Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Knoebels, Father's Day and playing in the dirt!

Summer fun started with a trip to Knoebel's with my sister and her husband and my niece Neve! It was a "late" celebration of Neve's birthday and Hayley's birthday combined. The girl's always have a great time when they get together.

Hayley and Kathleen went on the giant wheel with Uncle Brent!

Jerry, Hayley, Kathleen, Brent and I took a train ride through the woods....If you look closely you can see my red headed Kathleen in pigtails reaching out to grab the
We got lucky and saw a deer at the feeders....he wasn't the least bit concerned about us! :-)
I captured a picture of us while flying down the track, hence my crazy hair! LOL Poor Hayley, Jerry was determined to squeeze in the little seat next to her :-)
Afterwards Hayley and Brent went off on some of the coaster rides and Neve and Kathleen settled in to watch a 50, 60 and 70's dance show! It was really good.
The cast members had them dancing right along with them....
And of course it wouldn't be complete without the high fives!
Knoebels unfortunately has dealt with several bad floods...this is the girls standing next to the flood of 2011 marker.
We had some good laughter watching the expressions on the girl's faces as Hayley drove the motor boat!
Not sure I will be looking forward to her getting her license in a few years....LOL
Kathleen and Jerry were picked to be in a storybook play! Kathleen was one of the Princesses!
Daddy a.k.a as Jerry :-) was a fierce dragon!!!
The dragon saves the Princess after turning into a Prince!!
Kathleen also rode on her first big roller coaster this year!
Needless to say she loved it and went on it again and again!!

I captured this moment of Hayley braiding Kathleen's hair for her. The love of sisters!
And of course you can't leave without cotton candy..... :-)
The next day we had a quiet Father's day at a local park, we were all worn out from Knoebels! LOL
We even found a family of turtles celebrating Father's day :-)
They had a blast playing on the playground with some other children.
Kathleen was pretty overheated at one point so we had her rest for a bit and drink cool waters we brought with us. Once revived she was off again!
The next day Kathleen decided to adventure out and dig in the dirt...I remember Hayley doing this when she was younger as well. I am a mom that loves having her kids explore and interact and learn about the world around them! The messier the better! :-) She started by finding some fresh home grown strawberries she picked from our yard...

Of course the dogs are never far behind them in their adventures!
Bella wasn't too sure about getting so observed from the side lines!
                                                            LOVE THESE MOMENTS.....

         Have a great evening! More to post hopefully tomorrow if time, we are due for some storms so it may         happen, lol.


Anonymous said...

what fun adventures!!! loved that your girl and y our husband got picked out for the story!

Julie said...

Let's see, my favorite picture is of Jerry being a dragon. I so love that Jerry is just a bit part of the girls lives. Please tell him for me I applaud all he does. Second, the turtle picture, that one is so great. If you would, want to, could you send it to me. I have pictures of 3's around here for Jim, Mike and I and that one would fit so perfectly. Up to you though.
Thank you for sharing such great family fun.
Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

Nonnie said...

Oh my! What fun, fun pictures. All of them were great, but the dragon has to take the prize!!
I remember how much fun my sister and I had driving the little boats and I loved fixing my sister's hair.

Kris said...

Looks like you are having a fun summer! The pictures of the girls on the rides, and having so much fun, are just priceless! And the one one of Kathleen in the yard, dirty hands, and having so much fun...I just loved!!
You are a fun Mama!!
xo Kris

Anonymous said...

Some great photo's there.
Is it my imagination, but has Kathleen shot up with a growing spurt. She looks so much taller than some of your former posts.

Hope summer has started out good.


Sonya Ann said...

I can't believe how grown the girls are. Wow
You have such an adorable and close knit family. You are so blessed.

Nicolle said...

Such fun pictures Jill. I LOVE the girls' faces in the motorboat. Made me giggle. What a great place to visit. Boyd loves the big roller coasters too. Me, not so much. He would have ridden that one with Kathleen. I hope you didn't get any bad storms, that you mentioned at the end. Have a great weekend. xo