to save my pennies....that's a lot of money in that one bear. So fun and I'm glad Jerry got something good out of it.

Have a good day!

{cindy} said...

We love TN. My brother lived there for a few years and we had so much fun when we visited. i agree with nicolle...that is a lot of pennies.:)
hope your birthday was a happy one

Mom Wife It's My Life said...

New follower here, haven't read far enough into your blog to see where you are from, but from BC Canada here and just wanna say how awesome your vacation looked, TN has always been a dream of mine, grew up listening to country music, and can't wait to one day take my daughter--Titanic museum looks cool, have taken notes for when that day comes in the distant future, great blog you have here :)

Tara said...

Oh the pool with the slides looks amazing! You really packed the fun into your vacation... you always do! Happy Birthday Jill! Looks like you got some special things from your family! Hope that fall routine is treating you well. Are you taking any new classes? Happy Thursday! ~tara

Nonnie said...

Such fun! Was all of that at Dollywood? I love the teapots and the Lodge pieces. Looks like a great b-day to me.

Sandra J said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Happy Birthday.