Monday, March 16, 2015

How to hang an egg chair

Hayley has been wanting an egg chair to hang in her room since we lived in PA. We lucked out one day and found one at a yard sale for $10.00! A great deal! We never hung it up at our old house as we knew there was a possibility we would be moving. So we brought it all the way to our new home. Hayley wanted it black, so we spray painted it and prepped it for hanging it in her room. She was so excited to get it done! I had asked around to others how they hung theirs up and Jerry had the similar idea to do it the same way. So we took some time on a weekend to get it done!

She had it decorated before we even got the chance to hang it. LOL. Here are some of the items we used to hang it up. We were going to spray paint the chain also but Hayley was too excited to wait for it to dry so we went with the yellow. We can always go back and change it later on.

Of course Jerry's tool bag was needed and a screw gun which he uses for so many projects around the house.

Thought I'd share a picture of Hayley's wall where she cut out favorite photos so they would spell out, Live, Laugh, Love!

This is how the attachments will go together hanging from the ceiling. We purchased the pieces at Tractor Supply. The spring and accessories can hold up to 300 pounds.

Heavy duty washers are needed for keeping everything securely in place and not damaging the wood and ceiling.

Jerry had to climb up in the attic space in order to securely fasten the chair and his head light came in handy. ;-)

After the hole was drilled through the ceiling, Hayley held up the hook so Jerry could see how far it came up and where it was located.

He build a secure base to put on the beams in the attic so it would be reinforced. Here he is showing the length needed to go through the pieces of wood.

Be sure the washers are on each side.

Another angle of the wood base and how he drilled the pieces together.

The nails need to be the proper length to help hold the wood together.

When inserting hook in the ceiling, it's important to remember to put a washer on this end as well.

Then you add the accessories to help hold everything together, making sure they have the proper weight limits.

Attach the chain and cut off the excess, hook on the chair hook and it's all ready to go!

Kathleen gave it a good spin too, to test it out, lol. Be sure to purchase a hook that can rotate.

Hayley is happy to have it hanging up. Another place to hang out and read, etc.



Kris said...

Oh how fun!!! Loved seeing this process, as well as the happy girls!!! Hayley's is very creative, and I love what she did with the photos!!!
Now...about the previous post. What a neat thing to do, including Kathleen in the laying of the floor for their new Girl Cave! She looks so proud of herself. And I am sure she learned a good deal in the process too. You guys are such a neat family!!!
Love Kris

Sonya Ann said...

That was an awesome and cheap upgrade. I'm starting to wonder if we need one. Well, with no kids in the house maybe not. That was a sad sentence to type. sigh.

aimee said...

Very cool chair! One of those would be fun to have on a covered porch too.
Happy St. Patrick's Day:)
Blessings, Aimee

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

It looks comfy. I would love to find one of those for my little girls room! Super great place to read!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jill, what a fun chair and so well put in place by your talented hubby. The girls are going to love it and it looks so comfy too.
Love the picture word wall too.

Hope you are ready for springtime soon.
Wishing you a great rest of the week.
Hugs and Blessings, CM

McVal said...

VERY neat chair!!! If I'd installed it, it would last about 10 minutes...

~ Noelle said...

oh how cool...
Better you guys than me though... with this house of boys, the chair and the ceiling would be broken in about 15 minutes.
*trust me on that!