Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Preparations

Each day I have planned on my calendar to update my blog, and it seems the day passes by in a flurry of activities and next thing I know I'm so tired and ready to crawl into bed! I've been fighting illness since Thanksgiving, sore throat, bad cough and body aches. I'm finally feeling better but it seems my body is still worn down. Adding the hustle and bustle of the holiday just creates some extra stress and less opportunity to rest. Though I wouldn't trade the moments preparing with my girls for anything!

   The other day Jerry and I picked up mini trees for the girls to decorate in their rooms, Kathleen was so excited she started pulling everything out in the living room! LOL I love to see her excitement and joy!

As I am trying to load pictures to go with my random thoughts, I am receiving messages that I have run out of room for picture storage on here. Has any one else had this issue with blogger?

Since I can't post pictures at this time, I will just give a quick update until I figure this out :-)
Hayley has been working hard and making the most beautiful jewelry! She's sold quite a lot for the holiday as well as made some for gifts. I am so very proud of her.

We lost Elvis (our cat) for 3 days when he slipped out the door, that was some very hard three days as he is a big part of our family. We feel so blessed he came back. One night I left the door open while I was cooking turkey burgers (his favorite) and sure enough he came meowing and running in the side door! We were so happy to have him back!

We've been busy with schoolwork, activities, making crafts, creating countdown chains, wrapping gifts, writing cards and so much more! Was hoping to share those pictures with you today. I am updating on my Facebook page which you can click on the picture on the top right hand side of my page of my girls and it will take you to the link. I am also posting on instagram at jillkh, an open profile if you'd like to follow along there. It's hard for me to not share pictures because they tell so many stories on their own. :-)

Hope you all are having a wonderful week and I will be answering emails and catching up over the next couple of days.



Kris said...

Oh Jill, so sorry to hear that you have been feeling poorly. I want to say congratulations again on your achievement with your grades! I am sure you are very run down! Take it easy kiddo!!!!
Way to go Hayley......I am so proud of you!!
xo Kris

McVal said...

I ran into that problem a month or so ago myself. I REALLY didn't want to learn anything new or change how I did my blog. So I spent the $2 per month and did it.
Good luck to whatever you decide to do!

Nicolle said...

I am so glad that your cat came back.

I also got that message about running out of storage on blogger. Although I think it's kind of cruddy, because I heard that lots of people got it on the same day, and some I know rarely post pictures. Anyway, I now pay $2.69 a month. I heard that you can load pics to Photobucket or Picassa first, then onto blogger for free, but I haven't tried that.