Sunday, October 18, 2015

Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag Review #angelbaby

* I received this product for a heavily discounted price in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

Upon receiving the Angel Baby car seat travel bag, I was impressed with the size and durability it offers.

Information from company:

* Double strength polyester

* Water resistant

*Lifetime Guarantee

I like how the whole bag easily zips up into a small attached, zippered pouch for easy storage and travel.

There's a handle strap for carrying it (shown), and also a shoulder strap to use when carrying the car seat at the airport or other locations. Great for hanging up in the garage or basement for storing car seats, booster seats, infants seats and more.

                                              Nice ID area included and easily accessible.

                              Having Kathleen hold it up gives you a better idea of the size.

                                               And this is her standing inside of it, lol.

We placed her booster seat inside to see how it fits and it was very roomy. Plenty of room to add more items for travel such as blankets and pillows. Making flights at the airport a lot easier when the seats fit in the bag for easy carrying.

This is a close up of the zippered pouch when the bag is open. You fold it back down and into the bag to store it.

 Although this is a car seat travel bag, there are many other uses for it as your child grows up. for instance, storing toys.  We gathered Kathleen's stuffed animals and placed them inside the bag. It has a great draw string lock to keep it closed, ideal for storing items.

As you can see it holds quite a lot!! Also a great bag for packing for travel, overnight stays and as laundry bags for college students.

Overall I feel this is a really great quality bag for travel, not only to keep it clean, but to cut down on germs while traveling. Even better is the investment will be beneficial throughout your child's life and with a lifetime guarantee you can't go wrong. Another great, thoughtful gift for the holiday season. :-)



Kris said...

Hi Jill. I have been catching up with you here tonight. That bag looks like a good one! I cracked up at Jerry and the pillow! I loved reading about why you homeschool. Kathleen is obviously enjoying it very much!!!
That was some cabbage!!!! Wow!!!!
Miss you, and I miss blogging!
XO Kris

Anonymous said...

Jill. That is such a handy item. I will have to tell my daughter about it.

Wonderful that you were able to get a discount on the item to review. :-)

Camille said...

What a great idea! :)