Friday, January 18, 2013

Holiday wrap up!

Christmas morning showed Santa had come with lots of surprises!

Since it's a special day we allow the girls to have hot cocoa for breakfast :-)

Tradition also has Jerry cooking a huge Christmas breakfast....this year while doing so I about had a heart attack. I was in the other room and heard this horrible noise, almost like a whole wall was crashing down! I ran in to see this.....

See that tan bowl in pieces on the floor? That's a phalzgraff bowl that Jerry had taken down out of the cupboard, it slipped out of his hands and hit the stove causing the entire front to shatter. :-( There went plans for using the bottom half of the stove. Later we talked of just getting a new stove, but I wasn't finding anything I liked including the prices so we met a guy in Best Buy who told us there was a place called 1-800-foryourhome. I believe it's Sears and they match parts. So we did call and luckily they carried the glass for the stove. We ordered it ($100.00) and we received it after the New Year which made cooking interesting....

Elvis immediately had to check out the gap when we removed the bottom drawer!

And proceeded to emerge covered in black on his paws, etc.

Never a dull moment here I tell ya! ;-)

One of the most special gifts the girls received this year was American Girl dollhouses that Jerry built for each of them. They were so excited!

Love this picture!! Everything just got thrown on the bed so we could carry the house in for her initially. Then we ended up rearranging the entire room!

Some very happy American girl dolls!! The bottom is the one for Hayley's room. He originally designed it to fit around her window, but it was blocking the vents so we rearranged her room too! We were quite busy over the holiday break! As you can see Hayley's American Girls have a tent and she built the Tipi! Really tuned out wonderful!

Kathleen enjoyed her first craft of painting vases that she had received from Santa....she did a great job!

Patches was loving life in the recliner....look at that sweet face...please, please don't make me move it seems he is saying, lol.

Jerry went to a local butcher shop and got a nice piece of steak for the grill that we got when we were in Tennessee.

Don't worry he did share ;-) Not with me of course since I don't eat red meat at all, but my parents and Hayley and Kathleen enjoyed it!

Not long after it was time for New Years!! We invited our neighbors over and their parents from England.

Table all ready, food prepared....

We had a wonderful evening with them. So very blessed to have them as our neighbors!!

In the new Year I received a Vitamix blender from Jerry that I love!!!

I've been making all kinds of smoothies, soups, etc.!

Kathleen loves helping me and enjoying the smoothies!

We had a late Christmas celebration with my sister and family so the presents were spread out a little longer for the girls :-)

A fluster of activities and entertaining!! Just starting to get back into a normal schedule and really want to catch up on my holiday happenings! Hoping to work on my scrapbooks too this starting this weekend hopefully! ;-)

We are having Ravens fever here lately!

Although Owen doesn't seem to be as thrilled as we are about the game this Sunday!!!

Come on Ravens and give Ray Lewis one more Superbowl before his retirement!!!! We will be intently watching the game on the edge of our seats Sunday night! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!



Kris said...

What a fun post! I bet the girls were thrilled to receive their special gift from Dad! The doll houses are so great!!
I have never seen that happen before with the broken stove front? Wow....good thing you could simply have it replaced, and not the whole unit! Looked like you all had a lovely holiday!!!
Now rest!!
xo Kris

Nicolle said...

Love all of the pictures Jill! Oh my word though, the oven and the bowl shattering would have scared me too. I am so sorry that happened to you guys. What a mess.

Those doll houses that your husband built are amazing. What a special gift. Very cute!!!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Girls doll houses so special. My daughter loved hers. Your family has gotten new furry friend since I visited. The steaks sound tasty. Thanks for your kind visits comments & prayers. Blessing! Lara

A Primitive Homestead said...

Girls doll houses so special. My daughter loved hers. Many hours of fun to come. The steak sounds tasty. Patches is a new furry addition to your family since I last visited. Thanks for your visits comments & Prayers. Blessings! Lara

Sweet Tea said...

What great gifts Jerry made for the girls - keepsakes, for sure.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I didn't even know a stove front could shatter like that! Wow! Glad you were able to find the parts for a good price.

You're hubby is awesome, making those doll houses for your girls. What a special thing to do :)