Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fun outside, Kathleen's dance recital 2013

As another summer gets into full swing a season of dance has been completed :-) Kathleen had a ballet and tap performance in this year's dance recital and we are so proud of her! She is a natural dancer and not only looked beautiful...she performed beautiful as well! Here are some pictures I took before her recital:

She looks so grown up... *sigh*

If you ever need to do a bun for your daughter's hair I highly recommend the new foam pieces that go over the ponytail and you feed the hair in around it and pin it. It worked really well and her bun looked so pretty! I got ours at Claire's.

Afterwards we presented her with her hard earned trophy. She has 3 now from her years in dance. :-)

My sister and her family came up to see the performance so I was able to get my niece Neve in a picture with them at home.

Of course we had to have one with daddy and mommy! :-) Silly me, I change out of my dress before this picture, so please overlook the t-shirt! ;-) She's my little "mini" me :-)

We've been enjoying lots of time outside. Kathleen had a wonderful afternoon playing and creating a fairy house out of items from the yard. We need to get more accessories to make a big one! Then we will share the results.

Jerry went on a chartered fishing trip last week with work and brought home some live crabs to cook.

Of course being from MD. you can't have crabs without Old Bay seasoning! So he was sure to get that out first. ;-)

I could never cook something from live....but he sure enjoyed how they tasted!

Jerry and my dad enjoyed a beer while eating a few crabs and hanging out outside enjoying the nice weather.

Elvis was funny he kept scratching at the door to come out because he smelled the crabs! LOL

Jerry also loves to grill year round and Sundays he usually makes the meals to give me a break from cooking, so he also cooked out and made some meats up on the grill. He was sure to share a few crabs with Kathleen but of course he had to shell them for her, lol.


Fish.... (also from fishing trip)

Terriyaki chicken....

Strawberry cake with strawberries fresh from the Amish road side stand! Delicious!!

We also enjoyed fresh squash and cauliflower and home made Amish bread. A delicious dinner!

Kathleen had a blast playing corn hole (bean bag toss to me, lol)

Hayley was having fun too and in a moment of her resting I finally got a picture! :-)

Every summer I have the girls continue their studies to be fresh when the school year starts. This year I made up a ticket system. Like the roll of tickets you use for raffles, etc. They can earn prizes for doing the work and turning in their tickets. Here's a peek into their assignments and prizes. Kathleen is saving for a special trip day!

They are very excited about this challenge, especially Kathleen. The first night we started she said she was so excited she couldn't sleep! I made up folders that have work to complete, one for papers to grade and another to hold completed/graded work. Then I keep them in a large file folder that closes and is portable for easy storage. They are responsible for getting their papers in the right places. I love doing these activities with them and I look forward to their excitement and their work!





Kris said...

I just loved those pictures of Kathleen! Such a beauty! My daughter Erika uses one of those bun thingies and loves it. Those crabs...of my!!! I was drooling! It is wonderful when the guys bring home fresh fish!
You are very smart to do the school work throughout the summer to keep the girls fresh. I bet not too many Mom's do that!!!
XO Kris

Tara said...


Congratulations on your dance recital. You look beautiful; I'm sure it was a very special night! Oh, and my daughters would have soooo much fun playing with you. They're really into fairies! Love your fairy house! Awesome job! Happy summer, tara

Nonnie said...

Beautiful pics of your daughter. She is blessed to have that gorgeous red hair.
A fairy house? What a cool thing to do.
All the food looks delicious and it looks like your family always has a great time and lots of exciting things to do m

Heather said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun summer so far! Congrats to Kathleen on her successful recital!! and awesome with winning the tickets have fun!! Love Heather

Camille said...

What a GREAT idea your summer school incentive system is Jill! I *love* it. implement such a thing around here.'ve got me to thinking. :)

Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement during our time of grieving...I appreciate you.

With Love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Kathleen look so pretty. That is quite the outfit! Love her bun. My friend tried to show me how to do that with a sock, but I couldn't quite get it figured out and it ended up looking weird. I need her to show me again! The crabs looked wonderful! Wish we got to travel to the coast this year. We love getting a big crab to split. Happy 4th!