Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Switch Witch #switchwitch

I purchased The Switch Witch after hearing about her on social media and I thought it was a great idea for younger kids. I also knew Kathleen would love the idea, not to mention getting a new doll with red hair, even if she happens to be a witch ;-).

If only they had this when Hayley was growing up, would have loved to get rid of all the candy! At Halloween we have always loved taking the girls out to trick or treat and see all the neighborhood kids growing up through the years in all their costumes. Last year was our first year living in the country, but the local town has a trick or treat night so we took the girls there for fun. Hayley is at that age of going with her friends alone now, but Kathleen still hangs out with us. Needless to say we always end up with a ton of candy we don't need.

That's where the concept of The Switch Witch comes in. The story book tells all in more detail, but basically on Halloween night after you pick out all the "good" candy you want to keep.... lol.... you then bag up what you don't want and leave it out with your witch and other witches take the candy away to help their community of witches with different things. In return the witches leave a book or small gift for your child. Candy problem solved! :-)

Kathleen enjoyed the story and the witch! She is excited for Halloween night to see what her witch will leave behind. ;-)

I think it's a really cute concept for the younger kids and I had to share it with all of you just in case you haven't heard about it by now. I ordered mine on Amazon and since I'm a prime member, I received mine in 2 days. :-)

They are only little for so long, and making more of these great memories I always treasure. It's a tradition that can be passed down for future generations to come.

                          Of course I had to get Hayley in the picture too! Love these girls!!



Billie Jo said...

Love this, Jill!!!
And had never heard of it!
Thank you, sweet friend! : )

Anonymous said...

Jill, I saw something similar on the show Shark Tank last week. I think it might be the same one. Great idea! Your girls smiles are sweet!

Tara said...

So sweet. I love her red hair and your daughters red hair too! We do switch out all of Abigail's candy. She can't eat any of it. So I've always bought her a little something that she can trade in her candy for. I love that there is a book out there now to encourage all of the other kids to give away some candy. Great idea!

Cranberry Morning said...

The girls are darling. Someone had a clever marketing scheme. Have a wonderful evening, Jill.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I've never heard of this either. I should do that. Give them something I know they will love for their candy. Your girls are looking so grown up!

Barb said...

Great idea! She is almost as sweet as your girls . . . ;0) She reminds me a lot of the Christmas Elf, that is so popular, especially for little kids. My daughter's elf moves around the house each day, and watches the kids for, random acts of kindness, and then reports back to "Santa".

Happy Halloween!

~ Noelle said...

I just heard of this the other day. What a cute idea

Amy at love made my home said...

A very good idea! xx

NanaDiana said...

Oh!!! That is SOOOO cute! I have never heard of the Switch Witch! You are right--those kids are little for such a short time--let them be kids and enjoy every moment of it. xo Diana

Carrie B. said...

Such a clever idea. I did see this on the shark tank. She's such a cute Doll too. We already have a system, though, where my kiddos just know that they only get so much of their candy and the rest goes with Daddy to work to share with the employees - so the grown-ups get some treats too. Lol

Your Girls are so darn cute!! Happy Halloween to you All! xoxo

McVal said...

Happy Halloween! I'd never heard of that witch! I guess I'm just kind of banking on the kids forgetting they had candy, then squirrel it away out into my office... ;)