Friday, December 14, 2012


Well I figured out what was going on with my account for my pictures. Thanks to everyone that had emailed me advice, I'd forgotten I'd set up an account in 2010! Apparently I had overlooked an email stating renewal for my $5.00 a year term. Well when you let that run out you have to purchase a new plan and can no longer go back to the old. :-( My penalty is now paying $2.49 a month for storage. But this blog is important to me, to leave behind memories for my children so....I'll be paying and continuing to blog. So I want to add some pictures! LOL. Drives me crazy only seeing words ;-)

Here is my living room when Kathleen took out her new did eventually make it to her room. :-)

So much excitement....I love it!

Hayley got creative with some of the cardboard pieces my dad had given her and created holders for her necklaces.

I can't say enough how proud I am of her and her jewelry business. :-)

We started our Christmas decorating and I had to snap this picture of Kathleen holding her 1 st Christmas ornament. By the way since this picture she has lost her other top tooth in the middle so now she has no front teeth!

The girls really enjoy looking back through the ornaments and talking about all the memories each holds.

My goodness, how much my girls have grown!!

We all enjoy taking part in decorating the trees each year.

Then of course we always have the sillies break loose in our house.... fun times!

We of course have to make our chains counting down the days!

We have our little snowman basket for holding all our special cards!

Our decorated mantle which just needs the fresh greens added :-) Nana and Poppop...hint hint.... Guess I should have put the fireplace on for a better picture ;-)

This special throw comes out every year and gets hung up on our wall for display. Jerry sewed it when he was in school!

The true meaning of this beautiful season....

Another Christmas memory is these slipper socks.... Jerry bought them for me when I was 17 years old.... I had them for years, passed them down to Hayley and now Kathleen has claimed them. It's become one of our wacky Christmas traditions, lol!

Kathleen got the idea to make these candy canes all on her own! I am so proud of her and how they turned out. We added them to our tree. :-)

Little Elvis gave us a scare when he got out for a few days. We are so happy to have him home!!!!

He's pretty good with the tree....likes laying under it but doesn't really bother anything.

Jerry makes breakfast on Sundays and last weekend made Mickey chocolate chip pancakes!

Kathleen wanted me to take a picture of wearing her first dangly earrings!!!

The rest of the pictures are snapshots I was taking while getting our Christmas pictures for our cards.

If you look carefully you can see Elvis lying under the tree :-)

My beautiful girls..... guessed it....had to have a silly picture too!

Hayley's face freaks me out on that one! LOL

My favorite!

It's a great feeling to be able to post my pictures again!!! We are celebrating with some family and friends this weekend so I'll have more to update....planning to blog more frequently! Have a wonderful weekend!!!



Eileen said...

Beautiful pictures Jill, just love watching the girls growing up through the years. Give them hugs and kisses from us.
love nana and poppop

Heather said...

Yeah you can post pictures again!! Everyone looks great and full of Christmas spirit ~love the pictures good memories :) Love Heather

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love all your Christmas traditions! Looks like you guys are off to a great start this Christmas season!

McVal said...

I felt the same way with my photos! What gorgeous decor & girls you've got!!

Hena Tayeb said...

Your girls are so beautiful and talented.. I always leave your blog with a big smile on my face.

Camille said...

Beautiful photos Jill! I'm glad you sorted it out with Blogger. :) I think it's wonderful that you have homemade decorations on the tree...makes it more special, don't you think? And...Merry Christmas to you all! Catch up with you in the New Year, Lord-willing.

Many Blessings,

Sonya Ann said...

You have an adorable family!
Merry Christmas!

~ Noelle said...

glad you figured out the problem.
love seeing the photos.