Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jerry's birthday and other news

We love having yard sales, not only do you get to make some extra money, chances are you meet some really nice people. :-) This was our first yard sale here and it was a beautiful day! Back in PA our neighbors would come out and join us talking, etc. Have to admit I did miss that this year. We also had it so regularly back there that the same people would come back every year, lol. We sold drinks and hot dogs and made a lot just from that. PA folks are some serious yard salers... You state that it starts at 7 AM and sure enough they are there at 6 AM while you're still setting up! Here we stated on the signs 7 AM, but didn't see hardly anyone till 9 AM! Apparently we have a few things to learn about yard saling here. The girls enjoy that we get them donuts as a treat on the mornings of the yard sale, they look forward to it. :-)

Kathleen was a little chilly in the early morning..... Cooper kept us company for awhile, but as it warmed up we put him back in the house with the A/C.

Hayley is awesome at sales, not to mention organizing all the clothes! Great at reasonable prices too and filling bags for a set price for customers buying a lot.

Elvis kept careful watch from the dining room window most of the day. He would meow every time a vehicle pulled in the driveway.

Of course the way our luck always is.... we have a yard sale to earn some extra money and sure enough Jerry's tire goes flat and guess where the extra money went....

On a good note... a beautiful butterfly liked one of the cosmetic bags we were selling and was hanging out for awhile. :-)

This wasn't at the yard sale, but since I mentioned insects had to share this picture Jerry took with his phone. A pretty great shot of this insect (some sort of fly maybe?) eating a mosquito! Just sitting on top a water bottle minding it's own business, lol.

Kathleen was slowly sneaking items out of the yard sale.... like this horse for her doll.....

Hayley worked on her drawing technique while waiting for people to arrive. She's doing really wonderful with her art work and enjoys it. My mom brought some coloring books for adults up with her, pretty detailed graphics of all kinds of things, landscapes, animals, flowers and more. Hayley, Kathleen and my mom had a few relaxing evenings of coloring.

For a quick lunch I put this smiley face together for Kathleen. Served with fruit and veggies on the side of course! Not one of my best creations, but she was super happy and excited. :-)

That same weekend we all went to see the new Minion movie. The girls liked it, but as a parent I was disappointed in the story line and it seems so much violence is being put into kids movies now. :-( I was not a fan at all.

This is Hayley having fun at a local youth group in the area. :-) They have pictures online so I was able to save this one.

We have huge planes that come over top our home almost every day... some days I'm almost positive they will hit the house they get so low! These next 2 pictures of the plane Hayley actually captured on her phone when she was walking.

Last week we were having a lot of storms and we were inside Lowes listening to the rain beat on the roof. When it finally calmed down and we went to leave we found this beautiful sky as a reward. Picture doesn't do the colors justice.

When Kathleen went to her Nature camp she met another girl and they hit it off really well. We invited them over for lunch and a play date. I cut some of the black eyed Susan's from our yard and placed them in a Ball jar I found at a yard sale. Made a nice little centerpiece for the table. :-)

I made this adorable desserts I saw on Pinterest along with the Marmalade muffins and they were a big hit. The little girl was so cute she sat there staring at it for the longest time and then she said "I love this so much I wish I could take a picture of it before I eat it!" :-) I had a lot of food... so much we had plenty of leftovers for dinner. I enjoy entertaining and moving here don't get to as often not knowing many people yet.

Lots of excitement this time of year with the farmers field next to us. Hayley took these two pictures of them cutting the wheat down. If you look closely to the right side in the second picture she captured a bird flying by and didn't even realize it until we enlarged the picture.

And finally on Monday we celebrated Jerry's birthday. That was when the youth group usually meets and he told Hayley she could go, but she said "nope, we're all we have here and I want to spend it with you dad". I know that helped to make his night.

I made his favorite strawberry cake he loves so much. One of my favorites too. :-) Along with a big dinner with some of his favorite foods.

Hayley wrapped his box in a plastic table cover to make it harder to get into, lol. They always make his cards every year too.

Love how this picture turned out of the three of them. Happy birthday to an amazing husband and a fantastic dad! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we appreciate all you do for us! XOXOX's!

If you read this card you'd understand the laughter..... ;-)

Every year Jerry has a way of guessing his gifts no matter what we do or wrap it in... so this year we had a devious little idea... lol. Kathleen put an empty doll box in for when he shook it and on the bottom she wrote this........

"You get to pick your own present.... he-he-he" Hayley's lovely photo bomb to the left.... lol

Bunch of goofballs... guess we'll be going shopping soon!

    "The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege"   Charles Kuralt



aimee said...

Great photos of the girls and your hubby (Happy Belated Birthday to him)! What a sweet, sweet remark by Hayley:) How neat to live next to a farming area! I love to watch them harvest wheat and take photos of the "stripes" left in the fields when they're done.

Kris said...

That was so fun to read! Happy a birthday to Jerry! I just love your beautiful family!!

Kerri said...

I loved reading this posts...lots of good stuff! Happy Birthday Jerry! Such a cute idea with his present. My husband is so hard to buy for- we might try this one sometime! Your strawberry cake is so pretty- i'd love your recipe! You are right on about our garage sales here...sometimes I open the garage door before 6am and there are already people in our driveway! And, we do get the same (mostly Amish) people coming back every year.

Nonnie said...

What a sweet, sweet family you are. All the photos are lovely. Your desserts look yummy, your yard sale was fun, so many memories you are making with your family. I love it.

~ Noelle said...

How sweet.
Hope he had a great birthday.

Billie Jo said...

Happy Birthday to your man!!!
We made a strawberry cake this eek too.
Have a great summer weekend!

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Birthday Jerry!! Looks as though it was a great birthday and lots of other great things too! xx

Julie said...

So what did Jerry end up picking for his birthday? Love all the pictures. You like to do garage sales, WOW!!! I love the pictures of the bug and butterfly. We have those planes here too. For us it's Fort Ripley doing their practice runs.
Take care Jill and I finally got a post done. Have a blessed weekend!

rivulet said...

Oh my goodness those cards AND that cake! So adorable and YUM! And the pictures of him opening his gift with the girls are SUPER cute!!!

Sonya Ann said...

Your adorable family has a way of making even flat tires seem ok. A positive attitude is a wonderful gift to pass on to your children.

Carrie B. said...

Such fun pics and summer memories! Garage sales are always a lot of fun. My MIL and I used to do them every year...but since her further cognitive decline it's not possible now. I haven't had the urge to do it without her - but fun to enjoy yours and feel like I was part of the action.

Love your adorable dessert! They turned out so cute. ;)

Happy bday to your hubby. His cake looked delish!! And the photos of him with the girls are so sweet.

Keep soaking up those summer memories. It sure is flying by now! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love yard sales! You look like you have some good stuff! :-)

Happy Birthday to your husband! That cake looks so good! And the girls cute with their present.

I love thunderstorms. Sends some of yours down south please!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love the "gift"! Looks like Jerry had a wonderful birthday. That cake looked amazing! You guys look like yard sale experts. I hope you made a lot of money. Yard sales are a great way for kids to learn economics. My favorite pic is of the black eyed susans. And I just had to tell you that my Hailey has the same princess fanny pack I saw Kathleen wearing :) Hope you guys have a great weekend!