Thursday, February 19, 2015

February Happenings

Is it Spring yet???? :-) I'm counting the days... this was the temperature one day last week, today we are in record breaking temperatures and they have sensibly closed schools today thank goodness! The girls and I are going to enjoy spending time together :-)

Just a little picture of both our vehicles stuck in our driveway..... Our neighbor has been a blessing as he has come over a few times with the snow blower on his tractor to help us, but living on the hill and the crazy high winds it keeps blowing closed. I got stuck backing up from getting Kathleen off the bus and then Jerry slid and got stuck coming home... took awhile to get them out.

Had another bad snow storm for Valentine's weekend and Jerry faithfully went out to feed the birds as he wanted his "girls" to stay warm inside. :-) He's so good to us.

On another random snow day.... we ventured out to build a 7 foot tall snowman that weighs close to 1,000 pounds! Yes Jerry calculated it all out, lol. He is still standing in our yard today and I think he will be there for awhile!

Kathleen kept removing her hat complaining she was getting too hot! I love the randomness of the photos and truly being in the moment... 

Hayley closed her eyes a lot when taking her glasses off as the brightness still bothers her with her concussion.

My girls and I about frozen.... It was please hurry and take the picture :-)

Jerry still crazy and deciding to wear shorts.....

Do you want to build a snowman?...... Sorry couldn't resist, now I have that song back in my head, lol.

This is taken with a zoom lens so a bit blurry, but this is some of the wild turkeys we have in our back field.

Love seeing the geese flying over....

My mom was visiting for a couple weeks and her and Kathleen worked together on an idea for her Valentine box. It turned out really well and Kathleen got to practice her sewing skills :-)

Kathleen also made the candies herself out of play dough and let it dry.

Waiting for the bus...she always thinks to give something to her bus driver :-)

I went in to help with the party and all the kids and parents loved her box :-)

Valentine's day was very low key due to the snowstorm. We had gone out Friday evening before it started to have dinner. Saturday we made breakfast for the girls and had little Valentine's for them. Then we hung out and watch old home videos, crafted and more. Just keeping warm and being together.

My dad was surrounded by love with a few of our dogs. Bella snuggled right up behind him and he loves dogs enough to let her push him out of his seat. :-)

Elvis was extremely happy when we bought him a new catnip mouse to play with.

Cooper is my side kick...follows me everywhere.... love this old guy...

Apparently Elvis was quite hungry for BB-Q chips last night and wanted Jerry to share!

Even licking his lips :-)

Then he curled up with me on the blanket to sleep.

And still enjoying beautiful sun rises....

This Saturday we are heading out for the regional competition for Power of the Pen for Hayley. So proud of her for placing! Can't wait to see how she does, this is her first time in this club and these competitions. She is an amazing writer and I love to see what she comes up with next.

So totally random post on a freezing cold day to catch up! Hope you are keeping warm where you are and keep the faith warm weather is on it's way....soon! Have a great day!



Billie Jo said...

Hi Jill!
So happy to see you here!
I enjoyed sharing your winter days with you.
We have similar weather, and are spending ours days in much the same way.
I love your daughter's Valentine box!!!
Have a cozy day, my friend!!!!

Tara said...

YOUR HAIR CUT! LOVE IT! You look so beautiful. Makes me want to call up and make myself an appointment!

McVal said...

Good job to Hayley for the writing!!!
And I totally believe the weight guess on that snowman... May it heat up and he loses a lot of weight soon!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jill, what fun at your house. I loved visiting and catching up on all the activities. Look at all that snow. My goodness you got it this year and I can remember when we lived in Ohio having the same the last year there when trying to sell the house. No one could even get to the door!! LOL

Love the snowman and I believe the weight of that big boy!! Congrats to Hayley on her writing. And, how gorgeous Kathleen looked in her performance. Your girls are so talented and the pic of you three is very special.

We are predicted to hit close to 80 over the weekend. I will try and send some your way to help melt all the snow.
Stay safe and warm my friend and enjoy the weekend.
Hugs and Blessings, CM
p.s. hellos to you dear mom!

aimee said...

WOW--that snowman is incredible! Really, really amazing! Loved your daughter's Valentine mailbox--so creative and original! I did buy a little Valentine mailbox for our granddaughter and she LOVED it. She got very excited when she realized that the flag being up meant that there was mail (or other surprises) that had arrived for her:) Thanks SO much for the idea!
You live in a beautiful area--kind of reminds me of places in the valley.
Wishing you a early spring (even though I do love seeing your snow pictures).

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That Valentine's box is amazing! Great job, Kathleen!!! We are getting gorgeous weather here in Eastern Oregon. I wish we had more snow though. The mountains are looking pretty bare which does not bode well for summer time droughts. Wish you'd send some our way, LOL