Thursday, July 16, 2015

Exciting news from the chicken house!

Wednesday the 15th of July, Kathleen came running in the house screaming my name, my heart stopped I thought something was really wrong... well it turns out it was excitement.... she found the first two eggs in the chicken house! We weren't expecting any until at least September, so this was a nice surprise :-)

They all came over to see what all the excitement was about, lol!

She was so excited she found them and wanted to keep checking for more! :-) We told her you check once or twice a day ;-)

                    She was so excited, she couldn't stop talking about it and telling everyone!

One is even speckled and I took several pictures of her hands holding them, how small her little hands are....

I told her it was from feeding them all the yummy fruits and vegetables and taking such good care of them, so now they were taking care of us :-)

Jerry gave her a hand throwing some raspberries over the top as they were hard to throw through the side.

If you look closely at the chicken in the middle she is carrying an orange peel, even though they picked it clean the others were chasing her trying to get it. Quite comical to watch, lol.

Here she's in the corner guarding it. ;-)

They also love fresh weeds we pull from the garden.

And we gave them cherries for the first time and they were very excited! They loved them :-)

                     Have a fabulous day! Here's a fun little poem about chickens to enjoy.....

The Chickens

Said the first little chicken,
With a strange little squirm,
"I wish I could find
A fat little worm."

Said the next little chicken,
With an odd little shrug:
"I wish I could find
A fat little bug"

Said a third little chicken,
With a small sigh of grief,
"I wish I could find
A green little leaf!"

Said the fourth little chicken,
With a faint little moan,
"I wish I could find
A wee gravel stone."

"Now see here!" Said the mother,
From the green garden patch,
"If you want any breakfast,
Just come here and scratch!"

Author Unknown



Beatrice Euphemie said...

So exciting! All your hard work building the coop and taking such good care of 'the girls' is starting to pay off! I love how enthusiastic your darling daughter is - so sweet. Love the poem! xo Karen

Carrie B. said...

Oh how exciting Jill!! Your first eggs!! You obviously have some very happy well cared for chickens over there....and they're so darn cute! That poem is adorable.

Hope you get many more eggs your way. I bet there's nothing better than a fresh egg for breakfast. Yum!

Katharine said...

Oh that's wonderful! We keep hoping they will change the bi-law here and let us have chickens in our yard!

~ Noelle said...

I bet she was so excited!!!!

Nonnie said...

I can't wait to hear how you use those first two eggs! Scrambled, omelette, in a cake? What will it be? That is a nice looking hen pen, pretty chickens and lovely daughter you have. How fun!

Anonymous said...

Jill, I love chicken stories! And I love brown eggs. They are so much prettier than white eggs. Chickens are so funny to watch. Do the chickens eat the cherry pits?

Amy at love made my home said...

How wonderful!!! The first of many I am sure! xx

Jeanette Schenk said...

Congratulations on your first eggs! How exciting! :)

Ellie said...

Hi Jill! That is so exciting! The first eggs!!!! Our chickens seem to be very picky eaters, they will not touch anything leafy or green we put in with them! So far, they like strawberries. We let two out to run about the yard the other day, as our outdoor run is not built yet. We figured they wouldn't be too hard to catch. It took us half an hour to catch one of them and I practically had to tackle the other! Your garden is beautiful! Ours is so far behind, there are no signs of any pumpkins or even flowers on our plants yet, and I am just getting ready to pick peas! Crazy! I love this post, the photos are so gorgeous!