Thursday, September 6, 2012

Visiting Dollywood

If you have heard of Dolly Parton you may have heard about Dollywood an amusement park in Tennessee.
Years ago before having children Jerry and I went and really enjoyed it. It's a beautiful, clean park nestled in the mountains with live shows, rides, demonstrations and more. A little something for everyone.

Dolly Parton certainly didn't grow up rich and famous, she started with very limited beginnings, but her family always shared a lot of love.

I am still amazed that 10 children were raised in this humble home.

But truly those who have family and love in their lives are richest of all in my opinion.

Dollywood wasn't just about fun rides and games, it was educational for the girls as well. In so many ways! Leather, glassworks and cooking demonstrations to name just a few.

My how times have sure changed in the classrooms....

Education is a privilege and a gift. I am always telling my children how blessed they are to receive a good education. I find it very important throughout life, whether the learning is inside a classroom or beyond it. The most important thing to remember is to exercise our mind. Reading, puzzles, crosswords, classes, music, hands on experiences and so much more!

Hayley was super excited to try the new Eagle roller coaster with spectacular mountain views....until you dropped that

Although she enjoyed the ride, her favorite is still the Griffin in Busch Gardens, Va, and 2nd is the Bear at Hersheypark, PA.

                                                   Just thought these shots were too cute!!!

While Jerry and Hayley explored another rickety old roller coaster Kathleen and I hung out at the park nearby.

An obstacle course with ropes was another challenge we took on so limited pictures here. But had to capture Kathleen's determination to complete the course, and complete it she did!

Hayley breezed through it so quickly I didn't get a chance to capture her on camera! But I am incredibly proud of both my girls for getting out there and trying new things. :-)

There is also a 5 mile train ride in Dollywood that takes you all around the park.

Of course the girl's had to ride the Carousel. Never too old for that one! ;-)

Hayley looking super cool in her sunglasses and cowgirl hat! ;-)

Since there were water rides also I had the girls bring a change of shoes from tennis shoes (tons of walking and hills to climb) to flip flops. Hayley had on some polka dotted socks and from all the walking for hours they left imprints on her feet! LOL, as a blogger I had to photograph and share. ;-)

One of the most emotional experiences on our trip was visiting the Titanic museum.

For preservation purposes you could not video or take pictures inside. But you were allowed before going in.

They had a memorial fountain....

When you get in line to enter the museum they give each person a boarding pass. On the back is the name of one of the passengers that were aboard that trip. Throughout the museum you can read and see more about them and at the end find out what their fate is. The employees of the museum stay in character. We got to touch an iceberg (replica) and run our hands through the 28 degree water. Giving us a sense of what they experienced. There is one area where you see a staircase behind glass, as you get closer you hear a loud rushing noise and water comes crashing down the stairs at you. Roaring away to let your mind imagine what those passengers must have been feeling that night and not being able to get away.
    The stories, pictures, memorabilia, and more had me choked up quite a few times. Certainly has left an impression on me for many years to come. If you get the opportunity to visit one of the museums, I'd highly recommend it. We spent a few hours in there and it was so educational for the girls.



Heather said...

Wow I would love to visit these places it looks fun and educational!! The first picture of Hayley and Kathleen is to cute!! You guys really had such an awesome summer. Great Pictures Love Heather

Aunt B said...

I was particularly interested to see the "teachers' rules" sign. My grandma taught in a one room school house back in the days when those rules applied. She had some other chores on her list too, including hauling all the water needed for the day into the school in buckets!

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I'm enjoying being an armchair traveler along with you. :)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill, Oh I loved seeing your pics and the fun you and your family had there in Dollywood which is one of my favorite places to vacation. My family and I have been and love it. So much to see and learn. Your pics are great and bring back so many wonderful memories. Your dear girls are growing up so fast and gorgeous.

Glad you had an amazing time.
Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. So nice to see you, Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Tara said...

Oh I want to go there!!!!

Annie said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I have never been to Dollywood, but we are going next weekend to a similar park, Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO.

Simone said...

Jill, you all have the best family vacations! I didn't know that a Titanic museum existed. The pictures were great!

Nicolle said...

That looks like a great place to visit. I love the girls in their cute hats!

Just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comments. You always say the nicest things, and I appreciate your friendship.

McVal said...

Awesome pics! So many of those sites reminded me of Branson, MO and of Dollywood in Tennesee. Too cool!