Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some tips for using an Iphone :-)

Well it's official, I have become an Apple products gal! I had a droid phone previously and was greatly disappointed in not only the features but the battery life. My husband still has his Droid phone but when his contract is up in a couple weeks he's switching to an IPhone. :-) I always joke with him when he gets frustrated with his Droid that "If you don't have an IPhone, then you don't have an IPhone..." Sound familiar from the commercial? LOL.

So today I thought I'd share some of my favorite apps and tips for using an IPhone. Not having one before I didn't realize all I was missing, but now I can't imagine not having it!

One of my favorite features of my IPhone 4S is Siri, the personal assistant. To schedule or change appts. or just to find out things I need to know quickly, like nearby restaurants, directions and more.

Here are a few of my favorite apps: These are in no particular order.

1) Cozi (free) A calendar app to keep track of your schedule, will send reminders and more! Also has a shopping and to-do list feature.

2) Face book (free)

3) Map my walk (Free) Tracks where you walk, how long, calories burned and more.

4) Netflix (free app but need to pay for service)

5) Shazam (free) Hear a great song and need to know the title or singer? Using this app will give you that info. in seconds.

6) Flixster (free) Movie listings/times in your area

7) Pinterest (free) Need I say more? ;-)

8) Instagram (free) Very addicting, taking pictures and enhancing them and sharing them with others.

9) Food Network (Free and $1.99 version) Great recipes on the go and can save your favorites to your phone. Love this if I'm having a crazy week and need to stop by the store to get a quick dinner, just pull up a great recipe and get the ingredients I need. No lugging around a cookbook!

10) Taste of Home (free) Also great recipes

11) Pandora and IHeart Radio (free) great songs and you can create the stations.

12) Kindle (free) download or purchase books right to your phone or even Ipad. Love this!

13) ItunesU (free) Great courses and education for free!

Many more but those are just a few of my top favorites.

Some hints:

1) To save battery life, double click the home button and you will see all your recently used apps running at the bottom of your screen. Press and hold an icon and they will jiggle, then tap the x to close the app at the bottom of your IPhone.

2) Siri will also compute math problems for you and display the answer on the screen. Great for figuring out a tip in a restaurant and more!

3) When you open your mail on your phone, instead of opening a message you don't really need just swipe and delete!

4) You can add Emoji (emotions) on the keyboard so it will be accessible when you send messages. Then you will see hearts, smiley faces and more. To enable, go to your settings, then General and finally Keyboard. Once there be sure to tap International Keyboards and "add" new keyboard. Select Emoji. Now when you type an email or test tap the globe key near the space bar for new options, then when done tap again to return to English.

5) Be sure to use your Icloud feature for backup and syncing to other Apple products.

6) A little safety tip, don't let Siri access your IPhone when it is locked. A thief can access your contacts and more this way. Go to settings, General, Passcode lock and slide the Siri setting to off.

7) You can also receive a visual alert for phone calls instead of vibration settings. To flash an LED light open settings, General, Accessibility and slide LED Flash for Alerts to ON.

8) Can create photo albums of your pictures. Open camera roll or photo stream, tap on action button on top right (looks like a box with an arrow coming out) Choose what photos you like and tap on them, then tap add to. Select Add to New album, name it and that's it!

There are numerous news apps such as Fox and CNN to stay current on world and local events. You can even set alerts for your preferences.

You can set an alarm as needed when traveling or a quick afternoon nap. ( Yeah the last part sounded good right?, lol)

There of course are GPS apps built in, free and paid GPS apps.

Another cool thing is the flashlight app, which produces quite a bright light when you need it most.

You can have your own portable library and check out books right to your phone! Overdrive app is one to check out (free) add your library card info. and you are set.

Lots of financial apps Fidelity, Mint, Chase and more!

Lots of great content on the PBS app.

Disney  and Disney Jr. have full length episodes great for on the go with children. (free)

There are so many great things the IPhone has to offer and many times everyone doesn't know the tips and tricks to use it effectively. One of the reasons I really like the cozi app (also a web site) is I can create a calendar and I can email or text it to my husband so he knows what is planned. Even a quick little grocery list for him to grab a few things on his way home :-) The biggest thing is learning to use it and incorporating it into your life and it works wonders for organization, oh and lets not forget Siri to help us remember things or to create events on our calendars. Using the mic button you can just talk and it will type texts and more.

I'm not getting paid or any other benefits to this information, just wanted to share for those who may have one and need some tips and tricks. :-) However if anyone from Apple is reading I'd be more than happy to do a review of your products. :-)  :-)

While I type I have this view of a very comfortable Owen watching In my next life I want to come back as one of my dogs or my cat!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

                      "Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is true failure" --George  Edward                                                                Woodberry



Nonnie said...

I've had an iPhone for about three years. Great tips. Lots of people I know have no idea of all the wonderful features on them. I love the camera.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Thanks for these. I am thinking of getting one. My phone does nothing, nada so I think I may be overwhelmed.

Beloved's Bride said...

We have iPhones here too. I also didn't know a few of these tips. Thanks, Jill. - Carmen

Heather said...

My husband calls me an apple junkie the only apple product I don't have is the nano lol!! Welcome to the world of apple hehehe Those are some great apps there are so many we love and use instagram has one that is called instaframe that is fun and Lumiance does a great job with pictures and so does pixlr ...but then I could go on for ever about my fav apps thanks for all the great tips I did not know siri did math :) Love Heather

Simone said...

I have no idea what I would do with an iphone. It would probably take me quite awhile to figure it all out. Maybe I'll just call you for help!! :)

Kris said...

I LOVE my iphone! And I learned a thing or two from you today!!!
XO Kris

Jenny said...

I"m going to need a new phone soon. I am debating on an Iphone, my hubby has one and he loves it. thanks for the tips.

McVal said...

Cool! I could really use the flashlight ap... ;)
Congrats! I'm perfectly fine with my dumb phone...

Nicolle said...

I'm on Instagram: nicolleweseman
I will try to find you, but find me if you get the chance. :)

I love my iphone!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I have a simple texting phone, but this is sounding interesting, although I'm afraid with my personality, I'd be on it all day long, LOL. I wondering if they have a dishwashing app? If so, sign me up, baby! LOL

Julie said...

I have oldy moldy phone, nothing fancy but hoping for one someday. Good advice though.
I too want to come back as a pet. I have three sleeping in the livingroom right now. 2 on the couch, 1 on the recliner. Awesome life as a pet.
Hope all is well. Take care and have a blessed weekend!

Hena Tayeb said...

i love my iphone. my husband has a blackberry because of work and it's not very smart for a smart phone.