Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall weekend with friends

Been loving the fall weather we've been having lately. Perfect weather for enjoying the outdoors. This past weekend Bill, a friend of mine from high school came up and brought his boys for a weekend visit. The girl's were all excited about them coming.

I made some skeleton cupcakes with brains....

And some jello jigglers which I now realize I forgot to set out for them! LOL I'm sure Kathleen will enjoy eating them all, I have a whole container, grape flavored too. ;-)

The girl's were excited about their visit and I captured this picture of Kathleen and Elvis enjoying the sun from the skylights while they were waiting for them to arrive.

Kathleen was also super happy she could change her earrings Saturday for the first time since getting them pierced.

Jerry got me more beautiful roses for the table.

 Then I took a few pictures of the girl's outside. Such a beautiful day.

Hayley is growing up so quickly, sure not looking like an 11 year old here lately. Time goes way too fast!

We headed out to lunch at Applebee's when they got here and from there went to the local Fall Festival.
Hayley ran into a couple of her friends when we arrived.

We went on a hay ride....was a little wild through the woods, the branches were whipping through and a few times I thought for sure the driver of the tractor was going to roll us all, lol!

This is the girls with Aaron....

Bill and Landon.

They had fun making sand art bottles.

Jerry had bought me flowers, then his silliness kicked in when he squatted down to present them to Bill. LOL

Then we headed off to Monkey Joe's which is a place with all kinds of moon bounces and slides that they could play on.

Jerry and Bill quickly got comfortable in their chairs watching the game....and I went off to watch the kids and get some pictures. :-)

The kids had a blast!

Balloons anyone? ;-)

When we got home we used the cupcakes to celebrate Bill's birthday coming up in November.

The kids were super excited about getting a fort built in the basement and they got pretty creative making all the rooms.

I do believe they pulled out and used most everything in the basement, lol. But I love these moments and I'm so glad they had a good time!

You can just barely see Kathleen and Aaron in the background. When they were done they all did a great job the next day cleaning up, then they chilled playing the Wii while Jerry cooked a big breakfast.

Then Bill and Jerry relaxed with a beer watching the football games. Since we are out of the area for afternoon Ravens games where we live, Bill works for Comcast and told us about the Red Zone package which plays the highlights of all games. So we updated our package to add that and actually got it all cheaper. Thanks Bill ;-)

I'm pretty sure Elvis was waiting for a taste of that beer too! LOL Since we were all up late Saturday night we really could have used naps Sunday, but it didn't happen so we happily are dragging through Monday....

Speaking of the Ravens.... the girls had favorite team day at school last week and got decked out supporting their team.

Hope you all are getting a chance to enjoy some Fall weather where you live! My favorite time of year!!



McVal said...

What an awesome time!! We used to have a place like that MOnkey Joes around here, but it was called The Discovery Zone with tunnels, ball pits and bouncy areas. They eventually closed it when the ball pits got dangerous and the tunnels started smelling like dirty socks...
LOVE their nails! What little ladies

Jenny said...

Cute cute cute cupcakes and girls! You guys always look like you have the most fun. Your hubby looks so funny giving those flowers to his buddy. Made me LOL.

Sweet Tea said...

It seems the party is always "on" at your house.
What fun!!

Together We Save said...

Your pictures are so cute!! I love the sand art!

Eileen said...

No wonder everyone wants to come visit with matter the distance they have to travel. You and Jerry make each visit special and put a lot of thought in what they like.
Looks like it was a special weekend and they enjoyed their visit.
love and miss you guys!

Julie said...

Oh how I love the way you take care of your girls and all the fun you guys have. I love that Jerry is such a big part of the girls too. You have an awesome family. Thank you for sharing.
Take care and God Bless!!

Sheila said...

Y'all always have so much fun. Your girls are gorgeous and growing so fast!! I wanted to buy that cupcake making kit the other day but I caved and didn't buy them!! I think they are cute. I'm really wanting a cat since I see so much of Elvis on here--he looks like the perfect indoor cat. Jerry makes me smile! Thanks for sharing! Take care.

Annie at Haphazard Homestead said...

I agree with everyone else -- it looks like it's all fun all the time at your house! :)

Heather said...

Love that Monkey Joes that looks like such a fun place wish we had something like that here!! Looks like you had a great time with your friends visiting and the girls look so cute love the fort hehehe!! oh yeah sometimes you just have to let them make a big mess!! great pictures Love Heather

Nicolle said...

Sweet pictures. Your posts always make me smile, because they are some of my favorites....everyday moments that look like so much fun!

The fort building looks wild and crazy, and I'm sure the kids had a ball.

Love the one of your husband giving the flowers to his friend and being silly. :)

Enjoy your afternoon!

Kerry said...

Hi Jill!! Looks like you guys have been really enjoying Fall and friends and good quality family time. The treats you made turned out awesome and I am sure they were a hit!
What a cool looking cubby house, kids love doing that sort of stuff don't they :)
The things memories are made of.
Have a great week! xo

Tara said...

I love the basement pictures.... so cool! Sometimes when my basement is a huge mess I tell myself that one day I'll miss all of the stuff out!

Looks like you had a wonderful fall weekend. Hope your college classes are going smoothly and not too hard. Enjoy this time of year, tara

Hena Tayeb said...

wow that is quite a fort. The weather really is so perfect right now.. I wish it would stay like this forever.