Monday, September 8, 2014

A visit to the Hower House, Chiari Malformation information and more!

What a beautiful day it is here in Ohio! :-) Perfect time to catch up on more of what we have been doing. Determined to keep my posts more regular since the girls have started back to school. Getting caught up so I can add more about cooking, crafts, places we visit and more. Welcome back!

On August 26th, I turned the big 40.... yikes a big day and it was hard because we moved out here with no family and close friends nearby. Jerry asked me what I wanted to do and I said to visit a Victorian Mansion. We found this home in Akron called The Hower House, located right on the campus of Akron university.

For a minimum fee we were able to take the tour which was quite enjoyable. Our guides were very knowledgeable in the history surrounding the home. So much to see and take in! Unfortunately we could not take photos inside, but when we toured the carriage house we were able to take a few.

A truly beautiful home and very well kept inside.

This is the carriage house and some items on display inside.

This carriage one was completely restored and although lovely.... I like seeing the originals and how they were found.

Like this particular carriage. Raises the curiosity of who rode in it and the journeys they made.

Hayley loved this antique trunk and wants to find someone to recreate it for her. Both girls were very interested in the history of that time period.

My how times have changed and the way we travel in luxury now!

This was the original weather vane that sat on top of the house.

Some amazing stories about this family. Leaving a legacy behind for future generations!

We visited their gift shop in the basement of the main house. All proceeds go back into the house, which we were happy to support. I had received some money for my birthday and Jerry and the girls encouraged me to get a few things I enjoyed. So I actually did this time and very pleased with what I found.

These lovely ladies are porcelain bells.

I found this statue for my garden. :-)

Kathleen found a few items for her fairy houses and was tickled pink!

Hayley saw this beautiful set for her vanity, so we got that for her. She already has it filled! LOL

To find out more about the Hower House and all it's rich history and see more photos visit I was not compensated in any way for sharing this information, just my own enjoyment and to encourage others to support these historical homes when given an opportunity. :-) I hope to see these homes get the support they need to be around for many more generations to enjoy!

We had a wonderful day riding through Amish Country. At a local yard sale we found an Amish crafted picnic table for $25.00 and brought it home. Hopefully we will get a patio area in soon. We bought pavers at a yard sale for $45.00 for over 140 pavers; a great deal! :-) A project we hope to complete before the weather gets bad.

Loved riding through different areas of Ohio..... we saw this sign in our journey....

We really had to be careful driving here! So many horse and buggies as well as bikes, scooters etc. We were the minority here and it was such a neat thing to see!

Riding her scooter down the rd.!

This was at the local Walmart, but also seen at grocery stores, etc. in the area.

We found a little ice cream place called The neat, just like stepping back in time with real milkshakes and delicious ice cream treats!

Jerry had a sample cone and we have no idea who the guy was behind him in the bombed! LOL

The girls loved it here. They are only open seasonally though so we have to wait till next year!

Jerry bought me beautiful flowers for my birthday, which really cheered me up as it was also the first day of school for the girls.

Hard to believe Hayley is starting 8th grade! Could not be more proud of her and all she has accomplished, in math she is taking high school credits!! Hoping this will be an amazing year in her new school.

Jerry stayed long enough to see both girls off to school and Kathleen was so happy he was able to!

Kathleen starts 3rd grade this year and so far she loves it! The teacher has already told me what a great asset she is to the classroom. Hard worker and always willing to help out and is kind to others. I'm one proud momma!

Long walk down the driveway this year.... lol. We take Cooper with us down and back every day.

We also celebrated Labor day with one of my best childhood friends and her family. Their daughter Caitlin was just diagnosed with Chiari Malformation after experiencing horrible headaches daily. Many doctors and tests later they had an answer. She is having very serious surgery on September 15th. Please keep her in your prayers. To learn more visit I remember when this sweet little girl was born Jerry and I drove all the way from North Carolina to Maryland to see her in the hospital. To say we are worried is putting it mildly, we love her so much and want to see everything go well for her.

Hayley and Caitlin have grown up together and it's so cool because Teresa and I have been friends since we were 3! Caitlin is older by 2 years, but Hayley towers over her! LOL

All four of them get together so well. Close in age and that really helps! :-)

To get their mind off things for awhile we took them to Cedar Point for a day of fun!

They were having a special a dollar to play certain games....well Jerry had the luck on the first try for Kathleen he won her the unicorn from Despicable Me 2! She was so happy and excited!

Then Caitlin's dad had tried 9 times to win her a gorilla she was really wanting and no luck, he had one try left and Jerry did it for him and won! Caitlin's reaction and smile are priceless! Emotional to say the least and she was so happy she didn't stop smiling!

And amazingly......he fits in the van! Good thing we took two separate vehicles! LOL

Caitlin's family has set up a page with more information about Caitlin's condition and to help with medical expenses. If you are able to contribute any amount at all even $5.00 please visit this link
Even if you can not help financially please pray....THANK YOU!

After they headed home we took the girls to a nearby fair and enjoyed the day!

We have been busy but loving every minute! A blessing to have visitors so soon after we moved here! Have a fabulous Monday and thanks for stopping by!!!



Sheila said...

Happy belated birthday! So glad to see a post. Your girls are growing up so fast! Praying for Caitlin. Take care!!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jill, Happy Belated Birthday. What a wonderful place to visit and celebrate your special day. Love the pretties you picked out for you too and so deserving.
The girls looks so pretty and growing up so fast. I know you miss them with school back in session.
So happy your hubby won the gorilla for Caitlin. She looks so happy with it. Many prayers for her and a good outcome with her surgery.

So fun to catch up with you and all your sweet family are doing.
Can't believe the season flew by so fast and we are approaching fall.

Thank you for stopping by and your sweet visit. I am always thrilled to see your comment arrive in my email.
Wishing you a great week!!
Hugs and Blessings

Camille said...

So sorry to learn of your friend's girl's health challenges. I will pray for them as soon as I click *submit* on this comment. What a blessing that you have had visitors and have had such wonderful times as a family in your new location. Hugs to you! Camille

Julie said...

Your little friend will be in my prayers. I wish her and her family the best and hope that everything goes awesomely and she heals quickly.
Love all the great things you do as a family. Love that you share too.
I'll get back to posting one of these days. With 1 full time job and 2 part times plus taking care of my parents and grandma it leaves little time for family and they need me too. One day at a time.
Blessings Jill.

~ Noelle said...

Will for sure keep your friends daughter in our prayers... Please keep us updated with the surgery...


Thanks for the AMISH photos... I love Amish country