Monday, October 29, 2012

Food, Jerry's marathon, storm brewing

Perfect day with this crazy storm to stay inside and get caught up on things that need to be done. Like blogging, which lately I feel so behind in! My days are just flying by so quickly! I made two really yummy recipes last week I had to share, one was a crab pot pie which I found using my Food Network app under Paula Dean.

I made them in my new Ramekins and they turned out so delicious!!

Of course since our original roots are from Maryland, Jerry said it just wasn't a crab dish without sprinkling on Old Bay seasoning!

It's funny, when we lived in North Carolina for awhile he had requested the seasoning at a seafood place down there and they had no idea what he was talking about! We were shocked, guess we can't imagine someone not hearing of Old Bay, lol. Needless to say we couldn't find it in the local grocery stores either so when my parents came to visit we always asked for them to bring us some. ;-)

I also made this delicious homemade BBQ chicken and served it up on some wheat rolls. Hayley loved this so much she had me make it again when she had her friend over to visit for the day. I also got this from my Food Network app, but if you go online and search it at their site you can print out the recipe for your records. It's super yummy the next day for leftovers too!

I also got a few deals at CVS the other day, not my best ever, but still a good deal. I got all the items below with 2 water bottles (sorry drank them before taking pic, lol) for $20.00 and $5.00 in ECB's. (Extra Care Bucks) So basically $15.00 for all listed. 2 bottles of Xtra detergent, Nyquil, Air-borne, 2 water bottles, Razor, tissues and deodorant. Not bad considering the medicines are about $20.00 together without the extras.

Yesterday Jerry ran a 1/2 marathon at a park trail, despite his bad knees. He is preparing to run a full marathon in memory of his brother Patrick he lost last year. He did well considering his Dr's say he shouldn't be running. He finished in 2 hours and 20 mins.
Kathleen wanted to make a banner for him and left this on the table.

They also made him a really nice, heartfelt card and I wrote him a note for the big day as well, he has tucked those away for safekeeping. :-)

Kathleen didn't want me to feel left out so she wrote a bunch of practice words on her own and left them at my place on the table.

Due to weather conditions and limited space the girls and I did not attend the marathon, but sent a camera along for some pictures. He knew we were there in spirit with him and we gave him quite a welcome coming home!

This was one of the areas of water they saw while running and of course the geese were enjoying it as well!

Here is a picture of Jerry and his co-worker and friend Alan.

Alan snapped this photo of Jerry coming through the finish line.

He's feeling pain in his knees today and is quite stiff in his joints, but he's proud he made it through. I admire his motivation.

On another note we happen to be part of the region affected by this awful storm. The schools are closed and Jerry's work has closed as it sits next to a river. I'm so thankful we are all here together as we watch the rain come down harder and the wind picking up in larger gusts.

We lost a tree branch already, I'm sure the first of many to come.

The wind is wicked and I'm wondering if these skeletons you can just barely seeing hanging in our trees will still be around tomorrow! LOL

This is the view in our skylights.....

My kitchen window is not much better.

And sadly we are keeping up with the news of one of our favorite vacation spots.... Ocean City, MD. who is getting hit especially hard and the worst has not even hit yet.

My thoughts and prayers are going out to all of us affected by this severe weather. Hoping for minimal damage although that seems unlikely. Wanted to post also in case we lose electric for any length of time. I hope my phone will continue to keep me connected, but the service has already been running slow. We are taking the time to carve pumpkins today and enjoy some family time. Will do a separate post on that soon.

I have also taken the plunge and added instagram to my list of things to do that I enjoy and to interact with others. If you are interested in following me there I have an open profile, just search jillkh. Love to follow you back if you want you can email me your links at

Enjoy your week! Stay safe to all of you affected by this storm!!!



Eileen said...

The food dishes look great, and know they taste as good.
Yes, we are all hunkering down with this terrible storm.
This is the worst one they have ever recorded.
Hope you all stay safe and warm.

Nonnie said...

Hoping and praying for your safety and all others in the line of the storm.

Trinette said...

You had me at crab pot pie! :)

Hoping you're able to stay safe and cozy during the storm.

Sweet Tea said...

Hang on to your socks, Jill!! I've been watching TWC and praying for everyone affected by Sandy. It really looks rough...Congratulations to Jerry - that's a BIG accomplishment!! I know you are proud of him!

Kerri said...

That crab dish looks awesome! We are big fans of Old Bay...I put it on everything! I 'm happy you're on instagram...thanks for finding me! I'll be glad when this storm is over...but feeling so thankful we are safe and warm and together as I know you are. We have one big tree down in our front yard but that's about it so far. I can't believe we still have power. Our school was cancelled today and tomorrow and Eric is home too. It feels like a snow day!
Lastly, biggest congrats to Jerry!! That's such a huge accomplishment...and doing it with bad knees to boot. I bet finishing that race and knowing how proud you all are of him is such an awesome feeling for him!

Kris said...

That food looks great!!! Love the kids notes to their Daddy!! Congrats to him on the run! Big accomplishment!! Stay safe in this storm!!!
XO Kris

Kerry said...

Hi Jill!
Such a scary time for you all, please stay safe during that horrific storm :(
I hope you enjoy the pumpkin carving, no better time to do it that whilst cooped up in the house!
Good on your husband for running the marathon, bet he felt awesome :)
Have a great week, hope the weather improves real soon xo

Genn said...

Hi Jill,

congrats to your husband on his 1/2 marathon! That is great.

I hope you guys are all safe from this storm!!! Thinking of you and hoping it's not awful where you live.

Sonya Ann said...

I will say a prayer or two for you and your family and everyone in Sandy's path.
I'm so glad that your husband ran the marathon in his brother's memory. I honestly, think about that tragedy often. It still is so heart breaking.
I don't know how you manage to get so much done! And great job at CVS. That store seems to be my weakness lately!

reginassimplelife said...

hello jill,
your food looks very delicious.lovely blog!

i hope you are safe.

Have a great week,

Heather said...

Congrats to Jerry on the Marathon and the food looks so yummy!!! Be safe and stay dry and warm Love Heather

Beloved's Bride said...

Congrats to your hubby for doing the run!

I hope you have weathered the storm okay. Looking forward to seeing you update so we can all know you are well.

Nicolle said...

Hi Jill! That BBQ chicken makes my mouth water. Yum. Looks so good. Congratulations to Jerry. That is so awesome. Way to go! I hope you all got through the storm with minimal damage. So sad, all of it. I watched some coverage this morning of the devastation, and it's much more extensive and intense than I first thought. Makes my heart hurt.

Hope you all have a happy halloween!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

The crab dish looks so yummy! I've never heard of Old Bay either.

Great job, Jerry!

I'm praying you are all safe despite that horrible storm.


McVal said...

Stay dry! and safe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is delightful and I signed up. :) That crab pot pie looks so delicious! And good job on your shopping. I love to use coupons too.

Gina (Mrs R)