Thursday, July 10, 2014


  What a crazy journey my life has been on these past few months.... it has meant so much to me to get such encouraging and heart felt emails from my readers and I can't thank you enough! We are finally in Ohio but still trying to get unpacked and settled in and taking on several projects. We have had a terrible time with the moving company we used, but for now I will leave that to another post.

  My sweet Hayley turned the big 13 through all this craziness of preparing for the move and we celebrated at Sky Zone and then carried it on at home so she could say goodbye to her friends.... gut wrenching to see... yeah you could say that. Not an easy move to begin with but certainly not at this age either.

Of course she has a boyfriend and that hasn't made the transition any easier.... but we are thankful for Face Time :-)

Yes... we did take her to Texas Roadhouse to sit on the saddle and have everyone sing to her as well.
Lol.... she wasn't too amused.

This was just some of her crew that came back to the house after Sky Zone. She is blessed with great friends! Throughout the night we had a yard full of neighbors and good friends come and go.

Kathleen's best friend was there also and they were having a grand time! Totally inseparable!!

Another big event that happened on May 28th was Jerry and I celebrated our 20 year wedding anniversary, hard to believe it's been that long and 24 years together total!! Although he had been living in a hotel in Ohio for work while we finished school he came back to celebrate our anniversary and Hayley's birthday. I thought it was pretty cool Hayley posted this picture of Jerry and I and wrote such a sweet note underneath it...

It's moments like these that remind me why I do all I do as a parent.... bringing them up the best way we can. Always going that extra mile to show them how important they are to me and to Jerry. Showing them the value of a true, loving, and stable home life. That marriage takes work but it's worth it! So many people give up way too easily nowadays or have children before they are truly ready to stay committed to their partners...sad to see.

Hayley did this gift for her boyfriend to give to him before we left and it's filled with letters for him to read when sad, happy, missing her etc. He is a wonderful boy and we really hit it off well with his parents and sister too. Of course they are never unsupervised and I never thought my then 12 year old would have a boyfriend that young....but so far I'm handling it.... now daddy on the other hand really likes him too... but struggles... it's his "little" girl....hard to live up to those expectations for what he wants a guy to be to his daughter. ;-)

So my posts may be random and scattered as I gather my thoughts on everything and catch up! But we bought our little piece of heaven here in a small Ohio town....

This is some of the back yard.... I've been taking tons of photos so will have lots more to share.

After unpacking Kathleen.... she wasted no time working on her fairy houses! I love her imagination and creativity and she loves our new yard!

Kitty's never far behind either....

Patiently waiting for the movers to arrive....

She was super excited to find a 4 leaf clover in our yard and has since found several more!!!

Not to mention goodies in the garden we stumbled a crossed! It needs some love but we totally plan to have an awesome garden!

Before the movers even arrived we painted both the girls rooms and added areas of chalkboard paint! Turned out really cool! More pictures on their rooms to come as we finish them. You can get a glimpse in this photo of part of the amazing view Hayley has from her window!

Lots of projects, but we're plugging right along! Keeping busy to distract us from our sad thoughts for awhile. We have great memories and that's a blessing in itself.

                                                                       Our new home

We downsized houses in our move, but gained land and I absolutely love my new home and property. The views here are amazing and it is so relaxing and peaceful. Have a bit of a challenge going through items and deciding what will go either in a yard sale or by donation but a 2400 square foot house can't house a 3500 square foot house!!

The girls are enjoying the yard. When we were painting our bedroom I captured this shot of Hayley out on our front lawn Face Timing with her boyfriend.

Kathleen is loving the strawberries in the garden, can't wait to see what other surprises are in store for us in the garden. Even the flower beds are showing new things each week. Love it!

Kathleen also about gave me a heart attack when she hung her doll in my laundry chute! LOL. Never a dull moment in this house... wouldn't have it any other way.

