Thursday, April 30, 2015

Amazing marmalade muffins and a garden craft :-)

So while browsing the library the other day, I came across the first cookbook that Ree Drummond ever released called The Pioneer Woman cooks: recipes from an Accidental Country Girl. I'm sure most of you are very familiar with her recipes and I want to be sure to give her full credit because these marmalade muffins are seriously incredible! So thank you Ree for sharing them with the world!

Jerry and Hayley are working together on the chicken coop for outside (father/daughter bonding, lol). So Kathleen and I are making sure they are well fed. I'll be sharing a few recipes over the next few days. Kathleen also made a chocolate peanut cake from scratch so be looking for that recipe coming soon! ;-)

She had been in the yard before we started making the muffins so I had to capture a picture of her in her cowgirl hat! So adorable and so excited to get cooking with me.

Marmalade Muffins (Pioneer Woman)

2 oranges
1/2 pound (2 sticks butter)
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs
2 cups flour
1 cup buttermilk
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar

Preheat over to 375 degrees

First zest the oranges
Then cream together butter and sugar in a standing mixer
Crack eggs and add to mixture
Sift flour into a bowl, then slowly add to egg mixture and stir gently until just mixed. ( Do not over mix muffins will get tough)
Combine buttermilk and baking soda
Stir and add to mixture until just combined.
Add orange zest and gently mix
Grease a mini muffin tin that makes 24 muffins and use a cookie scoop to fill them about 1/2 way.
I had extra batter so I made a couple large muffins in another tin as well :-)

Bake for 12-17 minutes until LIGHT brown

While muffins are baking, prepare the glaze.
Cut oranges in half and squeeze out the juice (see picture a couple down of Kathleen doing this)
I then strained the juice to catch the extra pulp and seeds first.
Then put in a bowl and add the brown sugar and mix together.
When muffins are done, use a spoon and drizzle glaze over top, be sure to coat the muffins well :-)
Serve warm and enjoy!!!

                                                             Sifting the flour.....

                                                  Mixing buttermilk and baking soda together

Scooping batter into the muffin tins! Overlook my messy kitchen....there was a lot of baking and cooking happening this past weekend ;-)

Cooper our dog, and Elvis the cat were watching our every move very intently.... lol.

Juicing the oranges! I found this glass juicer at a yard sale for a quarter and we use it all the time!

All finished and ready to take them out to Hayley and Jerry to try. Of course Kathleen and I tried them first to make sure they tasted o.k..... and sure enough they did! ;-) We also took some to our enjoy  :-)

They definitely gave their full approval! Needless to say the muffins did not last long!

And our little one is sporting a milk mustache.... a great way to wash them down... lol

Gathering materials to get back to work! It was pretty chilly out this weekend so they were dressing in layers of jackets and sweatshirts... Hayley looks like she is set for a trip to the north pole!

My next project was to decorate our old mailbox with stencils to put out in our garden to hold our gloves and gardening tools. I saw the idea to store items this way on Pinterest, but the decorating I wanted to add to spruce it up a little bit. We painted the mailbox all white again to freshen it up and cover the address numbers. I bought acrylic paints made for the outdoors, stencil brushes and stencils from Michaels. Since our basement playroom/craft area isn't completed yet, a lot of projects get done on my good dining room table. I bought a padded cover to keep down under tablecloths and I use it when we craft. As an extra precaution I place a large trash bag underneath to catch the paint, etc.

Jerry dug the hole in the garden for me and placed the post where I wanted it.

Then he made a base piece to set the mailbox on top.

Next he screwed the mailbox down on the base from the inside.

This is the side that faces our back field.

Here's the side you see from the house and walking towards the garden. We also placed a holder underneath to hold our garden hose. We haven't gotten it out for the year just yet because we are still waking up to frost some days.

Open it up and store all your gardening needs and it saves from walking back and forth and carrying things out you need each time. :-) Now lets just hope a spider or other big doesn't take up residence in there or I may let out a little scream when putting on my clothes.... ummm o.k. moving

"A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them"  Liberty Hyde Bailey

We have enjoyed a few more spring flowers popping up around the yard. I've been trying to get pictures of them as I like to do scrap booking and since this home is still new to us I want to remember first seasons, etc. here. :-) It's so neat to look back at all the changes throughout the years.

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul"  Luther Burbank

Cooper enjoys long walks in our yard with all of us. Capturing as many moments with him and the girls as I can as he is getting up there in age, he's now 15 and will be 16 in July. We all adore him... a great dog we rescued. Our other 4 enjoy walks as well but they also enjoy running freely in our area that is fenced in. I will do another post with them ;-)

                                                             Have a great day!!!


~ Noelle said...

Love the mailbox idea... maybe we need to do something like that... IF WE EVER get our garden going.
Our yard needs lots of love...

Leanne Barnett said...

Those muffins look delicious!
And the letterbox idea is so clever- well done!

Wendi said...

The mailbox turned out great! Doesn't it feel great to get outside?! It is still chilly here but that is not stopping me from heading out for a little bit each day.

Tara said...

You ALWAYS have something good going on in your kitchen!!!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jill
So much fun at your house. Love the garden tools in the mail box. It's a great idea with the hose stored on the pole too
I'm sure it's great fun baking with Kathleen
Looking forward to seeing the chicken coop.
Tell your mom hello and sending recovery wishes her way.
Blessings to your sweet family. Thank you for always stopping by to visit.
Happy May Day!

Vee said...

That mailbox for garden tools idea is fantastic! And you are the only person I have seen who has the daffodil that blooms in my garden. Do you know what it is? I've just always called mine "frilly." I have just become your 261st follower. =D

Anonymous said...

Those muffins look delicious and what a happy helper you have! I love your gardening tools mailbox. Such a smart idea!

Carrie B. said...

LOVE Pioneer Woman & that recipe sounds scrumptious!!

Great idea to use the old mailbox that way & it turned out so cute!! Thx for sharing the fun. Your daughter is so pretty. ;)

God bless. XO

aimee said...

Love the garden mailbox idea and I just so happen to have a decorated mailbox I bought years ago! Also love the photo of Hayley with her dad giving a thumbs up on the marmalade muffins and your last one of Kathleen with her dog--cute!
Blessings, Aime