Friday, November 6, 2015

Getting the Chicken Coop Insulated for Winter and Kathleen's Birthday Month and Art work #chickens #art

How quickly the seasons change it seems. The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous, but we know the winter is quickly approaching and we need to be sure our chickens are warm and ready for the winter. Jerry took everything out of their coop and cleaned it well and added insulation into the walls and covered with plywood to help insulate it.

                                              He also made sure the ceiling was completed.

                   Luckily he had the perfect fall day to work on it. It wasn't too hot or too cold.

The girls weren't too sure why they were locked out of their coop for a little bit, but we kept them happy with treats like tomatoes, strawberries and dried mealworms!

To keep the chickens from pooping in their food container, Jerry build a little flip top to the side of the coop to cover the food and then it's on hinges so it lifts easily to fill. Also filled coop with fresh chips, but we will go back to the other kind we used previously, not a big fan of these.

He took a couple rungs off the perch to give them more room and moved over their ramp because previously they were roosting on their nests and making a mess. Don't worry razor knife was removed! ;-)

Fresh hay has been adding to their nests.

He also secured the water and feed containers from the base so the chicken can't knock them over.

Temperature gauge is back up on the wall and we will also be adding a small heater as the temperatures continue to drop. I'm a bit worried about when all the snow hits! Not to mention how miserably cold it gets here. So blessed to have such an amazing and handy husband :-)

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This year on the 25th, Kathleen turns 10! I can't believe she will be double digits.... the time has truly gone by way too quickly. I wanted to make this year special, especially since we are far from family and friends. So each day leading up to her birthday she receives a new gift outside her bedroom door with a note. I used a photo box and each night I rewrap the box with a new gift inside, this way she has a harder time guessing what she is getting. She of course is so happy and excited about the idea!

To keep costs down since we have 25 days of the month, I start with small items like M & M's and then it slowly builds up. I will do a post just on this after her birthday is over. :-)

We have been absolutely loving homeschool and with the beautiful weather we have the option to get outside and enjoy the day and get our work completed. Kathleen had the idea to do her art projects out by the chickens.

         Of course we take time to enjoy swinging and all the beauty that surrounds us in our yard.                                    Notice her bare feet? Very difficult to keep this child in her shoes!!

I just love how the rays of sun are coming down around her.... just taking time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the day.

                                                  The chickens just love having her nearby!

               I've been giving her a few canvases and she just loves creating new landscapes! Won't find                   this kind of inspiration in a classroom setting of a brick and mortar school building. ;-)

                                                              Have an amazing Friday!!!!



Carrie B. said...

Such fun photos (& I love having you on IG too!) ;)

You are so good to your chickens and I'm sure that's why they're so good to you with 5,000 eggs!! Lol!

Happiest of happy birthdays to that beautiful red head (my fave) Kathleen!
Such a fun month to count down all the goodies.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. xoxo

Linda said...

That is THE nicest Chicken Coop I have EVER seen!!!! Chickens are sure messy creatures!
What a lovely post all the way around! Your daughter is sure enjoying her education! You can tell by the smile and sparkle to her!

Amy at love made my home said...

The chickens are going to be very snug and well cared for this winter! I hope that Kathleen enjoys the countdown to her birthday, I am sure that she will! xx

Kerri said...

This will be my neighbor's first winter with her chickens and she is a little bit worried. I am going to send her the link to your post so she can see how the pros do it! :)

The picture of Kathleen swinging is frame worthy for sure!!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Aw! I love that your hubby is so handy and takes such good care of the chickens! Such a good example for your daughters. That is a cute idea to give a gift a day. I love the photo of your daughter on the swing with bare feet. She's so artistic - love her colorful painting. Hope you have a blessed week! x Karen

aimee said...

Your hubby did GREAT work on winterizing the coop---looks amazing! I love how Kathleen's personality shines through each and every photo you post of her. Makes me smile:)
Blessings, Aimee