Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend recap

This past weekend my parents came up and we celebrated both their birthdays. My mom's was at the end of September and my dad's was October 22nd. After starting our Saturday with a beautiful walk at the park we came home to take a nice drive and enjoy the beauty of the changing of the leaves. It was a beautiful fall day.

So many gorgeous colors!

We decided to take them out to a nice upscale restaurant to eat, one with a history and perhaps a ghost or 2? ;-)

There are articles on the history and hauntings of the Yellow house restaurant and hotel if you are interested in learning more about it's intriguing history.

There are actually several different styles of rooms to dine in as well as a bar area. Very nicely kept. When Jerry and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary a couple years back we were seated in the Victorian side. Very beautiful. This time we were in a more primitive/country feel.

Kathleen was so excited to enjoy their fresh pumpkin muffins, they just melted in your mouth!

It was so nice having some time together with them as we don't get to as often as we would like. not sure if it's the lighting in there or what but mom and I sure looked awful pale! ;-)

Just happened to catch this photo of Kathleen as she was pondering whether or not to try Jerry's artichoke appetizer. In the end she did and love it!

The soup was a shrimp/squash soup so yummy!!!

Kathleen was also happy to get her own shrimp!

Of course she had to order buttered noodles to go along with it, lol.

I ordered a chicken, pasta vegetable bake that was really good. Unfortunately I had another allergic reaction to something in it so it ended up becoming lunch for Jerry on Monday. :-)  One of these days I'll figure out these allergies I get when eating different foods.

Hayley enjoyed her huge burger! LOL it wasalmost as big as her head!

This is an article and a painting they had hanging inside we noticed while walking through.

Love, love ,love places with rich history!

Got a quick picture of the girls out front before we left. Hayley was hoping we would get some orbs in the pictures.

Then we headed home to celebrate with cake and presents!

Love Kathleen's expression, but I think we were a little short on the candles, lol.

As a joke Jerry got my mom a cane that makes all kinds of funny comments, we were all cracking up.

We also stopped by an Amish farmer's market and got all kinds of yummy fruits and veggies. the girl's picked their pumpkins we'll be decorating them next week. Lots of things planned over the next few weeks.

The leaves are starting to slowly fall in our front yard so we'll be losing some of our privacy we have in the Spring and Summer.

Hayley has been hard at work putting her Tipi together. Really proud of her work and research and she wanted to do it all on her own as a project. She borrowed books from my dad and asked him lots of questions and he helped her out as needed. She also did a lot of research on the internet.

When she moved it off the table so we could eat, Elvis was sure to check it out right away, lol.

She's not nearly finished yet, but here are a few of the details she's been adding so far.

She used her jewelry beads as berries.

Of course it was made big enough to fit her American Girls inside.

I'll be sure to update the photos when she gets finished. :-)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to take some time to enjoy the "little" things in life.



Eileen said...

We had a wonderful weekend with all of you. The whole weekend was full of fun and surprises. What a great way to spend our birthdays.
Thank you for a fantastic birthday celebration. love mom

Kris said...

Hi Jill!! I don't know how I missed your last post too??? You always do such fun things!! I love seeing what is going on in your part of the world.
Those pics in previous post of the basement cracked me up!! Oh I remember those days! Lucky for basements, eh?
The Fall colors are beautiful! Happy Birthday to Mom and Dad!!!!
: ) Kris

Kerry said...

Hi Jill! Wow that teepee looks awesome, Hayley is doing an excellent job on that using her imagination (the berries are so cute!)
I adore that picture of your two girls outside the restaurant, which looks like a lovely place btw. So glad you got to spend some quality time with your parents for their birthdays!!
And yes, the trees are beautiful that time of year :)
Have a great day!! xo

Jenny said...

Slow moving vehicle, tee hee! Funny. Lovely pictures. I think that teepee is so awesome! Way to go.

Glad to see you in the pics too, you look so pretty.

Julie said...

I love your family Jill. They are so loving and so get together. I love you sharing them.
I love history in buildings too. Today I took my nephew to the DQ and they had just rebuilt the diningroom and in it were all the old pictures from their beginning in 1958. It was really cool.
Take care Jill and have a blessed night sleep!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to your Nana and Pop pop!! What a nice dinner you guys had out!! Looks like a great place to dine ~and love the tipi it is looking really good what an amazing job she is doing on it!! Loved all the pics ~xo Heather

Hena Tayeb said...

You have such a great family. I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award on my blog

McVal said...

Gorgeous trees! Gorgeous restaurant! Gorgeous people! You're just completely surrounded by it...

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

One of the things we learned while researching tepees for the "Prairie Primer" is that many times they had tepees for dogs and then the dogs were responsible for dragging their own tepee when they moved to a new location. Love the pic of the cat in it!

Tara said...

What a special weekend you had Jill! Love the indoor shots of the restaurant; looks lovely! Sounds like you're really enjoying fall! Happy Friday ~tara

Sweet Tea said...

There is nothing better than celebrating birthdays with the people you love! (our youngest sons bday is also Oct 22)
Happy Birthday to your Mom & Dad!!