Sunday, December 15, 2013


                                                                        Say What?!

Tis' the season for Holiday correspondences and how many times in our quick emails and texts do we hit send and suddenly realize oh no...."I didn't mean to say you look like a Gorilla, I meant to say you look good in yellow!" LOL! Just a small example of how good intentions can go wrong and you may end up sending the wrong message to the right person!

I was recently contacted by Grammarly to write a little review about their site and knowing this is something that could be valuable to my readers I agreed :-)

I use Grammarly for English proofreading because as a mom, blogger, student and teacher it makes sense to send the right messages to people and being so busy in life sometimes overlooking spelling and vocabulary and grammatical errors can happen. Perhaps we need to assemble that all too important resume or a cover letter to a classy college we want to attend. We can carefully review  our words several times but we can still miss important details. Grammarly is a site that can help catch these small mistakes and correct them so you can portray the best possible impression on others. It's a tool that can help simplify our lives and make it easier to communicate with others and not stress about the mistakes we may be making. If you think a little extra help can benefit your writing and correspondences with others either socially or related to work or school....Grammarly is definitely a site you'll want to check out and explore! Take a few minutes to look it over, share the link and email me what you think!

However as a mom I'm still enjoying these wonderful pictures from my daughter depicting her early stages of writing.... just warms my heart!


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