Sunday, March 17, 2013


Lots of activity here and once again blogging has taken a back burner to our busy lives but I thought I'd do a quick update with a couple pictures until I get more time for a longer post.

I gave my sweet Kathleen a big kiss the other night before going out with friends and she told me she never wanted to wash it off :-)

The girl's had a special day at school and got to wear their favorite hats :-)

Kathleen has been making me so many wonderful pictures and I treasure every one!!

The other day we were grocery shopping with the girls and my niece Neve....Kathleen was making more chains and necklaces from the twist

Jerry was a good sport and wore his necklace...proudly :-)

After coming home from a very busy weekend in Md. Kathleen was conked out in the car!

We've been attending several birthday parties also and one was a skating party.

She started out with daddy but in no time was off on her own!

Elvis has been loyally climbing Hayley's loft bed ladder every night to be with her. Then when he is ready to get down he just leaps from the top! Always worried he will break something!

 Hayley is loving the fact that she can now ride in the front seat with me when we go out together :-)

 On Valentine's day Jerry and I were able to go out for a nice lunch by ourselves since it was the day he returned from San Francisco. We had a delicious meal!!

Enjoyed a scrumptious piece of cheese cake that we good!! Realizing that day we need to make more time for each other. :-)

And my girls are growing up way too fast...... Wishing sometimes I could slow down time.......

Just a little randomness and more to come soon. Have a wonderful week!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jill.
Looks like I'm lacking on my end by sending you a update on my prize from the 31 giveaway. I received my items and I in turn will be hosting a giveaway as a way to give back. Love following you and your life. Your girls are getting big. Savannah got her training wheels off today. Was a proud day for her.

Have a great week.

Hugs, Viola

Patti said...

I always enjoy looking at photos of your precious family! Thanks for giving me a sneak peak into your life these past couple months.


Kris said...

Oh they do grow so fast!!! What fun photos!! I love the kiss on the cheek, and what Kathleen said. How sweet!!! These are the things we want to document and remember forever!!! The girls are beautiful and always look so happy! Love Jerry in his green twist tie necklace!!!
xo Kris

Tara said...

Hi Jill,

Your family is oh so sweet! I love the little writing and drawing from Kathleen... those are such treasures, aren't they! And oh my word... front seat?! Yikes... now that says 'slow down time' more thank anything! I'm sure you feel it was 'just yesterday' that she was in a car seat! But we love em all ages and stages, right! Thanks for posting... I love hearing the little things. Take care, tara

PS ~ don't we all when it's a date always say, 'we never make time for just us enough?' :) So glad you had a special lunch!

Annie at Haphazard Homestead said...

Great pics, as always. :)

Julie said...

I so love it when you share. I remember when I first started following you and the girls seems so much littler.
Take care and be safe. Blessings!!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Enjoyed your random post. Kathleen kiss is a keeper. Haley has a shorter hair style & looks great. Elvis is some kitty & I am sure he is loving his home. The food looks yummy. Kathleen looks to be very intent in stuffing those shells. I took a walk back in your posts tonight as you may have guessed. Blessings! Lara

McVal said...

That is so sweet that he wore the necklace she made!
The kids just grow too fast for sure!

Hanne said...

Hello from Denmark :) I just found your blog, it reminds me of the years when I was a stay at home mom, now Im back in school. Im looking forward to follow you :)

Beloved's Bride said...

Sweet Pictures! Looks like you are really busy! I hope you are doing well too. The girls smiles are fabulous as usual.

Camille said...

What a lovely post of all things family my friend! How precious it is that you are storing up all these memories here on your blog. Yes, time flies by, and the children grow up waaay too quickly! Enjoy these days. Happy Easter to you all. HE is Risen...indeed!

Many Blessings,