Sunday, September 1, 2013

Part 2 of vacation 2013

We always enjoy time spent at the boardwalk in OC and this year we met up with friends of ours that were staying there for a few days. The kids had a great time together!

Riding the carousel is always a favorite thing to do!

Cody and Kathleen! :-)
Maci and Hayley! :-)

Definitely tall enough for this ride!

Hayley loves to be in the front seat on roller coasters, she is a total thrill seeker! ;-)
Kathleen still enjoys the caterpillar roller coaster and gets on it several times each year we go!
Jerry trying out the baseball throw!
They found Elmo! LOL
The Weiss family! Dear friends of ours and how lucky we are to have met them when we moved here:-) Always a great time with lots of laughs and treasured memories.
Love these kids so much!
Playing in the sand waiting for the fireworks to begin! Say cheese Carly!
It was a long and Kathleen curled right up and went to sleep. Sweet dreams my little Princess.

Walking along the boardwalk you can see so many wonderful things. We love the sand sculptures, they do an incredible job!

Enjoying a beautiful day!
There was a lady walking by and she insisted that I get in the picture with them. She said she was always the picture taker when her children were growing up and she missed so many opportunities to be in it with them.
So I thank her for this family photo :-)

We of course had to do some shopping while we were there.
Absolutely have to have Boardwalk Fries!
Best daddy ever!!! :-)

Kathleen loves to play the claw machines and she won herself this silly hat. She looked so adorable wearing it and the bells were jingling! LOL

She also won a huge Smurf!
We had a delicious lunch at the Dough Roller on the boardwalk. Wonderful food and very kid friendly!
Hayley also found a Baltimore Orioles flat cap there as we shopped on the boardwalk.
And well Jerry had to try on the hat when the girls went to the restroom, lol.
What a great sport to let me post all these pictures all over the Internet ;-)

After lunch Hayley wanted to get a braid weaved in her hair with the Ravens colors.

Pretty interesting store... the look on Hayley's face "Ummm are you sure you know what you're doing?" LOL
Kathleen kept Hayley's hat safe and hung out with her Smurf!

Love this one!
All done!

Then we had to get Kathleen some dippin dots...her favorite refreshing treat!
Jerry was in the fire department for 13 years. So much dedication and sacrifice they give back to the community.

After a lot of searching Hayley found a Ravens shirt she liked!
We took an impromptu walk down to the ocean in our clothes just to enjoy the moment!
Live every day in the moment and enjoy life.....
Jerry being silly

We also came across this incredible artist that created pictures using spray paint cans. Jerry got one painted for his birthday.
Look who Kathleen found! She saw Smurfs 2 and loved it!
Hayley found her minion she wanted...we actually asked to buy it from the game lady as it would have cost more to do the game, lol!

Next day made it to the beach in our suits!

See how tall Hayley is now? 12 years old and 5'8"!
Look out Hayley wave is coming!!! LOL
Part of our shell collection....

After we got back to our place Kathleen curled up on the bench to read for awhile... I love that my girls enjoy reading as much as I do!

                                                      Final wrap up of vacation coming soon!



Sweet Tea said...

Nothing better than "plain ol' FUN"!!

Kerri said...

Great pictures Jill! We love Ocean City...sad we were only able to get there a few days this summer.
How was your first week of work? I bet you are enjoying this extra long weekend- I know I am! :)

Wendi said...

I haven't been to OC in years. It is always a nice place to go. So glad you had a great vacation!

Heather said...

You guys have the best vacations!! Great pictures and wonderful memories!! xoxo Love Heather

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! I'm so glad you guys got to do this. I love all the pics with Jerry and his girls. You can tell what a great dad he is :)

Nonnie said...

What wonderful and FUNderdul pictures. So many are just darling. Your husband is funny. Looks like a really great family time. (I love to stop and take pics of families so everybody can be in the picture.)

Camille said...

Great photos my friend. What a wonderful time you all had together. I'm glad that lady stopped you and made you get into the are's good to get a complete family photo once in awhile! :) Those sand sculptures were amazing!! And...Hayley's expression on that roller coaster revealed that she was a little on the frightened side...or, did I read that one wrong? Kathleen was wise to keep it to tamer levels...LOL! :)

Hugs to you!