Monday, September 28, 2015

Doe makeup for Halloween

Ever since I was young, I have loved everything to do with makeup, and have always given my friends and family makeovers through the years. I enjoy using a variety of brands to see what I like best. Hayley has homecoming week this week and asked if I would do doe makeup for her to wear to school so Sunday we did a trial run.

                      I had her wash her face first for a clean start and this is her before picture

This is after setting the base with concealer and foundation. I used bare minerals cream concealer in light, and for the foundation Elizabeth Arden Mousse foundation Melba 04. We went a shade darker for the effect of the doe makeup. I use a combination of a brush and sponge to blend, never fingers it puts too much oil and bacteria into the skin and doesn't blend as well.

If you're interested in all the specific colors I used for the rest of her face let me know :-) I'd be happy to list them for you. They are awesome colors for everyday wear too.

This was without her lips lined in black at first... and we added the spots on her forehead to tie the look together because it was too plain without enhancing it. Even though does' don't have spots on their head normally, lol.

                                    I love this picture, lots of laughs and giggles along the way!

                                                            Lips all lined in black....

My mom made the ears for her, she's so talented, made from pieces of felt and added in the color using eye shadow colors to create the natural effect. We were laughing at the head band she chose.... lol That's my Hayley's sense of humor.... doe ears with a I woke up like this head band! :-)

Beautiful as ever! This is her homecoming spirit week at school and today is animal and/or flowers. She is being a doe and a few of her friends will be different animals as well. Looking forward to seeing the pictures she takes today. She was dressed in tan and brown with a nice scarf this morning, but the lighting was too dark for decent pictures. These pictures are from practicing yesterday. We had so much fun doing it and she already has more makeup ideas lined up she wants me to do on her face. Lol. Halloween should be a blast..... I'll include more posts of what we come up with.

Need some awesome new makeup colors for fall, or just want to browse the latest trends? Interested in finding the products I've used today? Check out this link on Amazon to find what you need :-)

                                                Have an amazing day!  Many Blessings!



Barb said...

Too cute!! Your daughter is adorable! I have a daughter who has always loved make-up! She used to dream that someone would give her a big tub of make-up, it was her favorite dream!

McVal said...

A.DORBS!!!! How fun is that?!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable! Good job!

Carrie B. said...

The make up turned out so great! Good job Mom!! Hayley looks so adorable and I love the photo of her giggling too. Love those ears!!

This time of year is just so much fun, isn't it? ;)

Stephanie said...

Oh my, your daughter looks adorable! Very sweet and pretty, my friend :)

Happy October to you and your precious family. Hugs!