Jerry found me this beautiful rose in the store that opened so lovely in my new window. I love how the windows surround the kitchen area. Right now I have a cardinal that we watched her and the male build a nest in the tree right outside my window. The past few days she's been sitting on her eggs she recently laid. Can't wait to see the baby birds!!!

Well this is a good place to stop for now... a brief update but so much more to come! Feels great to be blogging again!



Anonymous said...

Oh, Jill, I can appreciate where Hayley is coming from. My parents made a cross-country move when I was 15. I had just completed my sophomore year of high school. It is a very difficult time of life anyhow, so adding in a move, just compounds things. I pray Hayley adjusts well and that she makes wonderful new friends very quickly.

Your new place (land and house) is gorgeous! I wish y'all much happiness there.

By the way, I'm not really using my movie blog anymore, but I've started a new blog (Magnolia Cottage), which you can access through the Blogger profile attached to this comment.

Love and hugs,

Kris said...

So happy to see this post Jill. I feel so bad for Hayley. Such hard times for a girl her age. Happy Birthday to her too!
Kathleen looks happy. I hope she is adjusting well mi know this has been a very hard move. I sure do feel for you.
XO Kris
PS looks like a gorgeous place you got!!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Hi Jill. I have moved all my life for 40 years. We moved every three years. So, moving is not really a big deal to me. We are actually having to move again in soon. My kiddos are excited so that helps a lot. but, I know it can be super hard for those who are not conditioned to picking up and going. I pray that the girls and you make friends super fast!

The new house is lovely. We also have to downsize each time we move. We went from the same square footage as you to about the same size house that you are living in now. It appears this coming up move will be just even a tad bit smaller too. I am working on getting the moving weight down now. It is chore just in its self.

Looking forward to seeing you all back in the swing of things!
- Carmen

~ Noelle said...

SO happy that you guys seem to be adjusting... and I hate to say it... BUT I AM SO JEALOUS of all of that yard.... :)
Your house is beautiful and you guys will be making wonderful memories soon!

Julie said...

Your house is beautiful and huge (I live in about 1000 square feet) and your yard, it's great to have all that space. We have 3 acres we live on and 120 to roam around and hunt in.
Hayley is such an easy going girl I bet she makes 100's of new friends though her best friend and boyfriend will remain that way forever. Kathleen is a doll. She can find peace wherever she goes. That is awesome!!!
I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more tales. It was so nice to get a letter from you.
Take care Jill and have a blessed weekend!!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Dear Jill, so great to know you are moved and getting settled in your gorgeous new home. It is a beauty and the property is beautiful too.
Happy Birthday to Hayley. I know this is a transitional time for her and missing her boyfriend. She is such a pretty young girl and growing up so fast. Kathleen is growing up too and is so cute. She looks like she is enjoying her new home.
Congrats on your anniversary too. Wishing you many more wonderful years together as you make special new memories in your new home in Ohio. God Bless you all.
Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. It is so great to see you. Have a great weekend and see you again soon.
Hugs and have a great weekend!!

Camille said...

Lovely to catch up with you here, Jill. Your new home is beautiful and that! How fun to be finding treasures in the gardens...what a blessing! There's nothing like produce grown in your own back yard. I am sorry you had such trouble with the movers...that's a disappointment for sure. May the Lord bless you all in your new town and knit your hearts together as you settle into your new life in Ohio. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Hayley (both belated, I know...) Many Hugs, Camille

Karen Gilliam said...

Oh, I am so excited to see this post! Glad to see that you've unpacked Kathleen, and let her stay! ;)

What a completely lovely place you've landed in! Although the transition has been difficult, you now get to be a blessing to an entirely different state! I anticipate a LONG parade of new friends to your front door (I'll bet they've already begun to arrive) and before too long you'll look around and say, "Oh, look what we might have missed if we'd stayed put!"

Wishing you joy and contentment and perfect peace in your new home. May God protect your every step, and bless each one that crosses your threshold.