Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random catch up

Sitting here on this snowy day reflecting on so many things in my life and feeling the pull to blog today. To just take the time to record more memories and not think of all the things on my long to do list.
  We had a great holiday but it flew by so quickly. Hayley had a formal dance in December and went with a neighbor friend Brad. They have grown up together and went to the dance as friends.
Don't know how she keeps growing up so quickly right before my eyes....

Kathleen's dance school had an open house so we were able to go in and observe. Her teacher Mrs. Patti absolutely loves Kathleen and says she has real talent as a dancer. Certainly makes a momma proud. I love to watch her dance!

I found a yummy dessert recipe off of Pinterest that I made over he holidays, red velvet cake layered with chocolate pudding and cool whip with candy topping! Yum!!!

We had friends over for a Christmas dinner and to enjoy the dessert. The girls are the same ages so it works out great when we are all together.

The girls were all excited to wait for Santa to come on the fire truck and were anxiously waiting!

Hayley got a special picture collage from one of her best friends. :-)

Our Elf on the shelf Bobalina made lots of appearances this year!

We got to spend Christmas Eve at my sister's house this year and had a blast. Thankful we were all together!

New Christmas pajamas, a tradition every year and reading The Night Before Christmas together!

Friends came up to spend a few days with us to bring in the New year! Girls had a blast and so did the adults! ;-)

After the new year was able to still celebrate Christmas with more dear friends!

I love having friendships that span over 25 years and then watching our children grow up together. Such a blessing and so many wonderful memories that have been created. I treasure each and every moment!

So a short catch up, but catching up none the less. As I watch the gently falling snow and sit by the fire reminiscing..... hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!



Kris said...

Wyou have been busy!!! I feel like I have watched the girls grow SO much!!! Such pretty little ladies!!!!
Hope your tests are all ok!
XO Kris

Sweet Tea said...

Such a lovely holiday full of children, food, and happy faces. Glad all went well!

Simone Dankenbring said...

Your girls are growing up so quickly! I loved the pictures. So much fun during the holidays!

~ Noelle said...

looks like yall had a great holiday!! i love that you and your friends are so close that the kids are close too...
Wish we had more of that here, but everyone is so spread out these days...
the girls are growing up so fast

Beloved's Bride said...

Cute pictures!