Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fourth of July, the lake and around the yard

Fourth of July brought us a sunny, nice long weekend... so welcome after so much rain. My parents were able to come up and enjoy a few days with us so that made it even better. :-) I still have a lingering cough, but I am a lot better then a few weeks ago. Thank you for all the well wishes, very much appreciated! Lots of pictures in this post and now that I'm feeling better, I hope to get more posts on more frequently.

Jerry bought me beautiful roses for the table to decorate, they opened so pretty!

He is always happy when he gets to grill and enjoys cooking large amounts. We had enough for leftovers too, always a plus. :-) Along with the chicken that we marinated in Italian dressing...he made a pork roast in the smoker.

The corn we made two different ways, we boiled some in a stock pot. For the rest we made up a mixture of mayonnaise, lime juice, salt and pepper and brushed it inside the ears of corn leaving the outside layers intact. Then Jerry put them in the smoker to slow cook. Then we peeled them and they turned out really delicious!

I had to take a picture to show you how Hayley kept the tablecloth from blowing off before the food came out, on the hill we live on it gets quite windy! So she went in Jerry's garage and found his tool clamps, lol. When I came out from cooking I said "I do have hooks made for keeping down the table covers, lol." But it added an extra flare to the meal and put a smile on all our faces. This is just a small portion of all the food!

I can't say enough how much I love these girls! My mom took this picture for me while I was inside cooking and prepping. Love how it turned out.

Hayley really enjoys her corn with butter and it shows.... all over her face... lol, she's a great sport for letting me post it. :-)

Both girls were so happy to be able to enjoy the outdoors! Such a beautiful day! It was very hard to have Kathleen keep her shoes on ;-) Turning into a true country girl!

Hayley was twisting the swing and letting it unwind and Kathleen was laughing so hard. Pure joy! Love these little moments!

Of course we make sure the chickens are spoiled as well and Kathleen goes out to pick fresh raspberries for them. Sorry for the blurry picture, my zoom lens wasn't focusing the best.

They all come running to the back of the pen and anxiously await... I must admit we've all grown quite attached to them.

As the day came to a close we finished with a cozy campfire and sat outside watching the fireworks around us and listening to the coyotes howl. They were in quite a frenzy and I think it was due to the noise of the fireworks all evening.

Wouldn't be a campfire without smores!

My mom and dad bought me a beautiful orchid to help me feel better. They know how much I love flowers.

This is the bowl we use for carrying goodies to the chickens!

In their glory..... let's just hope all this good food brings lots of eggs in a couple months!

Although a nice big pool is on our wish list... we did buy a small wading pool to cool off in and have fun with on really hot days.

Cooper hung out with us for a little bit with his water bowl, but then I took him back inside to the A/C. Being 14 years old and having so much fur, the heat gets to him.

Kathleen took the pool into the dog's pen for awhile and they were happy! This is Owen (brown) and Bella.

Skippy joined in on this picture....

Kathleen even at one point made a little tent to keep the sun off them and they were loving life.

Owen was quite comfortable and kept falling asleep on Kathleen!

A little spoiled.... ;-)

Patches had been busy playing ball so he was pretty tired out! He's giving me that look...oh no another picture!?

Had to share this one as Skippy got tired out as well. He dug a hole in the corner of the gate to get cool and put half his body in it to nap... I took a bunch of photos but I love this one how he's peeking out at me with his tongue out.

Hayley and Jerry comparing their muscles from all the hard work in the yard! LOL Definitely two peas in a pod ;-)

This incredible sun the other night as it set... pictures just do not do it justice.

The girls and I took my parents to a nearby lake to enjoy another beautiful sunny day that week. It has a lovely walking trail.

Geese were everywhere! But luckily not very aggressive like they sometimes can be. We did avoid the ones with young babies as a precaution.

Both my girls love nature... but Hayley was not always with us for me to get a picture as she was taking photos of her own, which hopefully she will post on her blog soon. She has a talent for taking great pictures.

I love how the lake has plenty of benches by the water... great place to sit and reflect...

These smelled so good as we were walking by!

Cool birdhouses, I took a picture to hint to Jerry that something like this would be cool in our yard! We have so many birds and I just love watching them built nests, etc.

Some more pictures around the yard of new blooms :-)

Jerry had been finishing up some mulching so I thought it would make for a cute picture under the weeping willow tree. Our other bench we had there broke and Jerry found this one for a $1.00 at a yard sale, score! Works for us.

