Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Power of the Pen

Thought I'd share some pictures of our fur babies curling up with us and staying warm through this cold, snowy winter time!!

Love this one of them with the girls! Little Skippy pictured above was too comfy on his own couch to join them, lol. But it's rare to get everyone looking at the camera at once.

Kathleen wanted waves in her hair one day for school, so we put in a few braids for her to sleep in overnight. She's still making amazing things on her Rainbow Loom!

Overlook her hair...lol but her intricate weaves and the creations she comes up with are really something! She is trying to learn actual crocheting, since I don't know how we have been trying some videos on YouTube. She's a quick learner ;-)

When I went to bed the other night she left me this note on my bed. I love these moments as a mom... totally melts my heart.

Hayley is still dealing with a bad concussion from the accident and has restrictions. However she has worked hard all year to participate in Power of the Pen, a writing competition through her school. After talking with her Dr. and making modifications she participated this past Saturday. These two goofballs were acting up while we were waiting for the start of the program, lol.

I love this man.... I do.... I truly know there's no one else like him... lol. Hayley was sure to not be sitting with us when he did this. ;-)

In this picture she took her sunglasses off long enough so I could get a picture of her. She has to wear hats etc. because of the glare along with ear plugs.

Since Jerry, Kathleen and I stayed the whole day in case Hayley had any problem or had to leave...they gave Kathleen a sweatshirt for hanging out for the day. Little big, but she was super happy. :-)

That's Hayley in the hat and sunglasses with the 8th grade team, which they came in 2nd overall! Hayley tied for 12th place with her writings out of 68 eighth graders. We are so very proud of her considering all she has been through and doing this with a concussion.

This is one of my favorite photos of the girls from the day.... walking down the hall of the middle school and holding hands. Kathleen looks up to her big sister so much. I'm glad she was able to participate as being on so many restrictions it has been hard for her. This definitely helped to boost her spirits.

Still working towards healthier things this year and this is a pineapple roll up made in the dehydrator. I felt baking it was better though....

Beautiful sunset I took from Hayley's room ....

Skippy....loves to stick his tongue out at everyone... just had to add this photo too! LOL

Another rare sight is seeing Jerry drink hot tea! We went out to Cracker Barrel the other night and he ordered hot tea instead of his usual coffee! Had to capture Kathleen's expression about this one! LOL
He is the biggest coffee drinker ever, so we were all surprised!

Owen was enjoying camping out in Hayley's room with Kathleen on the futon. Believe it or not Kathleen is under all the blankets you see!

Kathleen also got to attend a skating party for a friend of hers at school. She's still learning and held on to a lot of things, but we are proud of her for trying! She wants to go back soon to try again :-)

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it"  Lou Holtz

Have a great week!



Sonya Ann said...

You have a wonderful and blessed life! You have pretty babies and fur babies!

Billie Jo said...

Congrats to your daughter, my friend!
And I loved visiting with you here.
I love braiding Flynn's hair too and seeing the waves the next day. : )
Have a cozy evening!

McVal said...

That's too bad about the concussion! I don't know if you saw it on FB, but my dad fell from a train and had a concussion, 3 bones broke in one leg and a crack in his back. He was pretty loopy for almost a week, but he's coming back strong now.
Oh and I was going to suggest something I saw on Pinterest for Kathleen! Braid the hair, but then run a hair straightening iron on it and the waves will be quicker!

Julie said...

It is so awesome to read about your life and see the girls. Thank you for sharing.
I hope Hayley heals quickly with no problems. Yeah for her writing.
Kathleen is such a doll.
Take care Jill. Blessings!

~ Noelle said...

What a great post... I just wish she was feeling better! Hope all is well soon! :)