Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Learning to lay a floor

One little feature we liked in this house was the area in the basement that was built for storage, but we decided to turn into a little room for the girls until we got the rest of the basement done. Jerry and I feel it's so important to teach our kids life skills as well as regular education. Both are always eager to learn. Kathleen was super excited helping her daddy lay the floor in this area.

An important skills was practiced quite a bit as Kathleen called measurements out for Jerry so he knew how to cut the pieces of flooring.

She learned about laying the roll down for padding and then how to place each board in the grooves and hammer it into place. Since moving here, Jerry couldn't find his regular block or mallet for this, so he showed Kathleen how to improvise using a hammer and wooden block. Being careful so not to split the floor boards.

In the picture below you can see how the area is cut out. We have since made steps for the girls to go in and out. We also previously put up drywall on the ceiling and a light for them.

Almost done!

Of course I had to tell them to smile through the process :-)

Kathleen was so excited to get it done and be a part of it!

She is able to stand up straight in there. The rest of us... not so much, lol. But can still get in and out to hang out with them.

All done :-)

She even put a table in right away and is getting ready to set up her Rainbow Loom and other crafting accessories. The minion is her latest Rainbow Loom project, she looks at a picture then replicates it.

My mom and dad bought them the Girl Cave sign to hang at the entrance and they are currently reorganizing and moving things in. Jerry is making them a couple more shelving units to store some things. Slowly but surely we are getting our house put together. Not bad for 7 months :-)

                                                                      Have a great day!!!!



Billie Jo said...

That is amazing!!
And how awesome is it that your little one is learning too!
Love it...
Have a great day. : )

McVal said...

What a great girl cave!!!! I am SO jealous!!!

Nonnie said...

What fun! Those beautiful smiles throughout working with Dad. I remember our neighbor making comments about hearing my husband working outside with our son and how she wished her husband would do the same. Our son can do just about anything he puts his hand or mind to. (And our daughter can as well.)

It's a wonderful thing to teach your girls those real life skills and now they get to enjoy that wonderful girl cave. Sweet!

aimee said...

Great job! We believe children should be taught life skills too:)
Blessings, Aimee

Camille said...

What a fun hide-out for your girls! I would have loved that as a girl. It's wonderful that Kathleen got to help lay the floor. :) Hugs, Camille

~ Noelle said...

Oh how fun to have a place like that of their own!!!!
I know they will love it

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

What a great little spot!