Friday, August 30, 2013

Vacation and catching up!

Too long since I have posted and I have so much to share! :-) Starting with the other part of our vacation photos that I will break up into a couple posts since I have a lot of pictures to share :-) So how have you all been? Ready for the new school year? I'll have posts related to that soon too.

Some more big news is I have started back to work as a one on one teacher for a child with special needs. I was blessed to get the position at Kathleen's school so I don't have to worry about child care and she is so happy she can ride to work with me and come home with me! The other day she thought it was cool she could scan my card to get in the building :-). It's a blessing to give us extra money and keep me home when the girls are home. I will be posting more about that as I just started this past week and have been so tired when I get home! Also started my Masters classes in Education for Administration and Management. Busy, Busy here as usual!

We started our vacation at our annual place in Ocean City MD. where both girls have gone since they were little. We had a nice time but our vacation had some bumps in the road.

Hanging on the porch first day we arrived!

Love this picture she didn't even know I was taking it. She brought her favorite Care Bear and at the place we stay they have this big blue bear she loves so when we visit he "travels" in the van with us :-)

We went to Assateague and I took several pictures of the wild horses, seagulls, birds and even a deer we managed to spot!

A fawn...

This one had a collar so I guess the park was tracking him.

The seagulls are pretty tame, Hayley was walking up pretty close to get pictures on her ipod.

My girl and I....
My beautiful girls!
Daddy's girl! Loves being by his side.
Using Jerry's polarized sunglasses to see all the fish! :-)

When we left the island we saw a sign for fresh shrimp along the road well of course we had to stop! Kathleen and Jerry went in to get it and Hayley and I hung out in the van.

Good thing Big Blue Bear was in the car because this huge moth was on the pole outside our window while we were waiting! LOL
He could have been lunch :-) LOL

Finally got our shrimp steamed and took it back to where we were staying.
Oh my these were so delicious! Jerry bless his heart peeled all 5 pounds for his "girls!"
Love this man....

Good place to end part 1 of our vacation! Thanks for stopping by! Part 2 coming soon :-) Have a great Labor day weekend!!!



Kris said...

Congratulations on the new job! It sounds like a perfect fit'!! Since I follow you on IG, I know your vacation was not perfect. The girls are getting so grown up!
xo Kris

Nicolle said...

I don't think I've ever told you, but your pictures and your sweet family make me smile. You guys always seem so happy and so full of life, and you inspire me! Congrats on the job, and can't wait to hear more about it. It sounds like it will be wonderful in so many ways, and you will be a blessing to that sweet child. Hope you have a good holiday weekend. xo

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have always thought you should be a teacher. How wonderful you & Kathleen can be so close & off when the girls are off. I have always wanted to visit the Island see the beautiful. Ponies. Your pics are great. School for us three weeks in. Blessings!