Sunday, December 1, 2013

Long overdue catching up!

Anyone still visiting my little blog? LOL, I have been so busy and had so much going on that I have really put this blog on the back burner, and I miss it so much!!! I miss sharing with my friends and I miss visiting my friends and I have decided tonight to do some catching up as I have one more day off for Thanksgiving vacation tomorrow. So this will be random, possibly long with lots of pictures!

My girls are growing up quickly and I really want to be sure to blog for them and future generations so I'm recommitting to blogging more frequently.

Hayley's been going to all her school dances and looking beautiful as ever....  :-)

In Kathleen's class they each get a chance to bring a little stuffed owl home and a journal. In the journal they write all about the places the took their owl to for the week and the things they did. She had a blast with this one!

She has also been very busy learning all kinds of designs on her Rainbow Loom! She made a bracelet for each friend of her Nana's for they high school reunion in their school colors. She is quite talented with all he new designs and she watches You Tube to get some tutorials.

We made up her own little table in the basement so she had room to spread out and create! That was we were able to actually eat at our kitchen table again, lol.

She even made one for my dad for his birthday, we went down to celebrate and ended up celebrating Halloween at the same time. ;-)

I made a fun Halloween pasta salad and a pumpkin pound cake for my dad. I get my love of pumpkin from him and Kathleen loves it just as much as we do!!

My mom's house again was warm and welcoming... great setting to spend time with family!

She even took her rainbow loom and uses one of my Thirty One bags to organize it all. :-)

Always laughter and good times.... these smiles melt my heart....

Hayley's outfit was pretty creepy this year... yikes!

Always a bonus to see the beauty of nature outside their windows. So peaceful...

Back at home.....we had fun carving pumpkins!

Hayley didn't want to carry around her big purple bag with the pumpkin this I had her pose for one last picture holding it at


As always they got a lot of treats from our neighbors' houses again this year.

We put together out good Samaritan shoe boxes/ Operation Christmas Child and donated them...

Kathleen made me a cool turtle necklace, I just love it!!

She also had her first sleepover with Hayley and great friends of ours and theirs. They helped us out after Jerry had to have surgery on both his feet. They kept the girls for a couple days and brought us meals, what a blessing they were to us!!

Jerry has had a rough time with the surgeries and is unable to drive or really do much of anything so it has been a lot on me as well. Not a lot of time to rest and lots going on with Kathleen's birthday, the holidays, work, etc.

These were the terrible shoes they gave him at the hospital for when he first came home... luckily the Dr. gave him a more supportive boot!! He was sliding and they didn't fit him well at all. I was so afraid he was going to fall and re injure himself. :-(. Luckily we have a sofa bed downstairs in front of the TV, he was there by day and sleeping in the guest room downstairs by night. No way he was climbing stairs... Girls made sure he had lots of stuffed animals to keep him company :-)

Even though he's been in a lot of pain he didn't want to miss Kathleen's 8th birthday party we just celebrated on the 23rd at SkyZone a cool trampoline place, her actual birthday is November 25th. He's such a great dad :-)

Love you so much my sweet beautiful girl! Happy, happy birthday and many, many more!!!!

Since Jerry's surgeries changed our plans for traveling to MD. for Thanksgiving, we decided to celebrate while my parents and sister and family were here. Thinking that ordering it from Giant would be a good idea and we'd have a home cooked meal like advertised... we were quite disappointed at all the frozen meals in the order with heat up times :-(  Definitely will not go that route again... food terrible, but we made the most of it and had time with family, that's what's important.

At this rate Christmas may not be happening with family either if he's not released to travel. Not what I'm used to for a holiday meal! LOL. Having her party the same day didn't allow much time to cook and prep ourselves. But we were thankful to have food on our table knowing many families do not.

Kathleen was able to open her gifts once we finished eating.

This was one of her favorite gifts of the night. So adorable!

Love these girls soooooo much!!!!

Jerry enjoyed the hat/gloves cat Elvis is looking at him like what in the world...??? lol

Finally in a quick wrap up we did some decorating this weekend for Christmas. More pictures to come....

Early stages....

Jerry keeping his spirits up...

For some reason he thought he could use rubber bands and his cane and put our angel on top the tree... I had to persuade him to use the ladder after the angel almost fell and broke...silliness or the powerful pain I think he just wanted to feel helpful ;-)

This will be Cooper's first Christmas with us :-) Boy have we come to love this dog so much, we truly believe everything happens for a reason....

Well we finally got the tree up and ready to go for Christmas. Lots more things happening but wanted to at least get caught up! LOL  Hope to blog more frequently and have some time to catch up with everyone.....



Kris said...

Phew...that was a long one! I am so happy to see it though! I have missed you. Why did Jerry have to have the surgeries? Poor guy! And the girls are growing up into such beauties. Kathleen is 8!! Where does time go? I loved reading about what you all have been up to.
XO kris

Julie said...

WOW!!!! I loved seeing all that you've been up too. Sorry about Jerry though, it bites being down and out. You have to explain to me how the girls are going up so fast. It is just amazing.
Thank you so much for sharing. And Jill, thank you for stopping by.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill,
So great to see you and catch up with all that is going on in your world. First off, I so hope your hubby recovers promptly from his foot surgeries.
Your darling girls are growing up so fast and they are just beautiful. Happy Birthday to Kathleen. Love all the pics of fun and family events.
Your tree is gorgeous.
Thank you for sharing and also for stopping by. It was great to see you and I so enjoyed my visit with you. Give your mom my best wishes too.
Have a great week and see you soon.
Hugs and Blessings,
Celestina Marie

Nicolle said...

Your tree is stunning! I love it. I'm so glad you had time to squeeze in a blog post. I miss you around here! I think each time you post, your girls are more grown and more beautiful! Thinking of you all and hoping that Jerry is on the mend soon. I wish I was closer to give you a helping hand! xo