Saturday, September 26, 2015

September Happenings and Tidbits of Autumn

O.K., so I finally gave in to decorating for autumn since the first official day is now here, lol. I love the autumn weather so much.....I'm just not ready for it to come and go as quickly as it does where I live. I was hoping to prolong summer, but no chance of that! So I have started adding little touches of fall around our home.

This candle holder I found at a yard sale, I already had pumpkin spice tea lights and I added my red candles, (they are battery operated and glow so pretty at night) and a few fall leaves and decor and it really looks nice against our stone fireplace.

"I say to myself that I shall try to make my life an open fireplace, so that people may be warmed and cheered by it and so go out themselves to warm and cheer"   George Matthew Adams

A great place to find fall essentials is on Amazon , so many great items to make your home cozy and warm for the season.

Last year after buying gourds and pumpkins for decorating, we put them out in the compost in the garden....well needless to say this year they took over our garden! LOL, so I get to decorate for free

And since we now have chickens I thought it would be fun to add a little area of chicken decor for fall ;-) These items I also found at a yard sale, can't beat the deals you find sometimes...
I think I paid 50 cents each for them and $1.00 for the wreath. Can't even buy the materials to make one for that.

My neighbor brought this lovely bird house over to me the other day as a belated housewarming gift. I just love it! Another home for the birds we love to watch so much.

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings"  Salvador Dali

       Here's Kathleen with all our gourds and mini pumpkins and squash we have picked so far!

We have also been blessed with an abundance of tomatoes and they are delicious!!!!! Kathleen is fascinated by the size of the tomatoes, we have a variety of them, cherry tomatoes too.

Also apples from our apple trees, we can't eat them all fast enough but the crows are sure enjoying them and the pears from our pear trees!

13 eggs a day now and an awesome helper in the chicken house. She washes them off and stores them in the refrigerator each day. We have more eggs now then we know what to do with!

We eat them so many different ways I started labeling the bowls so we don't try cracking them open to cook with them. :-)

When I wasn't feeling good the last couple weeks Kathleen made me a cake to feel better. :-)

Then on another day scared the life out of me by taping a picture of a turtle to the toilet seat lid!! LOL

                             Elvis has really made a place for himself in the home school room.

We are loving home school and take frequent trips to the library to enhance our lessons. So many great resources and videos to watch!

Kitty goes everywhere with us, and Kathleen dressed her up to go to the dentist when she had to have a tooth pulled the other day.

As September draws to a close in a few days, Halloween is in the air... Hayley loves minions....o.k, we all do.... and I just had to take a quick picture in Walmart of her holding a minion candy bucket, lol :-)

I absolutely love makeup, always have ever since I was younger and modeling it's been something I enjoy. I may be doing more how to posts as well; but recently I wanted to share that I tried Cover girl's lipstick that lasts "24" hours. I love the neutral color for fall and it does have pretty good staying power. One side is the lipstick and the other side is a white setting base that is really smooth and moisturizing. It's what helps keep it on all day.

So I had a whole plan for the following recipe to share pictures along with the recipe.... well I remembered to take pictures of the vegetables, but then got so busy prepping, juggling Hayley's homework, making tea, etc. That we ate it and cleaned it up and I never did get after pictures, lol. But it's a delicious recipe so I will still share it. :-)

                       Healthy Chicken Vegetable Casserole I found this recipe on Spark People.

Happy to be able to celebrate my mom's birthday with her, we miss seeing her regularly since they live so far away!

                                       Happy birthday mom! We love you so much!!!!!!

Another proud mommy moment... getting little notes and gifts from Kathleen. Just re enforces why I love being a stay at home mom so much and can share these moments with her every day. Love you so much Kathleen!!! XOXOX'S!



aimee said...

Such a great post! Love your first quote by George Matthew Adams (actually make that LOVE)! SO enjoy seeing autumn harvest and d├ęcor on everyone's posts these days--makes me eager to get ours done too:) That is one HUGE tomato--oh my. Have a great day--we're having nice sunny weather here.
Blessings, Aimee

Linda said...

O, my dear!! What a beautiful post!!! I came over to meet you after noticing you are a new follower on my blog and now I am YOUR newest follower, as well!!
I enjoyed every single photo and can't even IMAGINE how wonderful your climate must be to grow all those amazing gourds and such! I know for a fact that you do NOT live in Texas!!!!
Love your home and your home schooling! I did that for my two youngest ones and enjoyed every minute of it! They both started college at 15 so savour every minute! Mine didn't last nearly as long as I wanted it to!

~ Noelle said...

Had to show the tomato to my dad... impressive

Julie said...

Love all of this Jill but mostly the love letters from Kathleen. Mike is 23 but once in a great while I will get a love letter too. They make the day truly awesome.
Blessings. Have a wonderful weekend.

Carrie B. said...

Just love this Jill!
Love seeing all of your beautiful decorations! And what a beautiful abundance of produce from your gardening and your chickens. I'm so jealous of all of that natural goodness. Just awesome! I love following you in insta and seeing your decorations there too. ;)

Happy birthday to your MOm and cheers for many more!
Blessings dear Friend.