Saturday, February 16, 2013

Super Bowl update! Ravens win!

What an exciting, edge of the seat game Superbowl Sunday! After 12 years the Ravens came back to win another Superbowl and we could not be more proud of our home team!! I may not live in MD. anymore, but I will always be loyal. :-) Jerry's sister and brother-in-law drove up from Md. to celebrate with us and brought all kinds of foods and snacks with them. What a treat to spend time with them and cook together as a family. Gene chopped lots of yummy vegetables for making chicken noodle soup and huge pots of chili! We had enough to feed an army! ;-)

Hayley and Kathleen and their cousin Stanley were enjoying time playing Super Mario brothers on the Wii!!
The color purple required on this day ;-)

Sean who is only 19 was helping in the kitchen, but already towering over Jerry! ;-)

Bella was all about making sure we were cooking the food just right, lol. As Elvis supervised from the chair.

He loves to sit up in his chair and keep an eye on everything :-)


                                      Susan, Kathleen and Sean were having fun hanging out as well.

 One of Hayley's best friends Breanne came over to celebrate with us. Even though she's an Eagle's fan she proudly supported her friend and rooted for the Ravens!!!

While waiting for the game to start and all the delicious food to cook we played card and board games for awhile.

Jerry being silly....again....always have to have at least one shot of that :-)

He had his Ravens cup all iced and ready for his beer! Thanks to my friend Teresa for giving it to him at Christmas ;-)

                                                            It was put to good use that night. ;-)

                           Let's go Ravens!!! The intensity of everyone watching the game :-)

Sean was a little tired from working late on Saturday night before they drove up so he took a little cat nap.

It didn't take long for them to move and get comfy by the fire. Great to have family near us while watching the game....if only we could have been with everyone back "home". Patrick was in our thoughts as well as the Ravens were his team. I'm sure he's very happy in heaven looking down upon their win.

Elvis also decided he needed a nap from all the excitement, lol.

Great game, great night with friends and family.....and Ravens you made us so proud!! This one's for you Patrick, wish you could have been here sharing this win with us.

Ironically Jerry just came back from a business trip in San Francisco this past week! He thought it best not to wear his Raven's attire out there, lol. Next post I'll be sharing some beautiful pictures from his trip he brought back. :-) Have a great weekend!!



Eileen said...

Yes,the Ravens did win big time.
A great feat for Baltimore!
Looks like you had fun with the in-laws. I bet the soup was good from the looks of the pictures and all that he was putting into it.
Love how the furry family fits right in . They can relax with the best of them. lol
love mom

Tara said...

That's it... we're coming to your house next Superbowl... you know how to throw a fun (and yummy) superbowl party. Love all of that family love :) Have a happy weekend Jill! ~tara

Beloved's Bride said...

It looks like you enjoyed your Superbowl evening! Great pictures!

Kris said...

Looks like a great family day!! Oh, and I love your new car!!! I just saw that post too!!!!!
Hope Kathleen is feeling better!
xo Kris

Sonya Ann said...

Looks like it was a FUN party! Thank you for sharing the pictures!!!!

Nicolle said...

I'm so happy for you that your team won! How fun to have family in town to share the day with. I love your pictures. You all look so happy! What great family pictures to cherish. That is a sweet tribute to Patrick at the end of the post.
I want to come hang out with you. :)

Hena Tayeb said...

you must have a very happy home.. look at all the Raven spirit.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I thought about you guys when I heard the Ravens won the Super Bowl! So happy for you guys!