Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas happenings...Part 2

I can't show all those pictures of my mom's place and not include a picture of her! She put a lot of hard work into making sure everything turned out really nice.

She bought a beautiful cake to celebrate my aunt Jean's 80th birthday that same day.

It was too pretty and no one wanted to cut it at first, lol. But when we did it sure was delicious! Happy birthday aunt Jean and many more!

The girls with Baba and their cousin Amy came to visit too.

Another great celebration and lots more family members but some request not to have their pictures be online :-)

I had the privilege of volunteering and coordinating the craft day at Kathleen's school.

Gotta love that smile! :-)

She was super excited the next day was a class party and I was able to volunteer that day also since I am homeroom mom. I love every minute I get to participate in my girl's lives. Since Hayley is in 6th grade they don't offer these opportunities anymore :-(

Games and lots of goodies :-)

And even time for more crafting!

Afterwards the whole school gets together and has a big sing a long! It was such a joyous experience.

And of course Santa came!!!

We  did a lot of entertaining this holiday season, and stayed super busy! This visit was with my dear friend since we were three,Teresa, her husband Sheldon and their kids (my "niece" and "nephew" by lots of love) Caitlin and Colin.

The kids had fun hanging out and opening their gifts.

Jerry and Sheldon had good times too! LOL

Colin was being silly while the girls worked on a gingerbread man cookie :-)

They all worked together to complete him.

I also received a lovely little package that day from my blog friend Heather that included, letters for Hayley and I and they made lovely pins for me, Hayley and Kathleen. :-) Thank you again so much Heather!
Heather's blog is called By the Sea  If you get a chance stop over and say hi, she has a delightful blog that includes homeschooling, sewing, beautiful photography and more! :-)

Have a lovely day!!



Beloved's Bride said...

Great Pictures! Great Smiles.

Eileen said...

Love that the school did a large Christmas pajama party with the
Looks like a fun time holiday celebration. :-)

Nicolle said...

I had to do a double take and make sure you wrote that your Aunt Jean turned 80. She looks amazing! Love that beautiful cake too. Fun pictures, as always. Always love seeing glimpses into your sweet family.

ps. thanks for the comment yesterday. I emailed you back and I hope I didn't sound too crazy. I think I was overtired and then just started over thinking things, including my blog. I should know better. :)

Kris said...

Loved seeing your MOm!!! She is so sweet! And the cute pictures of the kids having fun. The toothless grin on Kathleen is priceless!! Love her outfit in her class party pics too. And so pretty are the pins!
Kind of sad when the kids get to the upper grades, and we don't get to go see them having their fun times in class!!!

McVal said...

What great times! Kathleen's smile is pretty contagious...

~ Noelle said...

those look like super fun crafts !!!!

Camille said...

Beautiful memories you have made my friend! Ah...there are SO many things going on over the Christmas season, aren't there?? It's hard to take it all in. Your girls look so happy and your family times seem to have been full of fun and laughter and good times...what a blessing!!

Happy New Year!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Ooo, I will definitely have to check that blog out. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. I love how happy Kathleen looks with you there in the room helping. What an adorable outfit she is wearing :)