Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sleeping Beauty Ballet at the Akron Civic Center

The costumes, the lights, the music, the excitement! Oh how I remember... loving the ballet ever since I was little and wanting to be a professional ballerina after taking dance for years! I still remember going to see my first professional ballet with my parents. I loved every minute and have fond memories. I really wanted my girls to get this experience as well and be sure they have culture as they grow up and learn to appreciate a variety of different experiences. I love sharing these moments together as a family and we enjoyed getting dressed up and having a nice day out. 

Jerry and his girls... there's nothing he won't do to put a smile on their faces and doesn't think twice about going to the ballet with us!

Hayley is taking a "selfie" of the four of us, lol. Surprised after numerous takes and bloopers we found one I could post! ;-)

My beautiful everything!

We traveled to Akron to see the ballet at the civic center downtown. It was lovely to just walk around and appreciate the architecture and the bustle of the busy streets, not something they are accustomed to on  a regular basis.

This was a little park area behind the civic center.

There were also lovely paintings on the backside of old buildings.

So much history in this building.

Could not have asked for a more beautiful day!

My little Kathleen's dream of performing on a big stage one day!

Was trying to get some decent pictures inside, but I only had my Iphone and lighting was not ideal.

Sadly my pictures don't do it justice for the detail and vibrant colors. Some restoration is needed, but overall in pretty decent shape for as old as it is!

Absolutely stunning inside!

They were also having a raffle and Kathleen was trying to decide which basket to put her tickets in :-)

This gorgeous mirror was in the restroom area and I just had to get this picture of her. :-)

They had several different areas set up ahead of time for the children to experience activities from that time period. They had a little card that got punched each time they visited one of the places.

Here they curtsied to the knight and each got their own crown to keep. Hayley's didn't fit her head so no pictures there, lol. This was the only area that Hayley would participate in...was mostly geared towards the younger children.

Kathleen of course had to pick purple :-) One of her favorite colors!

Just loved seeing the beauty and detail in this place. Just don't build amazing buildings like this anymore.

This was inside the theatre part. Such a grand stage!

Couldn't get the greatest picture of the organist either due to lighting, but she did a wonderful job. Also played a lot of fun songs like the chicken dance and YMCA to get people dancing and singing before the ballet started.

Gorgeous details on the sides of the seats.

My loves! :-)

Kathleen found this ballerina frog at the gift table and just "had" to have her. :-)

She was so excited to get to meet the lead dancers, Aurora and the prince!

She also was able to meet Maleficent! If you notice the pink paper in her hand, Kathleen was able to write her a note and attach candy to it, it cost a $1.00 to do so but made both their days :-)

Here she was able to practice archery with her special bow, it shot out marshmallows!

Jousting?! Why of course!

Another antique piece to enjoy.

While I never let my girls drink from water fountains, we took pictures of the beauty that surrounds it.

You can see in this picture Hayley was holding up her rose. Kathleen also had one and there was a part in the ballet where the prince was going through the enchanted forest and all the audience was holding up the roses, they lit up as well. It was neat to see. Then we did it again at the end of the performance. We had to pay $3.00 for them, but the memory was worth it!

We truly had a wonderful time and the ballet performers were amazing!

Some more sights from walking around town, just outside the civic center.

So neat seeing how the building was constructed up the hill...

Our little princess was getting blisters on her feet so daddy carried her by piggy back.

Even down and back up all the stairs... :-)

More paintings down at the park.

If only walls could talk.. I wonder at the stories they would tell. I remember there use to be a show on TV I loved, called If Walls Could Talk... wish it was still on, has anyone ever seen it? When people remodeled old homes they would find items hidden in the walls and research the history of the families. So intriguing!

Awesome trolley we saw driving along...made me think of Mr. Roger's neighborhood :-)

Beautiful church...

Beautiful buildings everywhere!

Afterwards we headed to cracker barrel for a nice dinner. One of our favorite places to eat.

And after finally getting home later in the evening, Kathleen curled up in her PJ's with Elvis to unwind a few minutes before bed. No animals spoiled here... lol

"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older"  Tom Stoppard

Thanks for visiting and sticking through to the end of this long post! I don't want to miss a thing about this day. Perfect in every way!



Sara said...

What a beautiful venue! Looks like a fun family day. I really enjoyed the pictures.


Beatrice Euphemie said...

What an 'enchanting evening'! Such a wonderful experience for your girls and your aspiring actress (love her beautiful dress)- and aren't they just precious, all dressed up for the occasion. Such a sweet little family....Love all the gorgeous architecture and the beautiful theater. It is so wonderful that it is still being used and appreciated. Thank you for sharing all the fun and beauty. xo Karen

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Sleeping Beauty is my favorite ballet!!!
Do your girls take ballet? Both of my sisters and I did up until our senior year of high school.
Your husband reminds me of my dad. He never ever complained that he had all girly girls who danced and were terrible at sports - ha!
What a beautiful production and theater - that scenery is gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing.

~ Noelle said...

What a great family day... and a beautiful place to go see ballet!!! I know you guys loved the whole day!!!
(You all look great too!)

Billie Jo said...

Jill, this was so wonderful!
I am so happy for your girls...and you!
Lovely, lovely photos, my friend.
And no water fountains here either! Ugh! : )

Kris said...

What a fabulous experience for all!!! Such beautiful architecture! If walls could talk indeed!!!!
You have a beautiful family Jill!!!!
I had no idea Hayley was still suffering from that accident. Poor thing. Wishing her well!!!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jill, what a wonderful day you all enjoyed in Akron. Loved the pics and especially the pic of you and the girls. The theater looks gorgeous and you got some great shots.
I remember that show on HGTV. It was very good and so interesting.
So glad you all had the perfect day at the ballet. No water fountain drinking here either.
Hugs, CM

Julie said...

WOW!!! What an awesome experience and I can see Kathleen a dancer later in life. She'll be the lady kids are wanting to go see.
I love your family outings and the fact that you do them all together.
Keep taking them pictures but get you in there a bit more too. Don't have to share them if you don't want but you want the girls to look back and see mama too.
Thanks for sharing it all. It truly was wonderful to see.

Heather said...

Awww, so special! LOVE the fabulous photos... and I'm glad you continued with your phone because phone pics are better than nothing! So great to see all the details, right down to the drinking fountain :) Ballet is huge in our family too!

Bethany Carson said...

Looks like a super-fun day! I love that constant smile on Kathleen's face--beautiful! The architecture in the theater and throughout the city is awesome!

Donna Rodgers said...

Wow Jill! I feel like I went there too! What gorgeous architecture. Your pictures were wonderful and I loved seeing your sweet girls. They've grown so much since I last visited. :) Thanks for dropping by!

aimee said...

What an incredible building! I would have loved to explore it all and take photos there. Ah, ballet--I am not sure if I've ever seen it live, but I sure do love (as in LOVE) it! Great experience for the girls and you all:)
Blessings, Aimee
PS: I LOVE Cracker Barrel, but alas there are none here in Oregon. Sigh...

Gina said...

Jill, your day sounds wonderful! You are making such great memories with your family. When the children were younger, my husband and I would occasionally take them to the ballet, plays, or orchestra concerts. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!