I absolutely LOVE weeping willow trees... brings back great memories of when I was younger playing under one at my aunt's house. Not to mention how pretty and peaceful they are, and a great tree to read a good book under!

This picture is of Kathleen's little statue... before we finished the weeding and the mulch, but I like how she nestled it in among the flowers.

It's solar powered so at night it looks like water is flowing through it into the bucket. We found it at a Sears that was going out of business for about $2.00.

Just had to get a close up of the clematis...they are so pretty! I had to leave behind my clematis I had at the other house so this one makes up for it and it's the same color.

We stopped at an old time ice cream place and Jerry enjoyed a large banana split! You just have to bring your own banana ;-)

This weekend we are having a yard sale and while we were setting last night up I captured a few pictures of this beautiful sunset that wrapped all around our property. Again pictures don't do it justice. What a blessing.....

That's Hayley in the picture enjoying it as well.

                Some quotes to enjoy this weekend. Have a great one and thanks for stopping by!

"There are two ways to live your life. One is though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle"   Albert Einstein

"Listen to the mustn'ts child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me.... anything can happen, child. Anything can be"

 Shel Silverstein



Kris said...

What a wonderful post! Chock full of great photos!!!! Your new home is just beautiful, and to live in the country like that would be a dream come true for me!!
So sorry to hear you have been sick, but glad to know you are better now. How are your folks?
The hens look close to lay age. Are you feeding them lay mash now.
Love to all

Vee said...

Jill, how do you get Blogger to cooperate with you? I could never upload this many photos without losing my post. Your holiday looked fun and festive and anytime the Mr. wants to cook is a very good day. The chickens are blessed to have such nice treats...berries! Must tell my niece who has a little flock of hens. That beautiful pink sun as it set was amazing. Have never seen anything like it.

Amy at love made my home said...

It looks as though you had a wonderful weekend!!! I love the clamps holding down the table cloth, that shows real ingenuity doesn't it!! You have such beautiful flowers in your garden too, you must love it! xx

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jill, so nice to catch up with you and your fun summer with your beautiful family. Love all the pics the 4th of July festivities and your garden flowers are gorgeous. Great pics of the girls. Love your fire pit. The chickens look like they have grown since I visited last. How nice to have your mom and dad come for a visit. The orchid they brought you is so pretty and your roses my your hubby are beautiful.
Have a great rest of the weekend and thanks for stopping by too.
Hugs, cm

Billie Jo said...

First off, glad you are feeling better!
And I loved sharing your holiday with you!
So much fun!!!
Keep posting my friend!!!!

Julie said...

Good evening Jill. I am so glad to hear you are feel better. I so love all your pictures. Family and holidays are the very best.
I can't wait for your next post. I am working on one too and hope to get it finished soon.
Blessings my friend!

Sonya Ann said...

You have a lovely family, I think I have told you this before. ;p And your yard and home is just lovely. So many beautiful things to look at.

Carrie B. said...

Such wonderful photos! Looks like it was a great weekend Jill - and I'm so happy you're feeling better. ;)
The food all looked so good (love the corn idea!) And I love your chickens and doggies - beyond cuteness!
YOur daughters are so beautiful and their personalities shine through in your pictures.
Such pretty sunsets - they're my favorite in the summer. And your flowers look so lovely too.
Blessings to you. xo

Jboo said...

Wow -- love your photos and your update -- corn does need a lot of butter - I totally agree! Are you in or around Phila - someone's t-shirt makes me think that? In Nebraska, but lived out there while hubs went to law school - so always have a soft spot for Phila and the Jersey shore! :) The pups are all so cute! Our Scottie hid from the fireworks. Love that sunset photo! Hope you are feeling much better!!

Camille said...

Your grass is SO green!!! Ours usually is...but, not this year!! We have had crazy HOT weather and just now have had a little rain. So glad you got sunshine for your fourth of July celebrations. Too funny how your Hayley secured the tablecloth...but, with all the help she's been in your recent coop building/shed's not surprising that she is familiar with the tool shed. :) Your campfire pit looks wonderful...we might copy you when we update/improve ours. So glad you are feeling better. Hugs to you! Camille

Jessy Skehan said...

What a great 4th! Your yard is stunning! I love all the flowers and landscaping...and chickens! LOL

aimee said...

Happy to hear you are feeling better Jill! Great photos of the dogs (adorable), kids (cute with great personalities that shine in their pix), flowers (ahh--the flowers of summer), etc. Yum--raspberries!
Blessings, Aimee