Friday, August 28, 2015

Pro Football Hall of Fame

To celebrate Jerry's birthday, we went to see the Pro Football Hall of Fame and we also had friends visiting that we took with us, Mike and his son Josh. It was an interesting experience for all of us.

Hayley photo bombing Jerry's selfie :-)

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the field!

Jerry was excited to not only be there, but to share the experience with his girls.

Kathleen has a pretty good arm on her. ;-)

Hayley ran out to join in as well. And I even threw a few footballs, but no one took my picture... lol

Hayley also has a good arm for throwing. Jerry didn't do too bad either, lol ;-)

Hayley was cracking us up, remaking the faces of the athletes in the pictures. Too funny!

She looks so tiny next to them!

So if the hand you make their salary? ;-)

Had a few different displays around to try different things out. Also got to try out an instant replay booth which was pretty cool. Good thing the shoulder pads were on a track or they probably would have pushed Kathleen to the floor!

Mike and Kathleen were having fun with the helmets...

Seeing the size of some of the player's hands was pretty cool!

Kathleen literally fit into most of the player's leg molds!

The room with all the inductees and their bronze sculptures was pretty dark, Kathleen didn't really want to go in at first...she was a little creeped out, lol... can't say I blame her ;-)

Saw this sculpture in one of the cases in the lobby and just loved it! Had to get a picture and happy it turned out taking it through the glass.

A lot to take in and read about. Also had a few audio/video presentations.

Hayley becoming one of the inductees! We were there the weekend before the new inductees came....good thing too because the tickets were cheaper for us. :-)

Emmet Smith!

Hayley found Ray Lewis's little area ;-)

And momma found her new ring! LOL

Hayley and Kathleen were designing their own rings... that's my girls :-)

Jerry was pretty tired out by the end of it, but we had a great day. A little pricey to get in and to buy things, but a cool experience to enjoy at least once and a lot of history.



Amy at love made my home said...

Sounds like a great day out and lots of fun for all your family! Although you can tell that Kathleen is a slender little girl she seems tiny compared to those leg moulds - or else those footballers are really enormous!!! xx

~ Noelle said...

Hope he had a great birthday. We have the college football hall of fame here... we need to get there to check it out soon