Sunday, September 13, 2015

Some Things and Moments I Love

We are loving home school and Kathleen said to me the other day...."Mom I love home school so much and I have learned more in a couple weeks with you then I have going to school ever" :-) Melts my heart, I love these moments with her. Will be adding more posts with peeks into our home school happenings, lessons, outings, web sites and more.  ;-)

I'm pretty sure Elvis is loving homeschooling too! And we love him very much!!!

Something else I am loving is my new water bottle that I got on sale at Walmart for $5.88! I picked up one for Kathleen and Hayley too. It has the infuser inside to add fruit, cucumbers, lemons, etc. to flavor it. So delicious! I prep it at night and put it in the fridge so it's cold for the next morning. I love lemon water and it's so good for you! Another option if you are going to be out for the day is to throw some frozen fruit into the infuser with water and let it melt and chill the water throughout the day. I also keep mine in a water bottle cooler bag I have from Thirty One when I used to sell it. Works great, especially at the park and gym to keep it cold.

Another favorite  item I found and love is this awesome foot cream. I'm always barefoot as much as I can be, my feet have always hurt  me ever since I was little, so I'm not a big fan of shoes! This lotion works wonder on dry skin and it also is very refreshing and helps to relax the muscles in my feet and calves, not to mention it smells nice too. I'm hooked and I highly recommend giving it a try!

Yes... I confess....these are my new bracelets consisting of monkeys, elephants, turtles and owls.
I love how bright and cheerful they are...they make me smile, so I wear them. :-) Apparently they are pretty popular right now with the teens and preteens. ;-)

Hayley bought me this adorable bird sign, I love it :-)

Love how my girls are always willing to help out and do their chores with a smile on their faces.

I love how the Kathleen cares for and hangs out with our dogs. We bought umbrellas to keep the sun off of them. They were clearanced at Walmart; we bought the smaller one for $2.00, large one for $6.00.

And of course they needed a swimming pool to cool off too. I took this picture from our bathroom window upstairs.

I love how Kathleen takes the time to enjoy the world around her and focus on the little things. Like this leaf shaped like a heart that she put on the tomato to see it better for a picture. She knows how much I enjoy documenting all we do.

I love that she did such a great job helping to wash and clean the vehicles! Hayley did as well and Hayley even helped Jerry move his antique car and wash it and put it back in the garage.

Of course playing in the water is just as fun... ;-)

Another popular past time I am enjoying is coloring in coloring books with the girls. I have always loved to color since I was little and then again with the girls. But these coloring books now with all the details in them are pretty cool. My mom brought some out last time she came to visit and we are enjoying them immensely! Great way to relax and unwind.

Organizing is something I love to do, yet don't always have all the time I need to get everything done I want to do! Hayley was a great big help getting things out of the garage so we could clean it and helping put everything back. Trying to get ready for the winter time which is quickly approaching!

Love finding great deals at yard sales. This shelf I found for $1.00. I cleaned it all up and put it in Kathleen's playhouse to organize her things. Will post an updated photo when she's all done! :-)

Kathleen's dental hygienist recommended this book to me, so I checked it out from the library and I absolutely love it!!! If you enjoy reading, especially a good love story put this on hold at your local library asap :-) Tissues are a requirement.

I love how excited Kathleen is about helping in the garden. The other day she ran in and yelled "mom, I found a dolphin zucchini, how cool is that?" Very cool indeed, ;-)

And just for fun to wrap up my post...something not so cool and something I do not love is a spider on my rear view window! I'm not a big fan of spiders at all and if he didn't blow off while we were driving, I was not getting out of the van! LOL!!! ;-)

                                                    Hope you have a wonderful week!!

"The present is what slips by us while we're pondering the past and worrying about the future"  Ziggy



Wendi said...

Megan and I are not fans of spiders either. One afternoon she was in the shower screaming. There was a spider on the ceiling that was using its web to lower itself. She was yelling "call Daddy! Call Daddy!." I would have freaked out also! I got out the dust buster and sucked it up as it lowered itself. Gross! All that to say I get the spider issue. ;)

Hena Tayeb said...

you really are blessed.. the girls are such great helpers.. and it's wonderful that Kathleen in enjoying homeschooling so much.
I read Me Before You last year.. loved it!

Heather said...

I am not at all surprised to see you homeschooling I thought you would love it!! Way to go Great job!! have fun ~Love Heather

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Our hot summer days are finally coming to a close. Hope it isn't so hot were you are. LOVE the heart on the tomato. How fun! How is homeschooling going for Kathleen? Hope you are enjoying it!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Our hot summer days are finally coming to a close. Hope it isn't so hot were you are. LOVE the heart on the tomato. How fun! How is homeschooling going for Kathleen? Hope you are enjoying it!

Camille said...

Isn't it wonderful to just document the *everyday* things that seem to slip our minds unless we record them somewhere? Enjoy the journey....these are precious days. Hugs, Camille

~ Noelle said...

You have such wonderful daughters! (and a great husband)
Hope yall are doing great