Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Crayola Experience

     I received an email about the all new Crayola Experience in Easton, PA. for a random chance to win tickets to take my family by blogging why we would love the opportunity to go! If selected I will be blogging about our experience and posting lots of pictures!!! Those that follow me regularly know how much I LOVE to take pictures and do reviews about things I love. :-). When I saw this opportunity I had to jump on board! My family LOVES arts and crafts and there isn't a day that goes by that we aren't creating something new!

Remember Kathleen making Fly Guy? Yup you can bet that was done with Crayola products and honestly they provide the best results when you are feeling creative! Trust me...we've been through every brand! And color choices... can't be beat!

The brand new Crayola Experience has been redone to include 4 floors of fun and creativity! All interactive and one of a kind attractions. All a great opportunity for my girls to explore and get their creative juices flowing.

Some of the activities we definitely have on our list to try is:

Wrap it up!: Where we can customize an authentic Crayola Crayon label and place it on a crayon of our choice. Who doesn't like to have their own special crayon to create with? ;-)

Crayola Factory: This looks so exciting! They have redone this into a new show and you learn how to make crayons in a LIVE theatre show featuring resident Crayonologist and his animated character friends!

Marker Mania: This is super cool you can create your own custom multi-color markers from scratch!! Kathleen I know especially is going to jump with excitement over this one. She loves markers and creating and mixing colors together.

Art Alive: Another wonderful experience where art comes to life on huge projected surfaces! Now how neat would that be to see your artwork displayed??

Color Playground: A great place for the girls to get their energy out and enjoy some fun play time with other creative children! I have no doubt they will enjoy this added experience. May give Jerry and I a moment to "rest" and regroup before enjoying more fun things at the Crayola Experience.

Water Works: This is an 85 foot water table attraction that also caught my eye to try out as I know my girls will be interested in this as well.

There are so many great new things to explore at the new Crayola Experience in Easton, PA. I highly recommend you check out their website for more information. Click the following link: Crayola Experience

                                 *All this information was provided to me by Crayola.*



Heather said...

that sounds like a fun little trip and honestly it really is true I love crayola there stuff is the best ~Love Heather

Kris said...

How neat!!! And tell Hayley,,,,Happy Belated birthday! I missed that post!! She is beautiful!!!!
xo Kris

Kerri said...

We have passed by that place a few times on our way through and I always thought that would be a fun place to stop. I hope you guys get to go!

Beloved's Bride said...

My kiddos enjoy the Crayola factory when we went! I would love to go back.