Thursday, May 23, 2013

Part 2 of updates

Mother's day weekend we did a little mini celebration for Hayley's birthday that is happening next week. Just had to post this picture of Jerry, it's one of my favorites as we sat around the dinner table.

Kathleen bought a little keyring with her own money to give to Hayley :-)

Cake per Hayley's request to be chocolate with chocolate icing. :-) Funny story after I lit the candles and was carrying the cake to the table the wind blew through the window and I went to quickly turn to avoid having the candles go out and the whole cake slid off the tray! Miraculously it bounced on the corner and landed upright...catastrophe avoided! Nothing short of a miracle I tell ya ;.-)

When Hayley went on her school field trip she found these cool glasses. To add to her growing collection, lol.

On Mother's day my mom and I were served breakfast in bed!

The bacon however was not  But I loved how it was served by my two beautiful girls :-)

Once the girls got dressed they went down to get their breakfast. Kathleen cleaned their desk off real well and decided she was going to eat her breakfast there.

We then took a ride to a local park and I just had to snap a picture of Jerry with his phone trying to use his GPS and looking at the map. No signal however....guess it's good to have map reading skills. LOL, can't imagine what children growing up today will do without their devices if they aren't taught the proper skills.

I always enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of nature. No hurries, no worries. :-)

My Hayley is growing up! About as tall as her daddy!!

To say it was windy is a slight understatement! LOL Our hair was wild!!

Not my favorite pictures of me....but I love the girls and their smiles with me :-)

My mom and I ;-)

 Enjoying the beautiful ride out of the woods....

We had a nice day.... when we got home Kathleen had fun playing with her Barbies...

Hayley made this cool campfire for her American Girl doll teepee :-)

Well blogger is still slow with loading pictures so I will wrap up this post for now and save the next one for the wedding celebration this past weekend. :-)

Still going through some tests and dealing with medicine adjustments, etc. with my heart. Been frustrating but I'm researching a lot on my own. Determined to get as healthy as I can and help others any way I can. Still behind on blog reading...I've been so tired lately just trying to keep up with daily activities. Thank you all for your emails, comments and well wishes, I can't tell you how much it means to be.



Kris said...

Hi Jill. Thanks for the catch up. And a very Happy Birthday to your beautiful Hayley! Wow, I think she is going to be very tall!! Loved the photos of you and Jerry both with the girls, and the one of you and your Mom. How nice to be served breakfast in bed!!!
Continued prayers for your health!
xo Kris

Mandisa Chesser said...

Oh my goodness, the scenery in the woods is just gorgeous! Also, I think it's very sweet that your girls are so close. I love to see sisterly love!

McVal said...

LOVE her glasses!
and LOVE that scenery! Gorgeous...
I hope you get better soon.

Patti said...

Great photos! You have such a beautiful family...and you look so much like your're both beautiful!

Breakfast in bed sounds like a delightful treat!

I have to tell you, I hate GPS. That's because I absolutely LOVE maps. A few years ago, I opened a new checking account, and a GPS was an incentive prize for doing so. I promptly sold it on Amazon. There is no way I want anything to replace my opportunity to read maps and navigate from them.

Oh, by the way, beautiful cake. Happy birthday to Hayley!

Love and hugs,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are having trouble with your heart. May God give you the wisdom you need to know what to do and who to listen to. The best thing to do is listen to your body, which it sounds like you are doing. Glad you had a fun mother's day. I love the pic of you and your mom and Hailey's hair cut is sooo cute. Makes her look so grown up!

~Niki~ said...

love all your pics! what a nice family you have!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill,
Love seeing you and your lovely family. Gorgeous pics of you all and the fun you had over Mother's Day and Hayley's birthday. My goodness what a close call with the cake. Mine would have dumped upside down for sure. LOL
Hayley has grown so tall and a beautiful young girl. Both of your daughters are such a delight and I know you are so proud, as you should be. Hope you are feeling good and the heart issues going well. You look so pretty in the pics. Love seeing you and your mother together too. Give her my best please.

So enjoyed catching up. Prayers continue for you.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Julie said...

Oh I love these pictures. Thank you for sharing.
I am glad you are taking your health into your own hands and researching and taking care of yourself.
You look so prety in those pictures. You have an awesome family.
Take care Jill and have a blessed evening!

Heather said...

Great pictures and you all have beautiful smiles Look how tall Hayley is getting!! thanks for sharing Love Heather

Nicolle said...

Happy Birthday to Hayley! Wow, she is getting tall. Your nature pictures are always so pretty, and I am like you, I get out in nature and just want to be still and take it all in. It's the most peaceful place to be. LOVE that photo of you and your mom...both beautiful women! Still thinking of you and praying. Get plenty of rest and don't worry about checking up on blogs. Take care of you! Sending you lots of well wishes.

Nonnie said...

Happy birthday to your Hayley. The chocolate cake story is really amazing!! Happy that it wasn't spoiled. (And I think all the photos are beautiful.)