Monday, April 6, 2015

Chicks and a special visit

We got chicks! :-) Jerry and I have been talking about getting chickens solely for pets and enjoying fresh eggs.  Finally getting a nice piece of property we decided to get 13 baby chicks to get us started. They will be moving outside end of May, but for now they are set up in our living room. I never thought in a million years I would agree to chicks in my living room, but.... things change because they are! LOL Hayley had been against the idea until she held one, now she is supportive and Kathleen has been excited about them from the start. We got Pullets and red mix. Less chance of getting a rooster or so the True Value store employee tells us, lol.

It is a wonderful process to observe them and watch how they are growing and changing so quickly!
Elvis likes to keep a close eye on them, but don't worry he is just curious... And we have wire over the top. ;-)

In just a couple weeks they have grown considerably! This was when we first got them.

Elvis curious again....

And how much they have grown! We hold and talk with them every day.

Love this picture and how it shows Jerry and Kathleen's hands together. Learning each and every day!

They are so observant and interesting to watch!

Jerry had chickens growing up and also worked on a farm for awhile, so he has been teaching us as we go along. They are easy to get attached to! We are designing their coop to be sure it is as safe as we can possibly make it.

O.k., now that I have given you chick overload pictures... lol...we also had a special visit from Hayley's boyfriend Ian and his mom from PA.  Ian and Hayley have been together a little over a year and have so far made it through this move. When they are together it is like no time has passed. He sleeps on the couch and his mom is in the guest room next to the living room and Hayley of course is upstairs in her room. I never in a million years thought that I would let my daughter date at 12 and now she will be 14 in May and they are still together with a strong friendship. Curious to see how it will all play out. We just love him and his family, very good, genuine people. :-) I know having Ian visit has certainly lifted Hayley's spirits!

Jerry bought me some flowers for the table for Easter and their visit. We are currently growing seeds for our own flower garden and they are taking off nicely.

Also made up little favor baskets for Ian and his family for Easter. :-)

The first night I made a yummy cheeseburger soup and a dessert we enjoy that I haven't made in awhile. Very easy to make, just need cool whip, layer on bottom, crumble molasses cookies and add to cool whip, then add peaches and continue until glass is full.

Another special thing about Ian is he likes to cook! Hayley told me he was planning a few things to make so I didn't make a concrete meal plan the rest of the time they were here and just took it day by day. It was a nice treat having someone else plan a few meals. :-)

Since I don't eat red meat, Hayley made turkey meat balls to go with Ian's dish he was making. They were adorable in the kitchen... like an old married couple, lol.

These were amazing mozzarella sandwiches he prepared and cooked!

Great job Ian! Thanks so much for planning the meals and treats!

Hayley also invited her friend Natalie over to meet Ian and they had a great time all together.

Since we had just missed Ian's birthday we picked up an ice cream cake so we could sing to him.

Happy birthday Ian and many many more!!!

Although the weather wasn't the greatest during their visit, we did take them up to the cabin that sells local maple syrup. We were able to do some taste testing and of course couldn't leave empty handed!

Yes, maple flavored cotton candy! A first for us ;-)

It was too cold the day we visited to see a demonstration. Hopefully next time...

These are the molds they use for making the candies.

This same tree is home to honeybees! You can see the containers collecting the maple sap on the sides.

We also found out our local donut shop sells bacon maple flavored donuts.....

After a great few days it was time to say goodbye.... always hard to watch our family and friends leave our driveway.

Ian did bring Hayley a beautiful orchid to care for as a present and she can enjoy it's beauty for a long time. It's a gorgeous color, I always enjoyed visiting Longwood gardens back at "home" in PA. to see their orchids on display.

Until next time....



Nonnie said...

I think all the chicks in these pics are pretty cute. (Even the chickens!) I'm not so sure I would be ready for chickens in the house, but it looks as though you have it figured out. Do you by chance remember the Lucy show where she and Ethel were chasing chicks around the house?

I think I would keep an eye on Elvis.

NanaDiana said...

Those chicks are so cute! I remember getting them every spring when we were kids! Darling!

Looks like you have been busy with food, family and fun. Blessings - xo Diana

Billie Jo said...

So happy you all had a great visit!
It is always nice to have the kids together at home with family and you certaintly made it fun. : )
Have a great week, my friend!
Oh, and in answer to your question on my post...
We homeschool. And we love it!
The three older children all actually Cyberschool.
And I homeschool Flynn. : )

aimee said...

The chicks, of course, are amazing! It seems like many are getting some these days but my DH still is saying no (I used to take care of some full grown chickens at a local B + B). I LOVE that second picture of the curious Elvis!
OK--I just have to know....was the maple flavored cotton candy yummy?I already know, from personal experience, that bacon topped maple donuts and maple candies are!
PS: Your daughter and Ian make a very cute couple:)

Sonya Ann said...

Cuteness overload times 13. I love the chicks.
Ian looks like a nice young man.

~ Noelle said...

So glad that everyone had such a great visit.. and so happy their relationship is still going strong!
Looks like you all are enjoying those chics!