Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Busy Busy!

Playing catch up on a few places we've visited and things we have done since moving here. :-) Might want to get settled in a cozy chair with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee and unwind as I recap some of my summer. :-)

One of the first places we explored was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. :-)

Lots of really great exhibits and although I took a ton of pictures, just going to feature a few highlights here.

This was our view over Lake Erie when we sat out on the deck for lunch. So relaxing and beautiful.

Not sure if Hayley's expression was the sun, confusion about Pink Floyd or the fact that I was constantly snapping pictures, lol.

My parents went with us on this trip and Jerry found it funny to see this shirt and directed it towards them. ;-)

After touring the museum we walked outside down by the water for a few minutes. Just enjoying the day.

Kathleen wanted to recreate the Titanic scene.....

It was a great day! We also took some time this summer to visit a park and enjoy some time outdoors.

We found shopping outlets in beautiful Aurora Ohio!

The girls and I along with my parents really enjoyed walking around and shopping here.

We are definitely in Amish country around these parts and we find it so interesting!

We also went and visited  Lehman's store, my dad has always wanted to go there.  So many great products, and it was so very crowded there on the weekend. Next time will try to go during the week.

They were having a special day when we were there so Kathleen was able to ride on a pony and see some animals.

We also took some time and stopped at the Smucker's store nearby to Lehmans.

The girls like to help me cook and bake and one day Hayley decided to make Skittles cupcakes!

Elvis guarded them carefully......

I love this little sign Kathleen made for Jerry, lol....

We also had smores... what is summer without them? ;-)

This was originally our only way to make them and then we decided to buy a fire ring!

We let the girls write in the concrete and put their hand prints in with the date.

We also have a place nearby to pick fresh blueberries!!!! So yummy fresh off the bush!

Hayley so stylish picking blueberries :-)

We celebrated Jerry's birthday in our new house! Love Kathleen's expression here... the candles got carried away! LOL

We also finally got to Cedar Point! We purchased season passes so we could go as often as we like all season, we've also taken friends with us when they have come to visit.

Kathleen loves her claw machines.... she will watch YouTube videos of how people win for hours!

Hayley is our thrill seeker.... loves the roller coasters! Her and Jerry rode the Mantis together, a roller coaster that you are standing up during the whole ride!

Kathleen and I watched! LOL

They have a lot of great shows there too. This was a country one we went to see.

Beautiful shot of the lake as we were leaving.

Kathleen is still making amazing creations with her Rainbow Looms!

Still has Elvis and Owen by her side....

She was totally excited to find out our local grocery store had miniature carts! Always eager and ready to help out. Oh and did I mention in Ohio you can get alcohol just about everywhere?.....including grocery stores!

We also visited the Air museum.... lots of interesting history there. Hayley's boyfriend and family were with us and had suggested the visit. A friend of theirs is a tour guide there.

                       Everyone was pretty tired on the way home and I turned around to snap this photo of Hayley and Ian......

We also started tackling the garden.... my dad is quite knowledgeable about plants, trees, etc. so he was out there with the girls showing them things and trying to weed through the overgrowth. Our home was empty 6 months before we bought it. Next year we hope to have a successful garden!

We have our work cut out for us! LOL

Hayley has an amazing sense of humor and personality....she is always making us laugh!

She was happy her friend Breanne could come out and spend a week with us this summer.

Our great neighbors from our old place brought Breanne with them when they came to visit so we all took a trip to Cedar Point! They are already planning a trip out for next summer! :-)

Miss them and everyone back home very much!


Have a fabulous week! Going to catch up on my blog reading today and try to destress a bit!  Hope to blog more tomorrow....because this regular posting thing has been tricky lately.... ;-)  Bear with me!
Thanks for reading all the way through this long post!



~ Noelle said...

LOTS of great pictures!
Thanks for sharing, felt like a mini vacation on my end :)
Glad that friends from back home are coming to visit and making the move more enjoyable for all of you!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jill, what a wonderful summer enjoying all there is to do in Ohio. Your pics are great and I love seeing the girls so happy and having so much fun in there new home.
SO nice that friends came to visit and spend time with you this summer.

Yes, I must say, you are in for snow. We lived in Milford, a sub of Cincinnati and got plenty of the white stuff even though we were that far south. You will do fine and the girls will love it.

Glad to see you all are getting nicely settled and all are so happy. Enjoyed seeing your mom in the pic too. Give her my best!!

Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment. Happy September and Blessings to you always my friend!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow! You managed to get quite a bit of fun in despite a new place with land. I'm impressed! Looks like another amazing summer for you guys :)

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Jill, it looks like you have had some fabulous adventures! Can not believe how big those girls are getting -- time here in blog land ticks away just as fast as "real" time! (PS. Your comment got ate up by the black blog hole! But, thanks for visiting though.)

Nicolle said...

Hi Jill! I've missed you. Loved catching up here and seeing all of your wonderful photos. Your family has the most fun together, and I love seeing it all. Love the skittles cupcakes, and your firepit! I laughed at the "too loud" tshirt because that is me, so I know I'm really old. lol. Thank you for asking about Boyd the other day. He's still trying to warm up to 1st grade, but each day gets better. Hope you and your sweet family are all doing well!

Lindsay R. said...

Hi Jill! I just reactivated Life as 5 today and I was going around checking on all my old bloggy friends and here you are in Ohio! I hope it's been treating you well, if you ever need some ideas for places to visit just give me a holler! <3 Lindsay

Camille said...

What a LOT you were able to pack into your summer, Jill! SO much to see and do near your new! Your garden looks HUGE...what a great place to grow things. Happy belated birthday to your hubby. What a great looking cake...all those candles! Kathleen's expression was too cute. :) Hugs to you, Camille

Julie said...

I am always in love with all your pictures. You are such an awesome family. Thank you for sharing. It was good to see what you've been up to and that all is well.
Take care Jill. Blessings!!!