Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yard sale, last day of school 2013 and more

     Whew....anyone else see summer coming in so fast? I felt this year just flew by and my list of to dos is growing longer by the minute. Attempting again to post more frequently and staying caught up with everyone.

 But first in my updates, I need to address my deepest sympathies and prayers that go out to my dear blogging friend Camille and her family. They recently lost their son Austin and my heart is breaking for them. I know many of you also follow Camille, but if you do not know this amazing family perhaps you can please keep them in your prayers as they go through this difficult time. As parents none of us want to face this heartache.... I am praying and not a day goes by I don't think about them and so wish I was closer to provide more support. :-(

   More beauty has been blooming in my yard over the past couple of weeks...

Seems just as quickly as these flowers bloom, they disappear! So lovely to enjoy them while I can.

Each year my clematis plant grows larger and larger producing more beautiful blooms.

We had a yard sale on memorial day weekend and the girls worked really hard. Hayley took on the job of sorting all the clothes, and was a great helper to her "clients" ;-)

We sold a bunch, but also donated a lot afterwards as well.

Kathleen was all about sorting and selling the stuffed animals! I truly don't know how we get so many in one year!!

Jerry hanging out relaxing and enjoying the day. Notice his "new" truck is safe in the background? No trees taken out in our neighbor's ditch this year! :-)

Hayley is definitely going to be our business savvy girl! She was working hard making sales and trying to keep items from blowing off the tables, lol.

My beautiful Kathleen hanging out and playing in between customers. Yes she picked that outfit on her own. ;-)

They were quite excited when the ice cream truck made it's way through our development!

Some sweet treats for all that hard work!

Bubble time!.......

Ahhh how this outfit makes me smile.....

Per Hayley's request I made lots of Oreo truffles to send in for her birthday celebration at school. Also made cupcakes and sent in drinks. It happened to fall on their field day so the kids were pretty happy. :-)

For Hayley's birthday this year we kept it low key and took her best friend to dinner with us to celebrate. There were lots of laughs that night! ;-)

Nothing like a "bestie" to hang out with and be silly!

Hayley's friends at school made her a birthday "hat", LOL

Outback was the choice for the night, although we were a little disappointed, they don't sing to her like other restaurants do. Plus the service left a lot to be desired in this particular restaurant.

Decisions, decisions.....

Food makes them a little

This seems to have become my daughter's signature face to make lately....

Breanne thought she would give it a try......

We did manage to get them to bring a cake/ ice cream out and we sang ourselves :-)

Jerry wasn't too hungry so he ordered a cake pop....not quite expecting what came To say he was disappointed would be an understatement....

Mine however was pretty delicious!

Next year is the big celebration.......13.......a teenager officially.....stay tuned........LOL

I was super proud of Hayley, she worked hard on a Prezi media presentation for her school...

Her presentation was on Costa Rica and out of her school only her and one other student were chosen to compete in the district out of all the schools. Hayley came in bronze for her project and we are so proud of her!!! If you haven't checked out Prezi I'd highly recommend it, it's super cool for presentations. Kinda like power point but more advanced, more features.

Jerry wanted me to post that he made all these chocolate chip pancakes for the girls and more to freeze for their breakfasts. Such a great dad. :-)

And for the final catch up for today's post is Hayley's 6 th grade party....onto middle school this fall :-( My "baby" is growing up too fast! Just snapped a few random shots, too many to post them all! But my scrapbook will hold them :-). I was so happy I was chosen to volunteer for this day.

Standing in line at the photo booth, I volunteered to cut all the photos for the day... to say my hand was sore...holy cow, but worth it! The kids had a blast!

Could not be more proud of Hayley and all she has accomplished in her life. I have no doubt she will be just as successful in middle school and beyond! Love you sweetheart more than you could ever possibly know!!



Tara said...

Hi Jill!!!! How are you feeling? Been thinking of you and praying that you're well.. and how's Jerry doing after his surgery?

Looks like the girls are having a blast so far this summer! I've always wanted to do a yard sale... we have so much to get rid of... it's the getting it all out there... ugh! One of these days!

Love the pancakes and the ice cream truck!

Have a lovely day friend, tara

McVal said...

Happy Birthday to Hayley!!! Back in the day, 5 years ago, it's was all Powerpoint, but now it's Prezis and my 13 year old is a master at that... leaves me in the dust...
And I'd pick your dessert too!

{cindy} said...

lots of silly girl shots here and I LOVE that!!:)
garage sales are the best when they are over right?!:)
have a happy day jill

Beloved's Bride said...

It looks like she had a great birthday with her best friend and her sweet sister.

Wow! That is a great yard sale.

I adored her chosen outfit too! Kids are great.

Kerry said...

Hi Jill! So sorry it has taken me so long to get back over here to visit you :( I am slowly getting caught up with my reading list. Congrats to Hayley on finishing Year 6, they grow up way too fast don't they? You guys live in such a beautiful neighbourhood btw! You certainly had the BEST dessert, was that cheesecake? My favourite!! Hope you enjoy Summer and all of the fun things you may have planned!