Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas eve catching up

We had so much fun baking cookies Christmas eve!

While we prepped and cooked Elvis slept...LOL

Kathleen had a lot of fun peeling the wrappers off the Hershey kisses :-)

Hayley's creativity with the kisses! ;-)

These are some of my favorite cookies! Love to eat all the way around them and save the chocolate kiss for last :-)

We were all happy to see the snow start falling to give us a white Christmas!!

Kathleen making Owen festive... he was not amused....

Our Christmas tradition is always to read The Night Before Christmas. So neat how we read it to Hayley, then she read to us, then to Kathleen and now Kathleen reads it to all of us. :-)

Delicious mint chocolate muffins!

On Christmas eve we open our gifts to each other. This was just a couple of many, lol.

Also every year they get new PJ's for Christmas :-) I did too...polar bears...but I'll spare you that lovely picture, lol!

Ready for Santa!!

Snow falling gently... a beautiful sight.....



Kris said...

Jill, I love to see and hear about your family festivities. And I love that your husband is always in the thick of it!!!! Your girls will grow up with beautiful memories!
Xo Kris

Nonnie said...

What fun your family had at Christmas. So many great traditions and yummy food.
Everybody looks so Christmasy. Thanks for sharing these really nice pics and your fun!

Eileen said...

The family time that you all put into the baking of the cookies was well worth it. Each one was so delicious. Unfortunately it was very hard not to reach into the cookie jar every time we walked by.!
So glad we traveled there on Christmas Eve, even though the roads were bad. It was so worth seeing the girls on Christmas morning opening their gifts.

McVal said...

LOL! Looking at that picture with Kathleen and all those wrappers.. and with the chocolate on her face, my first thought was that she ate them all.