Thursday, June 4, 2015

Building the chicken coop

Building this coop has been a labor of love process. We see our chickens as pets and have them for getting fresh eggs. This coop was also a time for Jerry and Hayley to bond as father and daughter as he taught her how to build it as they went along. There are lots of pictures so hopefully you will stick through till the end :-) I love documenting these moments in our lives. So neat to look back and reflect upon.

First thing Jerry did was measure and pour concrete to place base of coop on so it would be up off the ground from predators. In each concrete place he put the date and our initials. 

Next since the ground was not level, he measured off to make sure the coop would be level as he built it. After creating the frame he put trex decking on top for easy cleanup and it will last a long time.

We began building it around Easter and it was still fairly chilly outside.

I could not be more proud of Hayley for working by his side very long hours!

We wanted to add a few windows for ventilation in the coop.

When Jerry builds something, he puts 100% into it and it always turns out amazing :-)

I have to admit watching Hayley handle the nail gun sped my heart up a bit, but it's a great learning experience and is fostering her self confidence. :-)

This little cutie photo bombed my picture, lol. I didn't even realize it at the time until later when I downloaded all my photos!

Slow but steady progress as we had so much going on in a few short months!

We built it behind our shed near the garden to help cut down on some of the wind that whips through. However as strong and sturdy as Jerry built it, I think it's going to be o.k.! ;-)

Hayley was great at placing the windows and learning how to install them.

Some days were really cold, but they kept going!

Just to point out, Hayley is using the nail gun, :-)

                                                Finished product before it was painted :-)

                                          No matter what, she'll always be daddy's girl!

Jerry built the whole fence area and the top is enclosed, it stands 6 feet tall so we can easily walk in as well.

The outside material is concrete board. It will hold up longer and deter predators and bees, etc.

Time to paint! It will now match the shed (which we will be repainting soon) and the color of our home.

All painted with a flower box too, just have to do the white trim to cover nail holes. We love it and they did an awesome job!

The chickens are so happy to have more space! They weren't sure how to react at first. We left some of the grass in there long for them to enjoy.

Our neighbor had old cabinets he was going to throw away and asked if we wanted them. We said yes and decided we would turn these in to the nesting boxes for the chickens. I wanted to spruce them up, so I painted them white.

Jerry cut an area out for them and they worked out perfectly!

We have cords wrapped around it now so the chickens can't open it and get through.

This is where he cut the holes out in the other side. Kathleen had fun in these pictures, lol.

She is excited about the whole experience with the chickens and I'm so happy we have a property where we can do this now.

Jerry did an amazing job building their perch and areas to get around, like the little ramps.

These will work out so nicely for when we are able to get their eggs! A few more months before that happens.

He built their door to go outside and added a hook and eye  to hold it up for them during the day. It has a lock on it for the evening time when they go back in the coop.

He made the door also as well as the steps leading into the coop.

Some pictures before it was painted...

A few shots of the inside. I will add more pictures later, but this side is to gather the eggs and store the food, etc. we need for them. I think the flooring turned out really well.

This is leading into the other side, Jerry also built the door.

Before winter we will add insulation, etc. for them to keep them warm.

Here's a better picture of the door he made that leads to the chicken's side.

Jerry never ceases to impress me with all his talents and the things he can do and build/design.

Kathleen picked out flowers and planted them in the flower box that hangs outside. We found shelving brackets at a yard sale and Jerry cut some wood and drilled right into flower holder to place on side of coop. Inexpensive, but effective!

This was when we were carrying them out to their new home! So thankful to finally get them out of the garage! It was not smelling too pretty!!!

Even Hayley was right on board bringing them out. :-)

Happy chickens! :-)

We added some wood chips in their nesting boxes and around the floor.

Kathleen was giving them some strawberries out of the garden :-)

                                                               Have a wonderful day!!!



Sonya Ann said...

WOW, next on their to do list should be build a house. That is an amazing coop. Really, will you hire them out? I need a new shed. And I'm thinking with their skill level they might be able to put an addition on a house.

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy chickens = happy people!! What an amazing job on building the coop, it looks fantastic and I am sure that the chickens will be very happy! xx

~ Noelle said...

That looks awesome and professional quality!!!

Julie said...

Are your chickens Buff Orpingtons or Road Island Reds? I love the idea of cabinets for nesting boxes. That's good. And I love that he used flat wood for the roosts because round stuff in the winter hurts their feet. I have 30 new babies in the brooder box ready to make the transition to the chicken coop where I make them a spot under the nesting boxes to learn the ins and outs of the big chickens day. Ours are free range so they come and go as they please except at 7:00 at night they are all in the coop and I shut the door. Along with the goose, duck and guinias. This year we hatched banti's hoping that since ours are free range they will fly up into the trees instead of becoming lunch. We have chickens for the eggs but mostly for the tick population. Crow Wing County has the highest deer tick population in our state and with deer ticks come Lyme's disease so we prevent the extra ticks with the chickens.
Tell Jerry and Hayley I love that they work together so well and I love daddy's little girl kiss. My daddy is almost 80 and still gives his "little" girl daddy kisses too. I LOVE THEM!!!!
Thanks for sharing Jill. Have a blessed day!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

What a great chicken coop and what a wonderful hubby and daughters! I am sure the chickens will be very happy in their beautiful home! I would have had misgivings about the nail gun, too, but it looks like she handled it like a pro :) Your hubby did a great job - so many thoughtful details! So nice to have a father/daughter bonding experience, too. There is nothing like having fresh eggs from happy chickens. xo Karen

Kris said...

Oh Jill, imam so impressed! Jerrynand Hayley built a fantastic coop and run. You are sure to have happy hens and delicious eggs!!!!! So fun to see this post!
XO Kris

aimee said...

Great chicken coop and I think it's wonderful that Dad is teaching his daughter about construction! Very, very cool:)

Carrie B. said...

What a wonderful labor of love Jill! And so nice they got to work on it together - it makes it extra special! It must be so fun to have chickens!! My Annie would love that too, however, I don't think my hubby would. Lol
The coop turned out so great and you're going to have some happy chickens for a long time! And I imagine happy humans too. ;)

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Wow! Your coop is amazing! Lucky chickens :)
What a great learning opportunity and bonding experience for your husband and daughter.

Cranberry Morning said...

This is a wonderful chicken coop and what a great experience for Haley! So many skills learned with s project like that. They did a beautiful job. Love the nesting boxes. Please send crew to Wisconsin. Lol

Camille said...

Now that's impressive!!! It's like a chicken mansion. I hope they give you LOTS of eggs!! Great job, Jerry and Hayley! :) Hugs, Camille

Anonymous said...

Jill, props to your husband and daughters (and you!). That is SOME hen house. I wish I was a chicken! Your girls will be very happy there. Thank you for sharing the building process with us. :-)

Heather said...

That is one amazing coop! I would love to have chikens one day. :)

Hena Tayeb said...

wow! that is so cool

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jill, so enjoying catching up with you. The coop turned out fabulous. Jerry and Hayley did an awesome job together.
Love the added window box at the window too.
Hugs, CM

Amber said...

Your hubby did a wonderful job! That's how my husband is to. He always gives it his all. He's quite a perfectionist. I really think it's cool how he built in access to the nesting boxes using the old cabinets. Also, you do know that chickens are the gateway to other farm animals, don't you? lol!