Thursday, April 16, 2015

Totally Random

I have to laugh to think that the first picture I'm posting is of an Oreo cookie! But when your 9 year old asks you to take a picture of the inside and share it on my blog... well I couldn't say no ;-) So here you go... a lovely picture of the inside imprint of an Oreo! Such an exciting way to start a random post :-)

Kathleen has been putting in some very late hours after school rehearsing for the King and I. Just had to take this snapshot of Hayley walking her in. A great big sister who doesn't even realize how much her little sister looks up to her.

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there"    Amy Li

I've mentioned before that our family loves the library and the programs they offer. The new library we found is a bit of a drive, but offers many great opportunities and fun things to do. This past Friday Kathleen went to an American Girl PJ party including yoga! It lasted about an hour and a half and the staff did a great job!

They all made blankets for their dolls, did yoga, had snack and socialized! She had a great time :-)

Hayley is trying to teach me how to take a decent selfie.... well let's just say this is about the only one I'll post, lol!

In other news.... Jerry had to get bifocals! He's always had perfect vision, but lately is having a terrible time seeing close... sure it has nothing to do with age.... ;-)

Elvis got to meet the chicks, and all went well. He's been quite curious about them.

Not every day you see a sign like this when you are out driving.... lots of Amish nearby!

We had some cool storm clouds roll in the other night.

Getting a lot of rain mixed with sun. Weather changes frequently here. Weird to get used to!

Kathleen lost another tooth and got her tooth fairy pillow ready with a note ;-)

When I was at the library yesterday I replenished my reading materials. One of the books I found was about Sylvia Plath's life written in her journals. Interesting read so far. I know technology is trying to take over, but I just love to hold a book in my hands and to read. To wonder of the people before who read it and all the history the books hold. Easier on the eyes to read too, not so much strain.

And last, but not least..... who's going to the Bloggy Conference this September at Cedar Point Amusement park? Hayley and I both are registered to go and we can't wait! We're all going as a family and taking time to enjoy the park as well. If you're interested in the details, click the link through the picture on the upper right side of my blog.  :-)



Billie Jo said...

You cant go wrong starting a post out with an Oreo!
Enjoyed sharing your everyday happenings, my friend.
And your selfie? Gorgeous!!!!

Wendi said...

Welcome to the Midwest with the changing weather. As we say in Indiana if you don't like the weather blink and it will change!

Thanks for sharing a peek into your life.

aimee said...

You are a very pretty lady and that's a great selfie--love your haircut! Ah, the King and I--awesome play/movie! It should be a lot of fun for Kathleen:)
Blessings, Aimee

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Love the oreo photo! :)
An American Girl Pajama Party Party would have been my dream come true when I was younger!!
Have a great day!

Sonya Ann said...

Tell Jerry, the best people in the world wear glasses. ;p
I had to get bi-focals too. Sigh, getting older isn't all that it is cracked up to be.