Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow, organizing and the arrival of a special elf!

Snow!!! We've had two storms already and the beauty is amazing, not to mention getting us into the Christmas spirit!

Girls never miss an opportunity to enjoy playing in it and building a snowman!

We have quickly learned that Cooper loves the snow! He was running and playing in it just like a young pup. :-)

A little blurry, but they were moving so fast it was hard to get any good shots! A winter wonderland!
And of course it just wouldn't be the same without catching snowflakes on your tongue! ;-)

Getting all the snow was a good time to realize that I needed to sort and organize all our hats, gloves and scarves. Selling Thirty-One allows me to get some wonderful products for organizing my home. The organizing cubes really came in handy as I sorted through everything and placed them on the shelf in our coat closet.

My little helper and organizer! :-)

I've also been using the mini utility bins to reorganize my pantry items and the girls are using them to organize their rooms as well. We love that they can be personalized!

Tons of room for all kinds of items. Makes easy access for the girls as well. Check out my web site for the latest styles....Spring ordering starts December 21st!

Kathleen is still loving her rainbow loom and has been creating so many new things. This is ornaments and a strand of lights she is working on. I bought her a crochet needle so it would last as the plastic ones kept breaking.

We've also been visited by a very special elf we named Bobalina. After reading the story together Bobalina became magical as we found out the next morning when we woke up!

In the morning we found this....she escaped!!

Apparently she zip lined her way in and stacked a few items to get up there! As much as we wanted to help her down we knew that if we touched her she would lose her magic so we let her hang out for the day!

Think we are going to have to keep an eye on this little elf! LOL.... she looks like she's going to be mischievous!!

                        Have an amazing week!!!! Countdown to Christmas is on! 9 days to go... are you          ready?!!



Celestina Marie said...

Your snowfall is gorgeous and does look like a wonderland. Love the sweet little elf. I am sure this sweetie is bringing lots of fun to your days.
The organizing bins are fabulous.
Wishing you a great countdown to Christmas and many joys of the season.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Hugs,Celestina Marie

Wendi said...

We have enjoyed several snowfalls. You are right it sure does get you in the Christmas spirit! I have a couple of gifts to wrap and then some things to make for Megan's party on Thursday. After that I am done. It will be time to sit back and enjoy the season.

Julie said...

Okay girl, I went to your website but can't find those cool baskety things with I just not seeing them or not finding them?
I so love your pictures. Winter is really here. We've had 18" so far and today we can add another 2 plus more on it's way. Between that and the subzero weather, well it's sure is Minnesota winter.
I love your elf. My friend has your elf's twin and that elf has been very busy. It even TP'd the Christmas tree on night. They are really busy.
Take care Jill and have a blessed afternoon.

Nicolle said...

Love your snow pictures! We just had a major ice storm, but no snow. Snow is so much more fun for the kids to play in. I think we all slid a hundred times on the ice! I love organizing, and I love those baskets, especially the one with the popcorn in it. So cute! Hope you are doing well, and hope Jerry is recovering! xo

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love the Elf on the Shelf! So cute. I also love the 31 bags you got. A belated Merry Christmas to you all! Happy New Year!

Camille said...

So much fun! Looks like a wonderful time was had by your girls. I *love* snow for Christmas!! We were in CA, so no snow for us this year...we were in shorts on Christmas Day! :) Blessings to you! Camille

~ Noelle said...

broxton wanted snow so bad...
by the time we got back to our "snow" it was all iced over or melting...
but he did get to play for a few minutes!
we had a silly elf here this year too!!!